We all want to make our website or blog successful and popular among people and for that we try various methods to get more organic traffic to the blog.

I've observed many people who create amazing content on their site blog but get's fail to drive traffic. Do you know why ?

The reason is quite simple, they don't spend enough time to create backlinks for their blog content.

Before starting with this article, let me tell you that behind every successful blog that get's a huge number of daily readers, backlinks plays an essential role.

Backlinks are the only factor which differentiates between an authority blog and a newly created

Now you must be wondering that " How to create quality backlinks to the blog ".

Here I will be helping you out by showing some quick ways to build quality backlinks to your blog.

Below, I've mentioned top 5 most effective ways to get high-quality backlinks to your blog without creating much content.

Yeah ! You read it absolutely right. With the help of these ways which I'll be discussing with you in this article, will help you in building backlinks without creating much blog content.

So, Let's begin.

Building Quality Backlinks Without Creating Content

1. Contact Blogger to Mention Links

Whenever you update your blog with a new post try to contact other bloggers. Contacting other bloggers after publishing a new post is an amazing way to get quality backlinks to your blogpost.

You might now be thinking that “ Why would other bloggers like to link to my blog content ? “.

If your content is actually good and offers a good value to readers then anyone will surely like to link with your content.

Well, If you want to get more links through this method then you must follow some basic rules.

How you get more comments on your blog ? Obviously by responding to other blogs.
How  you get more social shares to your content ? By sharing other blog contents among your online network.

Similarly, How’ll you get more quality backlinks ? Right ! By adding other bloggers links to your content.

That’s the rule. Share for Share and Like for Like.

For using this method effectively you have to create or grow your blogging network more and more and start linking other blogs to your content.

Contacting other bloggers whenever you add their blog link to your blog can persuade other bloggers to add your blog link to their blog.

That’s the simplest and an effective way to build quality backlinks to your blog.

2. Using Broken Links

You can start building backlinks to your blog from dead or broken links from other blogs.

Suppose, you open a blog where you find that the link which is added by the author is not working fine. In such case, you can contact the author recommending to add your blog’s links.

Tip : Your must have to create high-quality relevant content. If so, then the author will be glad adding your blog’s link.

You can use this method  to get some really high-quality backlinks, even from high authority blogs.

If you are not clear with it or haven’t tried this method before then simply start following the below steps :-

1. Firstly, Find dead or broken links of any blog. Here’s a tool named, Broken Link Check which helps you in getting the broken or dead links.

2. Next, type your domain name where you wish to find broken/dead links.

3. Press Enter and you’ll have all information of that particular site broken links.

Ones you find the broken link which is relevant to your content, simply put a mail to the author.

Here’s an Email template which will surely work in this case :-

Hello ( author’s name )

I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really liked your content.

While I was going through your blog content, I’ve found a broken link.

( mention that broken link )

By the way, Recently I’ve written an article relevant to your content which you can replace with your broken link ( mention broken link again ) in case you like by content.

Really like all of your works, Keep Creating such amazing and informative content


( Your Name )

That’s how you do it. Finding broken links, Contacting to blog owner/author and recommending them your relevant link is one of the easiest ways for building instant backlinks to your blog.

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3. Using Infographics and Image Links

Infographics and Images plays a vital role in every blog’s success. Do you know that copyblogger have recently posted an infographic on top 15 grammar groof and it has really got a quite amazing response. It had got about 6000 tweets, 1700+ Google+ shares, 55,000 Facebook shares and about 2,00,000 Pinterest pins.

That’s amazing, right ?

In the same way, you can use infographics and images to improve your social shares, boosting blog traffic or building high-quality backlinks. Not only this but infographics also play a huge role in your blog’s search engine optimization.

Using Pinterest for searching good infographics ideas is one of the best practice. Many Bloggers, Marketers and even graphics designs use Pinterest for generating new infographics ideas that can be spread globally.

Tip : More unique will be your infographic, more shares and backlinks you’ll get.

In case you can’t able to create infographics on your own then there are few online tools which can help you in creating an infographic. You can try using Fiverr services or can use the online tool like Canva.

Canva is one of the best online tool which helps you in creating really cool infographics that for free of costs.

Not only infographics but you can also try making memes or other creative images related to your blog niche.

4. Start Repurposing

This method not only helps you in driving huge traffic to your blog but also helps you in building quality backlinks. Here are the following ways through which you can start using this method effectively.

Convert blog posts into videos

By turning your blog content into videos is one of the best way to drive huge traffic and backlinks to your blog. There are plenty of online tools available for converting your blog content into videos.

You can even start your own youtube channel, where you start posting relevant videos to your blog content. Adding your content link in the video description will help you in building backlinks through your own videos.

Converting videos into blog posts

Well, In case you are having a youtube channel then you can start your own blog. By converting your videos into articles is one of the best way to grow your network, driving traffic and increasing sales.

No doubt that video blogging is a great way but if you start converting your videos into blog posts then you can easily make the most out of it.

Converting blog content into eBooks

You can try converting your existing blog content into eBooks. This is  one of the simplest way of getting backlinks and also to drive massive traffic.

Turning your blog posts into ebooks and then uploading them to free online ebook uploading sites will not only help you in getting backlinks but also help you increasing your sales.

5. Implementing Other Blogger’s Strategies

I’m quite sure that being a blogger you have to study lots of article each and every day to gather more information, correct ?

Many bloggers give their personal advice and strategies for becoming successful in that particular niche.

Following those strategies and sending those blog owners your results can help you a lot. Those bloggers will be glad to see your results which you have made by using their strategies. If your results are really good then I’m quite sure that they’ll be adding your blog’s link to their post.

That’s how you got a quality backlink to your blog.

This method not only helps you in building quality backlinks to your blog but also helps in growing our network and also in making good relationship with other bloggers.  


Blog traffic plays a huge role in every successful blog. But increasing daily blog traffic is not that easy. You have to invest your time and efforts + you need to increase the number of quality backlinks to your blog.

Well, There are several other ways like blog commenting which can also be helpful in gaining some quality backlinks.

With the help of all those methods which I’ve discussed above, you can start building quality backlinks without creating content on your blog.

Hope, you liked this article. If you have liked this article then kindly leave your feedback in the comment section. Also if you have any other strategy by which we can increase the number of quality backlinks then do share those tricks with our readers by putting comments down… :)