or Blogspot is a blog-publishing service where you can create your own blog and that's for investing no money. It is counted among one of the best and most efficient blogging platforms for publishing your blog. All blogs which are made over this platform are hosted by Google itself with a subdomain of User can create maximum 100 blogs per account.

What is (Blogspot) and Why Select Blogspot ?

In the beginning blogs were allowed to be published on other hosting services but later on Google moved it to it’s own servers. User are now allowed to have domains other than for their personal or business blogs.

According to layman’s language, is a free platform which is owned by Google. It allows users to create blogs and share their knowledge worldwide. You can get started with creating blog on any niche. You can have a personal blog or a professional blog. There are many successful blogs created by pro bloggers over past few years.

Records & History

1. August 23, 1999. Pyra Labs launched the blogger. Till February, 2003, Google acquired Pyra Labs under some terms and conditions. With this step there are many features which are now available in for free of costs.

2. In 2004, Google bought Picasa, which now allows bloggers to post their photos onto their blogs. With this step, Bloggers can now make their own portfolio blog, wallpaper blogs or other photo sharing blogs.

3. May 9, 2004, Blogger introduces many amazing features like web-templates, Individual pages for their blogs, Comments and posting via emails.

4. August 14,2006, Blogger introduced its new version in beta, named “Invader”. This allows user to migrate to Google Servers and also allows some new features. Bloggers can now select their blog interface language in French, German, Italian and Spanish as well.

5. May 2007, Blogger is now completely moved onto Google’s servers.

6. Blogger now ranked on 16th position in the list of top 50 domains in terms of unique visitors in year 2007.

Why Blogger ? Blogger Features

Now you have an Idea about what does or Blogspot means. There are many blogging platforms available online so why for creating wonderful and amazing professional blogging sites ? I have listed down some of the best blogger features which will surely surprise you.

 Why Select Blogspot ?

Integrated Google Account Login

Your Google account can be directly linked to your account, you just need to log onto with your Google Account for getting started with your blogging career.

By simply picking up a title and a web address for your blog you can easily create a free blog with a subdomain “”.

There are many amazing services which allows you indexing and crawling of your blog’s content. Tools such as Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Webmaster tools offered to bloggers by Google. Rather than putting codes manually into your template you can simply choose Google Adsense tool which allows you to put ad banners into your site. Using webmaster tools help you in blog indexing and Adwords tool help you in choosing correct keywords.

Required Less Technical skills

For Creating a blog you need not to have much coding skills or any technical background. Even a newbie blogger can easily create his/her blog by understanding many things on their own. If you have a basic knowledge about html then you can work pretty well over this blogging platform.

Users can get into blogger and have their own blogs without any kind of technical knowledge. Knowledge of any language or high coding skills are not required for creating your blog.

Changing Looks and Design

There are many in-built templates available online for changing whole looks and design of your blogging site. You just need to download those cool blogging templates and then upload it onto your blogger’s blog. You need to have some basic knowledge of Html if you wanna change color or add some elements in your blog design. You can fully design your website in the same way you want.


Creating pages, Forums and Groups not just allows you to make your own blog. You can also start with creating pages, groups and discussion forums. You can easily create content over your blog and share it worldwide. You can observe many professional blogging sites which publish their content and share it worldwide.

Publishing knowledgeable and interesting content or uploading personal files onto your blogs make it a learning and fun to surf place for different internet users or people connected through your blog. also allows you to add a reader’s subscription to your blog so that you reader can subscribe it and get instant updates of your latest blog posts.
Provides high Security

All bogs which are powered by is directly hosted under Google servers which means that it is one of the most secure and trusted blogging platform for creating a website or blog. It is just Impossible to hack a blogger powered blog.

Another benefit of using is, Your blog never crashes. Even if you are getting huge number of visitors to your blog i.e, blog traffic blogger easily manages to handle it.

Country Specific connected all it’s blog with specific URL addresses and will automatically figure out that your blog is in India, UK, USA etc.


This is so because blogger can easily manage the blog content if any violated or harmful material being uploaded onto your blog. Your blog content will get deleted automatically if it violates any of the country’s law. Blogger can also block your user access in such cases.

Connect Multiple Accounts allows you to view all your blogs via blogger’s dashboard that links directly to your Google Login. After logging up on your all blogs will be displayed and with just one click you can manage your blog posts.

You can also connect multiple accounts for managing your blog. Connecting multiple accounts for managing your blog makes it easier than ever. You can add readers, authors or even add admins on your blogspot blog.


Blogger’s interface is designed in such a way that when you create and publish your blog content it allows you to share your new blog posts among your Google+ followers which helps you in creating more audience for your blog. Blogger also have a pre-built share button on your blog which don’t let you to worry more about adding a share button into your blog design.

Mobile Blogging

Blogger has launched it’s official application for mobile devices. You can create, edit and publish articles directly through this application. Blogger has not only considered advanced mobile devices users but you can post blogs via old traditional cell phones through SMS service.

Mobile Blogging


In all, I would like to say that Blogger is one of the most popular and a great platform for all those newbie bloggers who want to get started with their blogging career and getting started with their first blog. Not just newbie bloggers but if in case you want to get started with some professional blogging than choosing as a blogging platform will surely be a good decision. You can easily learn and understand things more deeply from this blog platform.