Being a blogger you should know that many bloggers these days are focusing much on guest blogging. Guest blogging is the best way to grow your blog's network.

Guest posting is not only beneficial for growing network but is also the safest method for getting backlinks to your blog. Many SEO and internet marketing experts are revealing/recommending "GUEST BLOGGING" behind their blog's success.

I'm sure you might have noticed those three words on many blogs i.e, " Write For Us". Let me tell you what it's all about.

This is one of the best way of inviting guest bloggers to your blog for submitting their guest posts.

But it happens most of the times that we get overecited and fails to think right ideas for our guest post.

People usually get so much excited to get a valuable backlink that they don't pay much attention on their written content, results in poor guest post.

That's also the reason, why many guest posts simply got rejected because of poor or inappropriate content.

So, is there any way to make this guest posts approval process go smoothly ?

Yeah ! there are few points which should always be kept in mind before submitting a guest post. I've pointed some of the most common mistakes which should be always avoided as a guest blogger.


So, Let's begin.

9 Biggest Guest Blogging Mistakes
To Be Always Avoided

1. Not Being Personal

Guest posts which starts with "Respected Sir/Madam" usually get rejected, Why ?

The reason behind this is, Blog owners expect you to be quite familiar with their blogs and what it's all about.

Here're few things which you should know before contacting to blog owners :-

a. Before contacting blog owners, go through their About Page properly.

b. Always be specific to whom you are addressing. (Example : Mr. Rakesh Kumar ) 

c. Be honest and real. That means no fake talks or bragging about yourself or your blog.

d. Before contacting to blog owner, comment on their written articles. This will help you to grab their attention.

Blog owners easily accepts guest post from those bloggers whom they are familiar with. By grabbing their attention or by making good relationship or by showing your interest in their work will help you to get approval for your guest blog posts easily.

2. Not Doing Proper Research

If you want to submit your guest post to a site then kindly do some research before contacting the owner. Doing proper research on a blog saves lots of the owner's time.

Suppose, You have sent an email to the blog owner to inquire information which is already shared on their blog publically. This will make blog owner think that you are not interested in their blog, just for sake of getting backlink you are submitting guest posts on their blog.
Blog owner can also think that you have no knowledge on what's their blog is all about ?

Therefore, to avoid such type of mistakes always make proper research on the owner's blog. Never ask questions like "Are you accepting guest posts on your blog ?" If it is already there on their blog.

3. Never Avoid Guidelines

Avoiding guidelines is one of the biggest mistake which is done by many newbie bloggers while submitting guest posts. It doesn't means that if the site owner hasn't shared guidelines, he/she doesn't have them.

Asking about the site guidelines is one of the best practise which is very essential before heading towards submitting guest post. I'll highly recommend you to firstly read the site guidelines carefully before asking anything to the owner.

Reading guidelines will help you in knowing the site niche, words limit and writing styles. Always remember the guidelines which is told to you by the owner before getting started with the writing part.

Here're few things which you'll get to know by reading site guidelines :-

a. Writing Style i.e, formatting.

b. Words Limit.

c. File type i.e, .doc, .txt, .pdf etc.

d. Submission procedure and policy.

e. Total number of links allowed.

f. Information related to Images, Videos or any other type of Media.

4. Stick To The Blog Niche

Tell me one thing that, why would a blog related to tech niche want a guest post on Life Insurance ?

Always avoid such type of mistakes. Submit articles which are relevant to owner's blog. This will help you to save your time as well as site owner's time too.

Here are some main points to be kept in mind :-

a. Get to know about the blog categories before writing anything.

b. Creating content for targetted audience.

c. Always write relevant content.

Creating high-quality relevant blog content usually gets accepted by blog owners as it is very beneficial for their blog.

5. Pick Up Unique Ideas

Why would a weight loss blog needs more articles on loosing calories when the owner had already published many such articles on that topic ?

After you got an idea for blog post kindly do a site search for your topic which you have come up with. If you have found an article written on the same topic then it's better to search for a new content idea.

If you'll create high-quality unique guest posts then blog owner will feel proud publishing your work to their blog.

6. Creating Good Quality Guest Posts

People generally do guest blogging just for sake of gaining backlinks. But that should not be done at all.

You should always try to write high-quality content for guest posting. Just not covering the top layer but including every aspect of that topic. By covering every aspect of the topic you will make your article detailed and high-quality. This is not only beneficial for blog owners but will also help you in making good relations with them.

Studies had told that guest posts which are written in detail get accepted quickly compared to the short articles.

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7. Try To Be Simple, Effective & Easy

Always  avoid using complicated words in your articles. You may be an expert on a topic but you have to also think from the audience point of view.

By avoiding technical terms you can create a better understanding for your blog audience.

Here's are few tips which will going to help you out in creating a simple, effective and easy guest post :-

a. Never use metaphors, similies or other types of complicated words which can't be understood easily.

b. Avoid writing long sentences.

c. Using Simple i.e, everyday english in your guest post will help you in making your point easily understandable to your audience.

Remember, A reader will only take interest in reading your article only if  he/she can easily understand the terms.

8. Avoid Making Grammatical Errors

You should always double check your post before submitting it to the blog. Proof reading is the best way by which you can correct your punctuation and grammatical errors.

If by chance there's any mistake in your content which has not get noticed by you and got corrected by blog owner then in such case don't start arguing with the blog owner.

Blog owner can make minor or major changes to your article as it will be going to publish on their blog and will reflect their blog's quality too.

Always stay calm and trust on owner's editing whom you are submitting your guest post.

9. Stay Connected

Once your article is published, it's now turn to move on to next blog for guest posting.

Though, it's very important to maintain good relations with blog owners to whom you have submitted your guest post.

Keep commenting on their blog posts and stay connected with them. By reponsding to blog posts you can easily maintain good relationships with bloggers in the blogosphere.

Last but not the least, Always Say thanks to blog owners for accepting your content and publishing it on their blog.


You should always create high-quality blog posts. If your article is creative, unique and easy to understand then I don't think that owner will have any reason to reject your work.

By avoiding all the above mistakes which I have pointed in this article, you can increase your chances of getting your guest post approved.

Hope, You liked this article. If you have any type of doubts or any other tip which you want to share with our audience then do leave your comments below in the comment section. Also, If you have found this article interesting then kindly share it with your online network... :)