If you are giving your best in creating blog content but hardly see any increase in your daily blog traffic then either you are not giving your 100 % to your blog or the content which you are creating is not worthy. This means that no matter how hard you try, you will face failure.

When you are focusing on a niche and giving your best in content creation, but fails to get proper results then it’s time you need to change your strategy.

When it comes to increasing your daily blog traffic, content matters the most. If you are not creating high-quality blogpost on your blog then no matter how many high-quality backlinks or daily traffic you are getting, It will not stay for long.

But if you are having high-quality articles on your blog, I’m sure you’ll be enjoying high traffic for a long run without frequently putting much effort.

So Today, I’ll be telling you some of the best blog content types which can be published on the blog. These type of contents are proven to increase blog traffic and will help you to actually create good content.


Let’s begin and see how to increase traffic on your blog with the help of different types of content.

1. List Posts

Lists are the best content type which can easily attract huge traffic to your blog.

Lists Posts are of different types - unknown facts, best of, top 10, etc. But  if your blog content is interesting and high-quality then you will notice changes in traffic within few days. Another advantage of using lists posts is they are shared a lot on social media platforms and attracts many backlinks. This means List posts will not only help you in getting organic or referral traffic but also helps you in attracting quality backlinks to your blog.

ListVerse and List25 are the best examples of popular list posts sites. These sites are very famous which attracts millions of monthly visitors and make huge earning through their blog content.

Here is some example from my blog :-

What should you remember ?

  • Always choose an interesting or popular topic for your blog posts.
  • No need to worry if your list is going too long, continue till it offers real information to your blog audience.
  • Don’t forget to add relevant sources in your list. This will help you in attracting backlinks to your content.

2. Case Studies

Case Studies are the best type of content which attracts a huge traffic. The best thing which I like about this content type is it’s very responsive. Your blog audience will surely give their feedback on your case study.

Not only for getting feedback but case study also helps you increasing your blog subscribers. Whenever you’ll update your blog with new content, your blog subscribers will get an instant update for checking your blog post.

When you are not getting enough traffic on your blog then picking a problem, solving it and presenting in the form of an article will be a great idea. You should try to target your blog audience. By targeting I mean to say, solving your reader’s problem. As long as you will be publishing real data which can actually solve your reader's problem you will get appreciated for your work.

What should you remember ?

  • Try to create long posts, because generally, all case studies are long and detailed.
  • Inserting proper links, images and headlines will make your case study look interesting.
  • Always try to solve reader’s problem. Do not publish a post if you don’t have a result.

3. Resource Posts

Whenever you mention any product link or site link in a resource post, kindly make sure they are working perfectly. Always double check all the links which you have added in a Resource post. It will be great if you will firstly use those products or sites before recommending it to your blog audience.

This type of blog content not only helps you in getting blog traffic and backlinks but also helps you in increasing your blog authority.

If you are recommending great products to your audience then people will surely appreciate your work.

What should you remember ?

  • Always keep your posts updates - If the link is down or not working properly then immediately remove that link and replace it with working link.

4. Infographics

You might be aware of this term, Infographics. Basically, Infographics are the long descriptive images with lots of data.

When you have lots of information but don’t want to create an article then you can try creating an infographic. Through this content type, you can easily make your content more visual appealing. Your blog visitors will also like sharing it with their social networks.

Note : You should better know that infographics can cost you a lot of money. It’s around $1,000 standard fee for one infographic. But if you manage to have an Infographic then no doubt it’ll be paying you quite good in terms of blog traffic. Studies have proved that infographics easily goes viral as compared to blog articles.

What should you remember ?

  • Don’t compromise with the content, thinking infographics are a just graphical form of data/information. Always add quality information to infographics.
  • Hire a professional in case you can’t manage it by yourself. Your lots of time will be wasted without getting any good output.
  • Lots of people are these days using infographics, So using Gifographics ( GIF Infographics ) instead of simple infographics can help you presenting your work more effectively.

5. Tutorials and Guides

It’s the best-proven content type which can help you in getting high traffic on your blog for long, I’ve listed this content type in the 5th position as writing these type of contents are not that easy.

Firstly, you need to find problems which are faced by people and then try to see yourself in the same situation. Then apply your solutions which you will be suggesting to your audience.

Let’s take an example :-

Suppose you are writing a post on “ how to backup and restore blogger template ”, before that you actually have to take backup of  blogger template and then try to guide your audience with the help of screenshots or images.

In case your readers come up with their problems then you will be able to solve their problems immediately as you have personally performed the procedure. You’ll then know which problems might arise and how to solve that issue.

So, If you will be able to create good tutorials or guides then I’m sure you will be attracting a lot of traffic to your blog.

Here are some examples of my Tutorials and Guides :-

What should you remember ?

  • Always put yourself on the particular problem and then try to publish posts only when you have actually working solutions.
  • You’ll only be able to answer your readers properly after you have personally gone through that problem.

6. Success Stories and Interviews

Success Stories and Interviews blog posts are the popular and most interesting way to increase daily blog traffic. Interviews or  success stories of experts in your field not only helps you in making good relationship with other bloggers but also provides you some high-quality backlinks. If you are in this profession for a quite long time, I’m sure you have seen this type of content on many popular blogs.

This content type can easily make your blog popular without putting much effort. You can ask expert’s personal suggestion on a particular topic and share their views on your blog.

With the help of  this method, you will notice a huge increase in your social shares and blog followers.

But you are not the only one who will be following this method, right ? So, by what way you can stand out of the crowd ?

Here’s the answer.

You need to choose unique blog traffic in your niche and collect expert's thoughts for your blog post. You will see a great improvement in your traffic if you’ll be able to perform this task correctly.

You can also publish success stories of bloggers which have done something big. People really love to read these type of success stories.

What should you remember :-

  • You need to actually find experts in your niche, who actually have a good knowledge.
  • Before contacting to experts, spend time on their blogs and give your feedback on their posts. This will help you in grabbing their attention.

7. Reviews

Reviews not only helps you generating high blog traffic but also helps you increasing your blog earnings. When you write a high-quality review on a particular product it shows your blog authority among your visitors and they will be buying that product through your given link.

Reviews are simply amazing, but it can’t be done by all. You should have a popular blog i.e, blog with good ranking for getting product review offers.

Here's an example of Review Post :-
What should you Remember :-

  • Always use the product yourself first, then afterward write a review on your blog. This practice will help you in getting more details about the product and you can easily answer all sorts of queries asked by your readers.

That’s it for this article. If you haven’t tried any of the above methods then give a try and see how it works for you.

Always remember to provide quality articles to your readers.

Hope, you liked this article. If you have any doubts or want to give feedback for this article then feel free to leave your comments below. I’ll sure be responding to your valuable comments as soon as possible… :)