Many newbie bloggers face lots of  problem while  building backlinks for their new blog, Are you facing this problem too ?

It is always been a challenging task to build backlinks for a newly created blog.

It's very difficult for those newbie bloggers who are struggling too hard between their time management, PR management with limited seo knowledge etc.

So, If you are among these blogger who are trying their best in building backlinks for their new blog then here's some amazing tips which should be followed in order to strengthen 
your blog's link.

Note : Before getting started let me first tell you that your link profile should look natural. If it so then you can make other people trust on your blog and will help you in creating backlinks more easily.

Here's How You Build Backlinks For Newly Created Blog ?

Link-Backlinks-New Blog

After creating a new blog, I always follow my strategies which helps me in creating backlinks without putting much efforts.

Today, I'll be sharing my strategies which helps me creating search engine friendly backlinks everytime.

Also, with the help of these seo techniques you can strengthen your blog's link which gradually helps you in getting decent blog traffic.

So, Let's get started :-

1. Blog Commenting


It  is one of the most essential element in blogging. Blog Commenting has many benefits and answers for all your blogging related issues. Putting comments helps you in growing your network.

Apart for growing network and creating brand name, It also helps you in creating some quality backlinks to your blog.

How to do it ?

Read the following steps and start following them :-

1. Firstly, you need to search for commentluv enabled blogs. Basically, Commentluv is a blog plugin which adds the recent post links of commenter's blog and place it right next to their comments.

2. There are few blogs which offers a dofollow link after getting comment approval. This is something that can easily drive a huge number of blog traffic to your newly created blog.

3. I'll advice you to leave proper and related comments on commentluv enabled blogs.

4. Putting interesting comments i.e, asking doubts, suggestions or tips, adds value to your comment which helps you in attracting other bloggers towards your blog.

2.  Simply Ask and Get/Blogger Outreach

Never hesitate in asking anything.

Many bloggers simply use ask and get formula to build backlinks for their blog.

This method is commonly known as blogger outreach.

Basically, In this method  you have to ask other bloggers to go through your written content and asking them to link it in a future blog post they'll be publishing.

Note : Before asking other bloggers out you have to make sure that your written content is totally worthy otherwise other bloggers will think you as a spammer and will never going to answer you back in future.

Here's how it works :-

1. Write an interesting blog content.
2. Search for bloggers who are relevant to your blogging niche.
3. Now you have to send them a mail, telling them to go through you blog post and kindly share it with their social contacts. Also, kindly tell them to link the post in their relevant blog post.

Tip : This method will work more easily if you'll ask them to link their content in your blog. In this way there are many chances that they can get your link approved on their blog.

It's possible that all bloggers you have mailed will not going to make proper response to you, but it's better to have something than having nothing.

If you are confused with the written matter in your mail then here's a template, you can use it as a reference and send it to other bloggers.


3. Expert Round-Ups

Basically, expert round-ups are when you tell other experts in your niche about your doubts and problems you are facing. This is one of the easiest way for  getting  backlinks to your new blog.

It'll always  happen that when you ask your doubts to experts in that particular niche, they will give a positive response and will surely help you out. Every expert wants a chance for showing their expertise and increasing their network.

Many expert bloggers put all the links where they has interviewed or quoted in their about page. This way you can build a backlink from their blog.

Here's how this method works :-

1. Search for bloggers related to your niche.
2. Open their blog and check their about page for finding out that they link to other websites on which they have been quoted or not.
3. If they allow links then contact them for next round-up on your blog and that's all. You have got a new backlink to your blog.

4. Exchanging Dofollow Links

Who doesn't wants to get backlinks from fellow bloggers out there ?  How bloggers will allow you to link even if you have a newly created blog ?

This method can help you in building backlinks but you should remember nothing comes for free.

You have to get yourself noticed if you want to build good number of backlinks for your blog.

For getting yourself noticed easily, you have to post interesting and epic content on your blog. Your content have to be awesome so that it can easily attract other bloggers to your post link.

Here's do you do this :-

1. Start writing interesting content, tutorial and niche related guides can be very helpful.
2. Search for bloggers who post on relevant topics.
3. You should target only good sites, getting backlinks from newbie sites is for no use.
4. Send them a mail telling that you have added a link of their blog in your article and wait them to check your link.
5. After checking their link in your article, It is possible that they start linking your site in their blog posts and that's how you make it.

Note : Building backlinks form contemporary blogs can also help you improving your ranking because search engine will notice it as valuable content.

5. Taking Interviews of Pro-Bloggers

This method works  similar to one which I've mentioned in the third point. Instead of focusing a bunch of  people, here we only focus on a single blogger. You can send him/her a mail asking then for an interview and answering few questions.

If you get a positive response then send him/her few questions.

Here's few questions which you can ask to answer :-

1. Describe your blogging journey, How came you reach till this point ?
2. Based on your niche, you can ask relevant questions.
3. Their opinion on a particular topic which you are discussing.

Tip : You should ask important and limited number of questions to a blogger. Asking too many questions frequently can start annoying them. Be polite and thanks them at last for giving them their valuable  time.

6. Start Writing Epic Content


Solving reader's problem that's what the main purpose of a great blog content. It also helps in giving a new vision to something that has been discussed about in the blog community.

For example, I've written one guide on How to Effectively Increase Domain Authority which helps in solving problems of readers and also let them know the new techniques on improving domain authority. People who are writing relevant post to Domain Authority would for sure like to add a link to my guide.

Tip : By adding some infographics elements and making it little bit lengthy you can easily make your article creative and interesting. Gradually you can build lots of backlinks in exchange.


That's it with this article. You can also use Guest posting, editing broken links from wikepedia, and many more ways.

I've not included all those ways, as you have to keep lots of patience and required more learning and understanding power.

I'll recommend you to start following these link building strategies and in future I'll sure be discussing more ways to get backlinks.

Hope, you have liked these techniques for building backlinks for a new blog. Leave your feedback, suggestions or even questions down below in comment section.

Stay Connected & Keep Blogging.... :)