Firstly, Answer me a simple question "why your readers will be reading your blog articles" ?

Don't have any idea ?

Let me answer this question that why would anyone will read your site content.

Answer is very simple, People look for those content which can help them in solving their doubts. They are not interested in all in your bragging.

Being a Blogger you all knows that blogging is the best platform for sharing your opinions and build your brand name.

Am I right ?

But, All of us knows that only handful of bloggers are able to make their brand name and become successful in blogging. While on the other hand many blogger quit blogging within few months only, how bad ?

I'm very lucky because I recently got my Google Adsense Application Approved because of which I'm making quite decent amount from my blog.

Getting back to the main topic, Why you are not able to grow your blog network and what thing you should do for making your blog successful ?

Let's get started.

Top 4 Reasons will not let your blog grow !


1. Poor or Common Content 

No one will like to go through your blog content if you have poor and common content. 

Always create your website content in such a way that every article must be unique in it's own place and you feel proud after publishing it. Not just for formality but you actually offer a great content to your blog readers.

Not updating your blog is better than updating a blog with poor content. 10 poor post is equal to 1 quality content. I know it's very difficult to create quality content for a blog especially when you just started with your blogging career. 

But no matter what happen, You should always create epic content on your blog which adds value to your readers. I would recommend you to firstly analyse your readers and then start posting content for targeting your blog audience. Always try to solve your readers doubts. 

With this the next question arrives, How to know our readers problem ?

Usually readers put their doubts in the comment section or directly contact you by email or other similar ways but in case they are not contacting or putting their comment then here's the way you should follow. 

Start searching for your problems and try solving them ! 

Got it ? No, Here's an example. 

Suppose you recently got started with your problem and facing problems in searching for first blog post topic then writing on "How to Create First Blog Post Easily" would surely be a good decision. 

Other than this, You can also search for Trending topics on Google and can start creating content. This will help you improving your site ranking. 

Note : Always be Consistent in updating your blog. If readers like your blog content then they will surely going to visit your blog again in search for new content. But keep in mind, "Quality Wins Over Quantity". 

2. Messy or Unorganized Design Layout 

I'll recommend you to buy a premium theme for your blog. Genesis or Thesis Premium themes will be a good choice. These Premium and elegant themes will be taking your blog on a whole new level. Additionally, They provide you high security support. 

Always select a simple and elegant blog design. In case your readers face problems navigating through your web pages then they will immediately shut down your blog. Avoid creating complex designs. 

If you can afford premium blog template then here's an article. I've recently wrote about Top 10 Premium Genesis Child Themes for Wordpress 2016. All the websites which I've listed down are simple and easy to operate. Users also don't face any issues going through your content. 

Must Visit : Top 10 Best Premium Genesis Child Themes For Wordpress 2016

3. Unable to Grow Network

Just creating epic content for your site is not enough, You have to grow your network with others having similar blog niche. Always respond to your reader's comments and make good relationship with them. 

Growing your blog network become very easy if you find same kind of people around. 

Having a unique tone and great site content will surely help you to stand out of the crowd. People surely gonna love your work, and you too.

All you need is creative marketing strategy which can help you in making good relationship with other people related to your niche. 

Things actually improve when you work in a network. Start focusing on Give and Take policy. Always try to help other people out and I'm sure they'll become loyal to you.

4. Not Proper Time Utilization 

There are many bloggers who spend their valuable time in some silly stuffs. Keep doing blog commenting for 2-3 hours instead of writing articles is not at all a good idea.

I'm not saying that you should stop doing blog commenting. Blog Commenting is very Good. It helps in making quality backlinks for our blog. But you should properly manage your time. 

Rather than keep doing blog commenting for 2-3 hours, Limit it to just half an hour and utilize the remaining time in creating Good content for your site. 

Not only blog commenting but you can also start doing Guest Posting in that time. Guest Posting have lots of benefits, Few of them are listed below :- 

1. Making Good Relationship with other bloggers.

2. Helps you getting more Subscribers. 

3. Driving their blog readers to your blog. 

4. Getting more blog traffic 

5. And most important, Getting Quality Backlinks for your blog. 


So, These were the Top 4 Reasons which can also be the reason for your blog failure. I've not only mentioned the problems but also tried my best to solve those problems out. Well, For growing your blog network I'll highly recommend you to use Facebook and other communities where you can share your website content. Except that, Guest Posting is personally my favourite way for getting quality backlinks and building good relationship with other popular bloggers in your niche. 

That's it with this article. If you have any type of suggestion or want to give your feedback for this article then feel free to leave your comments below in the comment section... :)