Are you having a high traffic blog or looking to monetize your blog footer with CPM ads ? In this article, I have made a list of some best CPM ad networks which will help you in monetizing your blog and start making money online.   
But before starting with the list it is must that you know about CPM ads.

What are CPM ads ?

Cost Per Thousand Impressions i.e, CPM based ads are a great method to get started with your blog earnings. These ads pay you on the basis of impressions it received.


Basically, it means that if your readers are not even clicking on your blog ads then also you’ll get paid.

Tip : If you want to effectively use this method, Proper placement of CPM ads are very important.

CPM ads are very attractive and interesting, but they work best for those bloggers who are receiving a good amount of daily visits on their blog. If you are getting 1000 visits a day then for sure, you’ll be making a good amount of money through it.

There are many CPM ads networks which pay around $1-$10 per thousand impressions on the basis of various considerations.

So, In case if you are interested in putting CPM ads on your blog site then keep rolling. Here's the list of Top 5 CPM ads network which will actually pay you well.

Best CPM Advertising Networks for Bloggers

1. AdsOptimal


AdsOptimal is one of the most famous ad network for all types of websites, even for Newly made blogs.
AdsOptimal offers you CPC ads, CPM ads, and ads based on conversion. This company is based out of San Fransisco and was introduced in 2012. It had been a great choice of many Bloggers and Webmasters. You might not have heard this name before but let me tell you that AdsOptimal is a partner with Google Adsense.

In case, You don’t feel this as Spam, Here’s the payment proof :-


What should your keep in mind :-
  • Your approval application can take around 3-4 days. 
  • You will get paid via Cheque or Paypal account. 
  • Minimum payout is $50. 
The most lovely thing about this ad network is they offer you a free signing bonus of $15. Generally, high-quality websites get $15 ; But there’s $10 for other websites.

If your blogging platform is Wordpress or Joomla then you can directly add ads via WordPress plugin and Joomla plugin.

Click here to get the download link for their Wordpress Plugin.

2. Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon has all possible monetizing method for monetizing your blog/website. You might have heard about Amazon associates program and Amazon native ads. Now here’s come amazon CPM ads.

Generally, most of the blogger and webmaster prefer selecting amazon affiliates. In case, You are already having an Amazon associates account then login to your and search if their is Amazon CPM option or not.

Firstly, make a list of your sites. You can add only one site or multiple sites and make a list.


Amazon CPM ad network have a “Passback” Feature. This means if the ads don't match with your minimum CPM guarantee then your fall back ads will be displayed.
You can have different ads sizes 728*90, 160*600, 300*600, 300*250.


Click Here to read all the related FAQ.

3. Propeller Ads

Another popular eCPM ad network that you should try. Propellers Ad network offers you ads for all screen types which makes it as a popular choice for bloggers and webmasters. You even get multiple payment options for getting paid.
For getting started with Propellers Ads you just need to create your account and verify your site ownership.


Important points about Propellers Ads
  • It allows Minimum payout which is $100. 
  • They follow Net30 payment policy i.e, the company have up to 30 days to pay you. 
  • The company offers you 80:20 ratio. Payment is made via wire transfer or Payoneer account. Click here and create your free Payoneer account with $25 signup bonus. 
  • You can choose various ad sizes and types. 

In all, It is a good eCPM ad network for bloggers and I’ll recommend you to give a try to this ad network.

4. Conversant Media

Conversant Media is a quite famous name in marketing and advertisements industry. The company offers you website monetization, mobile optimized sites, and mobile applications.
You might have heard the name, Commission Junction. It is the same company behind this affiliate network. This shows the company’s reliability.

Important points about Conversant Media

  • If you want to get your site accepted then you must get about 3000+ impressions per month. 
  • Similar to Propellers ads, It also offers you a huge range of ad types and sizes. 
  • They offer a Minimum payout which is $25. 
  • You will get paid via your Paypal account or Cheque. 
It is really a good choice for monetizing your website or blogs.

5. Exponential


Exponential requires at least 5,00,000 unique visits per month. When I was going through their site, I noticed that it is very strict with new bloggers.

But, the reason why I have listed this ad network is their ads quality. They provide one of the best CPM ads in the marketing and advertisements industry.

They offer up to 55% of ad revenue to their publishers.


Their minimum payout is $50 and follows Net45 payment policy.

Click Here for Registration


Below are some more CPM ads network that you should try for monetizing your website in 2016. Though I haven’t tried them personally, based on reviews and customers rating I’ve mentioned then in this post.

So, These were the Top 5 CPM ads network which I have found worth sharing. If you are using any other CPM ads network which is working great for you then please share it with our readers by mentioning them in the comment section. You can even ask your doubts or send feedback to this article. At last, If you have liked this article then kindly share it with your social contacts… :)