If you are reading this article, You might now know that blogging isn't that easy as it seems. Other reason can be, you are tired of blogging and needs motivation to get back work. 

Mainly these are the common things with every newbie. They start their blog and afterwards realize that it's not easy as it looks like. You have to invest your time in making your blog good. 


Blog earning is something which counts on next level. If you start thinking of earning huge money in couple of days after creating a new blog then sorry dude ! it's not going to work. 

Blogging needs your time and patience. 

If you are thinking to quit blog and stop blogging then here's today article. This article will going to make you feel a lot better and will keep you motivated for blogging. 

Before getting started with this article I want to ask you some simple questions. 

Why you are having so negative thinking ? Why you are not anymore excited about the thing which had ones make you feel excited the most ? Is something wrong with this blogging career ? 

The answer is quite simple, No. 

There are many people who enjoy blogging and so as I. Deep inside you also know that it's fun writing blogs. You just need a fresh start. Don't loose hope, It's not your cup of taste. You doesn't want to be a looser, right ? 

Below I'm sharing my tips which I usually follow whenever I feel down. These tips or ways keeps me motivated for my blog. So, let's get started :- 

1. You are not the only "One" 

You should better know that there are already millions like you. You have to create your own identity among all those professional successful blogger in your field. 

What if J.K. Rowling had never written Harry Potter series thinking that, There are already lots of fictions stories in the market. 

What if KFC (that's mine favourite restaurant) had never got started, thinking that too many restaurants are already there.

What if your favourite novel had never got printed, thinking will it be successful ? 

But you all of you knows, whole world likes the Harry Potter series. 

I would never got KFC in my area if they had thought so. 

You would never got to read your favourite novel, if it never got printed. 

So, What's there stopping you ? Why do you fear from getting started ? No doubt, if you work hard and put your efforts, you'll definitely be achieving your goals.

Who knows you can be a next blogging superstar ? Believe me, you are having the potential and power, just need to unleash that power out and " You can be a successful Blogger soon".

2. Keep Working, Never Quit

As I've already mentioned it above that blogging needs patience and your efforts. 

I know it's very difficult to put your thoughts in front of people but do you know any battle that was easier ? 

Absolutely Not. 

You have to invest your time and lots of efforts in beginning. If you are thinking to get an overnight success then it's not possible. 

You should keep your blog updating regularly. Just remember that you are doing a great job. Your articles can help many people out there and can bring smile on their faces.
Never think of earning money in starting, you'll surely get paid but when people will start loving your articles and need you to update your blog frequently.

3. Don't Worry if you have "No Followers" 

Is there no one following your blog ?

But before answering this question I would like to ask you one question. What thing or efforts you have made to make people love or follow your blog ?

Just think if you were one of your blog followers then what thing that had made to follow your blog ?

Answer is simple, In order to get more followers you have to create great content for your blog. Always remember "CONTENT IS THE KING".

Next you have to contact with people, try helping them out and make your name between them.

Blogging is the best practice which you can do for attracting more followers to your site.

Continue blogging as this is the best and the only option you have.

Write epic content and try to help out your readers problem. Convey them a good message, short stories or whatever it takes to start making good relations with your blog readers.

Undoubtedly, readers will follow your blog as soon they notice your work. If your work helped them out then they will be glad following your blog and become your loyal blog readers.

So, Instead of concentrating on followers try focusing on writing great blog content and I'm quite sure you will going to have lots of followers for your blog soon.

4. Why No one Appreciates me ? 

For getting response to your blog post, you have to give response to other blog posts.

You better know that blogging is much like a social game which needs brushing your skills too.

Make it a habit of daily reading 4-5 blogs relevant to your blog niche and  giving proper response to those blogs.

This practice will also help you in boosting your knowledge too.

In beginning, I also faced lots of problems. Searching blog content daily, updating blogs frequently, writing epic content etc. became a challenging task for me.

But here's the technique which motivated me. I saw that other bloggers who are updating their blogs regularly which inspired me a lot.

And this is the reason why I stick to my work, giving the best out of me and creating blog posts worth reading.

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5. Facing Problems in Growing Network

You might know that there are people who are giving their full time to blogging i.e, full-time blogger. 

There are many bloggers who are not only living their life lavishly but also helping others by offering them jobs. 

Usually these pro-bloggers hires editors, content writers, designers etc. to grow up their blog more. 

Isn't that cool. 

You can also enjoy this life too. Blogging offers you lots of great opportunities to be successful in life. 

If you have a goal of making money through your blog then don't worry start working for that goal. Be focused and keep giving your best to your blog. 

There are many ad programs, like I recently got my Google Adsense approval which is one of the most popular ad programs for bloggers. Google Adsense is paying me a decent amount from their ad programs. 

Well, Google Adsense needs lots of efforts but if you had recently got started with your blog and is not good enough to apply for Adsense then you can try for Infolinks, which is one of the best Google Alternatives.

Not only ad programs but you can also get sponsored posts for your blog which pays you very well for reviewing their products over your blog. 

If you are having own product then you can try selling it to your blog readers. Just imagine if your blog is getting 1000 visitors a day and readers buy your product (suppose an ebook) which is worth $5 then also you manage to earn around $300-$400 a month. Ins't a good start ? 

6. Having No One to You Keep Me Motivated 

Are you a fan of Shah Rukh Khan ? 

You really love that boy's bike ?

Got it, I'm your favourite blogger ? 

Yeah ! That's really great, Thanks.

Now here's a question for you. Please tell me that how your favourite blogger can came to know about you ? How they would be helping you out if they even don't know your name ?

Answer is very simple, Contact them.

Social media networking platforms are the best way to get in touch with anyone out there. Though I would advice you to send them a mail, this will be more professional. 

You simply have to tell them that how much you like their work and efforts. Tell them what changes they have brought to your life. But be careful all these things should be natural and genuine, don't try to make it cheesy. 

I'm sure you'll definitely feel a lot better after this. 

Try making good relationship with them and take their advice for your business. 

You can also ask their secrets and what are the thing which motivates them for keep blogging.

7. Nobody Contacts Me  

I think every single blogger has created somewhere a positive effect in the mind of other bloggers. 

If your blog's loyal readers are not contacting you, better you contact them. 

Add an Email Newsletter Widget on your blog.

I personally Use Google's Feedburner for sending timely updates of my blog to my readers.

The Benefit of using such tools is that you don't have to contact each of them personally. Whenever you updates your blog, an email will be automatically be sent to your readers which has subscribed to your blog. 

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This prevents composing an email every time for your readers. 

Not only this but once your blogging community will be build, readers will start contacting you for discussing their problems and getting tips from you. 


Blogging is the easiest job if done properly. You have to keep yourself motivated with lots of patience in beginning. Once your blog gets famous among readers, definitely you will be earning a good amount in coming days. 

So, is there any secret which keeps you motivated ? How's the article, Kindly leave your feedback in the comment section down. 

Stay Connected and Keep Blogging.