Optimized blog images plays a very important role behind every successful blog.

I hope, All of you might be familiar with the term “Image Optimization”. I've written a complete guide on Image optimization for better SEO where I have  discussed some of the best ways for optimizing blog images. I've also listed down best image compressing tools in that brief guide.


Well, No doubt that images help our blog content look attractive and also helps in generating interest among our blog audience. Images not only help in explaining things easily but also responsible for attracting huge blog traffic.

But if images are not used properly i.e, non-optimized images then it can put a bad effect on your blog.

Generally, All reader expect that a website should completely load within 2-3 seconds. If a website or web-content is taking longer time to load then reader will immediately close down your website and move on to the next link.

There are many techniques available for optimizing blog images which can help to quickly load blog images.

Image compressing is one of the best method which is widely used by many bloggers and webmasters.

You can find hundreds of image compressing tools for optimizing image which do a quite good job. But many of those online image compressing tools won't work in the way you want them to.

Therefore, to save your valuable time I'm listing down some of the best online image compression tools which can help you in compressing your blog images size.

6 Best online tools for Compressing Images


I personally love the simple interface and design of this online image compressing tool. Compressing images by this online tool is like fun !
You can download your images or can directly export then using your dropbox or Google drive. Following are the image formats which is supported by this tool :-

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF 
  • SVG

I'm personally using this amazing tool from past 2-3 months I have to say that it delivers quite good performance. I'll highly recommend you this online image compress tool for optimizing your blog images.


Next, in the list we have Kraken image compressing tool. You can easily compress multiple images at a time with the help of this wonderful image compressing tool.
It works on Drag and Drop Function i.e, you simply have to drag and drop your images to this tool for compressing them.

The  Best thing which I've loved about this tool is that you can download all your compressed images in a .Zip file with just one click.

This can be a good option when it comes to compressing images.

Click Here to check more features of Kraken tool.

3. GiftOfSpeed .PNG  and JPG compressor

While searching for top image compressing tools, I've found this tool named, GiftOfSpeed.

You can find plenty of good tools on this website which can be used for testing your site speed.

GiftOfSpeed is an another easy to use online image compressor.

Not only used as online image compressor tool but you can also use this tool for checking you blog images whether they are well-optimized or not. If your website is not having properly optimized images then this tool will going to suggest you things which can be done for better optimization.

Here's an example showing you Speed test of my blog :-


Another great tool which is most popular for compressing images online. This online image compressor offers you a WordPress plugin and a Magento extension which can be used for minimizing your efforts.

This tool supports .png and .jpg/jpeg file formats.

TinyPng is available for free but it allows you to only compress 100 images/month.


OptimiZilla helps you to compress your image based on various quality levels.
With the help of instant preview feature, you can examine the quality of your original image and compressed image.

This feature can be very helpful when it comes to compressing huge images without compromising with their image quality.

OptimiZilla online image compressor tool uses the best algorithm for compressing PNG and JPEG images to the minimum image size without losing their quality.

At a time you can compress up to 20 images.


Lastly, we have another great tool named, Image Recycle. This tool not only allows you to compress images but you can even compress .pdf files with the help of this tool.

Similar to TinyPNG, this tool also has a WordPress plugin, Joomla and Magento extension and a Shopify app.

This tool offers you a 14-days trial period with 100 MB quota.

There are many interesting plans and offers which are offered by this paid online image compressing tool.


So, These were some of the best handpicked online web apps for compressing images without compromising quality.

Hope, you enjoyed going through the above list. If you have any other favorite image compressing tool which is working good for you then kindly let our readers know by leaving your valuable comments in the comment section down.