Want to see a huge increase in your blog traffic ?

Of course ! Every blogger and webmaster want to make their blog site popular among their audience. But it’s not just possible by only creating high-quality content. Yeah ! You heard it right. Though quality content is responsible for blog success but in case you want to make your blog successful in short period of time then you need to promote your blog posts properly. This will be helping you and your work becoming popular easily.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some magical tools and platforms which will surely help you in promoting your content effectively. So, Let’s get started :-

Best 5+1 Tools For Content Promotion

If you want to create your blog content great then it is must to do it’s proper promotion. All the below-mentioned tools will be helping you doing this task easily. These tools are simply amazing and works extremely great. I’ll highly recommend you to use all these tools for your blog content promotion.


This suite contains some small but really sharp tool that can help you in your content promotion. Sumome has a “ share  app” add-on which have really beautiful social sharing button which can be easily placed anywhere in your blog. This is the best tool which serves your visitors to share your blog content quickly and share it on their social network with just a click.


Another extraordinary tool named, Buzzbundle. This tool is widely used for content promotion by many bloggers and site owners. This tool collects all discussion and threads data from popular social platforms, blog posts, forums etc related your targeted keywords. And add all of them in a separate window. So, you need not to switch through different sites again and again to join the discussion for content promotion.
Buzzbundle is an amazing tool which have helped thousands of people in reaching to millions of readers.


Sniply simply adds a “call to action” button in every link you promote so that your audience can easily open your site/blog through it. It’s a great tool which gives a great touch of your site in every link which you share. Undoubtedly, It’s an amazing way to get readers for your blog with your link.


With the help of this tool you can easily identify online trending contents. Buzzsumo not only shows you the number of shares done for a particular content but also helps you in finding those users profile which can be used further to boost your list with niche based active followers. Obviously, People related to that niche will be sharing your content. This is the best tool which can help you doing proper promotion without putting much efforts.


Spending quite good time promoting your content on twitter but hardly get any good response ? This doesn’t mean your content is not worthy, Rather it is because of bad timing. May be your content promotion time is not co-operating with your followers time.  

Here’s comes, Tweriod. This tool helps you in identifying the best time to share your content on twitter while most of your audiences are online. This will gradually help you in getting a great response on your post.

Tip : For Google+, you can use Timing+ which will get you to know the best timing for sharing your blog posts.

6. Online Forums  

Last but not the least, We have, Forums. Basically, it’s a kind of platform which can be effectively used to promote blog content as well as provides you some high-quality backlinks. Forums always have good discussions by active members or experts related to a particular topic. It’s the most underrated way but can be very beneficially used for your blog post promotion. You just need to find a discussion related to your niche on various forum or online communities. After finding the right forum or a community simply put your blog post URL and that’s it. You’ll get to see a huge increase in your blog traffic overnight.

Tip : Quora is one of the most popular online forum which can be effectively used to promote your blog post.


No doubt that by creating high-quality blog content you can improve your blog traffic but in case you want to see a rapid growth in your blog visits then proper content promotion is must. Proper content promotion not only helps your content to get discovered by people but also helps you in attraction quality backlinks to your content. So, target your audience and start promoting your site content.

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Happy Blogging !