In the previous lesson I have discussed all the important features and advantages of blogger ( But there’s another awesome blogging platform which is one of the best alternative for i.e, Wordpress. You might have heard about this name.

Why choose wordpress or blogger ?

There’s no doubt that wordpress is one of the best CMS blogging platform but blogger is something unique and different when compared to

Why select Blogger over Wordpress ?

1. Provides Free Hosting

If you have recently started with your blogging career and don’t want to invest much money in your blog setup then blogger is for you. Blogger is hosted on Google cloud whereas on the other hand Wordpress blog needs hosting.

2. SEO Optimized

You need not to optimize your blogger blog as all the blogs which are made on are already seo optimized. There’s no need for installing any third party seo plugins in order to optimize your blog.

You just have to change some basic blog settings and all done ! Your blog will already get seo optimized. Not only this but as you know that blogger is owned by google, as a result it indexes your blog pages faster when compared to other blogging platforms (eg. Wordpress).

3. Less Security Issues

High security is another reason which helps user selecting among blogger vs wordpress blogs. As I have already discussed in my previous lesson that blogger is hosted on cloud, this means that you cannot have server access or to their database. You need not to worry about your blog security, Everything is highly secured on

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But in case of wordpress blog, it is not so. Even a small loophole can cause major damage to your blog. Anyone can easily access your blog and can have your years of hardworks.

Hacking a blogger blog is only possible if your gmail/login account which is linked with your blog is hacked. Hacking gmail accounts can be easily prevented by step 2 authentication method.

4. Easy to Use

Blogger blog is really easy to customize. Anyone can change their blog design and layout by having some basic HTML and CSS knowledge. On the other hand user faces lots of troubles and issues while operating Wordpress Platform. User should have quite good HTML5 and CSS knowledge if he/she wants to create a blog on

5. Less Technical Knowledge

Why choose wordpress or blogger ?

Blogger allows you to understand things and creating blogs in much easier way when compared to By just having some basic knowledge about HTML you are work efficiently over this platform. User related to any background ( Technical or Non-Technical ) can easily create a blog without facing much issues and problems.

But you should have good technical knowledge if you want to create a blog on wordpress.


In all, Among this wordpress vs blogger war, Blogger has many advantages and benefits over wordpress. This makes blogger/blogspot still one of the best blogging platform, at least for those who recently started with blogging and don’t want to invent money on their blog.

I’ll highly recommend blogger for all Newbie bloggers out there.

If you still have some sort of question in selecting between wordpress or blogger platform then do leave your comments below. I’ll soon be responding to your questions.