Ever thought of making money online ? Have you ever tried any of the method which can help you generating online money ?

You'll be surprised knowing that when I started working online I only know two ways for generating online money - Online Surveys and Data Entry. Both of these methods are very famous but pays very less to the user. You should also know that many online data entry jobs or online surveys site are not trusted i.e, fraud or scams sites.

While searching for different online money making ways, I've found hundreds of method which can help you generating huge amount in a single day. Since, I've started working online, I had already tried many of those ways and still trying out different other ways for generating more revenue online without putting much efforts. There are few online money making ways which works just amazing in terms of making decent online income.

In this article, I've  listed down some of the best trusted ways for generating online cash that you should try in 2016.

8 Proven Ways to Generate Online Cash in 2016

1. Affiliate Marketing

In the first position we have, Affiliate Marketing. It is one of my favourite method for generating online cash not just because you can easily make a huge money through it but also because you can control you income.
For those guys who don't know much about Affiliate Marketing, Let me firstly explain you this term.

Suppose, a seller wants to sell his product and for that he decides a fixed commision rate to anyone who will help the seller in selling products. Becoming Affiliate with that product and getting a fixed percentage as a commission on your sales that's what called Affiliate Marketing.

I've mentioned above that you can control your earnings in this method. Means the more effort you will put, the more sales you can make and gradually you will start making huge cash. That's the reason why Affiliate Marketing is on the first position in my list.

Sharesales is one such site which helps you getting amazing products and helps you in making huge money online by your sales.

Well, There are many ways to increase your sales like building niche site, promoting products to your site audience or you can also try email marketing.

I've to mention that Email Marketing is one of the best way which works just phenomenal to increase your affiliate sales.

2. Google Adsense

Google  Adsense is another good method for making online money in 2016. This is one of the widely used and most popular method to make money online since it came into existence. You can start making a decent online income from Google Adsense services.

Google Adsense is an advertising network which shows third party ads on your blogs or websites. Everytime someone make click on those ads you get a fixed percentage on that ad. Unfortunately, These days the approval process for Google Adsense Account has become very strict. Not all can easily get Google Adsense Approval for their website or blogs.

Google Adsense Account Approval is the biggest challenging this thing you have to face before you start making money through this advertising platform.

Ones you get your adsense fully approved, it's not  much harder to earn money. Simply Add banner ads, text ads and Images ads on your blog site and start generating good revenue amount.

The best thing which I have loved about this platform is you need not to have a high traffic blog. Google Adsense works on CTR ( Click-Through-Rate) and CPC (Cost-Per-Click)  this means your online earning depends on number of clicks made on your ads.

3. Reviews and Sponsored Posts

Many Blogger and Webmasters are making decent money by Reviewing products or publishing sponsored posts on their blogging site.

Reviews or Sponsored posts is generally offered by a person or a company. For getting more offers you need to improve your website rank and the amount of traffic you get daily on your blog.  

If you have a good blog ranking and decent traffic then you will be automatically attracting many offers and make huge money.

By chance you are not getting enough offers then you can also join various sites which works as a middle-man between you and the owner.

For  increasing your earning through this method you need to do some serious work on your site ranking as well as daily visits on your site.

4. Video Blogging

Video Blogging has become very famous in past few years. Many Bloggers and Experts are creating their own videos for their audience. I'm sure you know that there are thousands of channels available on youtube which are making huge amount with their self made videos.

Solving your readers problem, Creating tutorial videos, Showing tricks or Tips, Explaining terms are some of the main ideas which are popular in this market.

For Video Blogging you need not to have any particular knowledge, Just create your video on any topic and get it published on your youtube channel.

5. Selling Personal Products/Designs

You might have noticed that there are many people or sites which have started selling their own t-shirt designs using various online platforms like facebook. T-shirt designing is one of the most famous thing which recently came into market for generating good amount of online cash.

If you can't manage to get your own site then you can design t-shirt for some other companies which will be paying you on the total number of sale you made through your product. The best part of this is you don't have to invest any of your money which saves printing cost and shipping charges.
You just have to be creative in designing good t-shirts and that's all.

Targeting different niches time to time helps you in increasing your online sales.

6. Content Writer

There are many websites and blog owners who keep on looking for talented content writers which can provide them with actually good quality content.

If can create good quality content then you can start making money online as a content provider. You can start charging per article or can work on monthly salary basis, It's totally your choice.

There are many online courses and blogs which teaches you how to be a good content writer. You can go through those posts and tutorials and learn to be a good content writer.

You'll face this method challenging in starting days but after few months you can actually make good deals.

7. Becoming a Tutor

Remember the famous quote from the Movie - The Dark Night, " If you are Good at Something, Never do it for Free". This means that if you are good at something then you can start teaching others for fee.

Becoming an online tutor is another good way to make money in 2016.

You can create your own website or can move on to various sites which helps you in doing this thing more easily.

8. Selling your Services

Last in the List we have, Selling your services. It's another great way of starting with your online earning. Web designing, logo designing or content writing are few services which you can start selling online.

If you are really good at blogging then you can start your own blog teaching other people how to get started with their own blog like a consulting service.


These were some of the best ways which can help you making online money in 2016. You can also try doing CPA marketing, copywriting, blog flipping and other ways for getting started with your online income.

Hope, you liked this article. If you have any other way through which you are making money online then please share it with our readers by leaving your comments below. Also do not forgot to share this article with your online network... :)