Wordpress blogs are well known for good self hosting, providing amazing wordpress templates for free and blog's content seo optimization. But that's not all, analyzing your website daily is one of the most important thing which should be done when you create a blog.

You should properly analyse your wordpress website. knowing about your blog audience, who your visitors are ? Where they are coming from ? What are they reading ? All these thing helps you to target your blog audiences more accurately.

Like Google Blogger dashboard, Wordpress does not have it's own stats features for analysing your wordpress blog data. But there are few wordpress plugins which are there to collect all  your essential blog reports, tracking your blog users and visitors, tracks offline activities and other type of analytics data. I'll must recommend you to have a wordpress statistics plugin after you had created a wordpress blog.

Top 10 Best Statistics Wordpress Plugins 2016

But it's quite difficult to select the best analytics tool plugin for your wordpress blog. Do you know wordpress is having over 29,000 wordpress plugins and selecting the best wordpress
plugins from wordpress plugins directory is not easy at all.

So, for helping you out, I'd listed the top 10 free wordpress plugins below. These are the wordpress essential plugins. All the below mentioned wordpress traffic stats plugin provides you many amazing features. I've personally used many of these plugins and quite impressed with their performance. Why don't you try some of them personally on your wordpress website. Here's the list of most popular wordpress plugins :-

Top 10 Best Statistics Wordpress Plugins 2016 

1. Google Analyticator


I have to say that this is the best google analytics wordpress plugin. This wordpress statistics plugin allows you to add Google Analytics account in your wordpress blog. You simply have to add JavaScript code in your blog's template and that's it. Google Analyticator contains many wordpress visitor counter widget which make all your website data appear on your wordpress admin page.

Google Analyticator additional features :-

1. Shows the visitor's statistic data in a widget.

2. Can easily track any code which is provided by google.

3. Increases tracking speed of a site.

4. Carries the trail download link.

5. You can easily translate it into local language.

6. Easy installation.


2. JetPack by Wordpress.com


Jetpack stats is an exclusive wordpress plugin for wordpress users. This is one of the best and most popular stat plugin which helps you gathering reports about your daily visitors, users, mobile visitors, customizations, traffic, tools etc. I've used this wordpress plugin for quite long time and it's simply amazing. You will be getting over 25 modules for managing your blog's features. I will surely recommend you to install this wordpress plugin.

JetPack Additional Features :-

1. This great wordpress plugins helps you to get spam free comments, get you notifications for likes, social shares, and other such shares.

2. Because this plugin has themes available for tablet and mobile users both, Means you can easily customize it according to your need.

3. If you are using this plugin then you need not to worry about your wordpress blog security. This plugins has virus protections sites like Single Sign On, JetPack Monitor and Akismet.

4. JetPack Wordpress plugin also comes with options like Sidebar Widgets, Infinite scrolling, Tiled Galleries, Custom CSS etc. which allows you to customize your whole wordpress blog according to your taste.


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3. Blog Stats by W3Counter


This is one of the best free plugins in wordpress plugins directory. Blog Stats wordpress plugin automatically insert a widget in your website sidebar with your tracking code. Many webmaster recommend using this plugin. This plugin has really easy and simple interface, even if you have no idea about dealing with such wordpress plugins, you can work with this plugin very smoothly. This wordpress plugin is very popular and gets around 30 downloads in a day. All stats information like number of daily visits, top ranking posts, total searches coming on your site with exact figures.


4. Kstats Reloaded


Kstats Reloaded is one of the old wordpress view count plugin but very useful wordpress stats plugin. It is much advance and prompt wordpress statistic plugin. It consists many amazing features like collecting information about number of visitors, visitor's timing, location, total number of page visits and what's the Google indexing status for your wordpress blog. This advance wordpress plugin helps you to easily store all the information of users and visitors.


5. Analytics 360


This plugins collects MailChimp and Google Analytics data into a single dashboard. This plugins helps you to track that which user is adding you into their mailing list, status of current and new addresses. Analytics 360 allows you to track individual website traffic and how much visits you are getting with one email campaign. You can also track your new visitors activity, Where they are coming from, time spent, clicks and other more services offered by Analytics 360.


6. WassUp Real Time Analytics


If you love tracking your real-time visitors activity then you will surely love this wordpress plugin. With the detailed stats console, you can track what your blog audience.

Instead of showing gathered data, You'll able to see an individual activity of your visitor. Not only this but you can track which keyword is ranking for your wordpress blog, total time period by visitor, who are visiting your site, etc.

WassUp Real Time Analytics tracks online visitors with their location. This amazing wordpress view counter plugin is capable to get spam functions.


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7. WP-Stats-Dashboard


WP-Stats-Dashboard is among most popular wordpress stats plugin. You can get wordpress visitor stats about social shares, alexa ranking, total blog traffic etc. Not all, this multipurpose plugin also Wp statistics has some additional features :-

1. Translating website pages for users

2. Chasing 50+ Social metrics.

3. Finding visitors profile

4. Total number of Stats widgets.

5. Offers you to add sidebar widgets like daily graph, top blog authors, social metrics and much more.


8. StatPress Reloaded


StatPress Reloaded is one of the best wordpress plugins essential for your site. You can easily search keywords, visitors, browsers, operating systems information without any problem in this statcounter wordpress plugin.

After you have installed this wordpress plugin on your blog, you can easily get all your website data. It also displays you the stats in your sidebar. Because of the limited space, old records gets removed. You'll get other languages options for this wordpress plugin easily.


9. Wp-Statistics


Wp-Statistics extremely good in gathering information of your blog stats.

Features of Wp-Statistics :-

1. Shows you highest traffic pages.

2. Through email it repost wp stats.

3. Real-Time Visitors.

4. Who are visiting your website ?

5. Updates GeoIP database.


10.  Advanced Blog Metrics


At last we have  advanced blog metrics  wordpress plugin for tracking visitors You can improve your wordpress site performance by adding this cool wordpress counter plugin. Advanced Blog Metrics provides you the following features :-

1. Informs you correct time to publish your release.

2. Shows you the highest number of authors who put the comment on your posts.

3. Total Number of comments you get per day.

4. When you are getting highest number of comments.



So, these were the top 10 plugins for your wordpress site. I'll advice you should install only one plugin at a time from these recommended wordpress plugins because installing too many plugins can increase your website loading time.

From the above top 10 wordpress plugins list, I'll suggest you to use Jetpack wordpress stat plugin from these must have plugins for wordpress. This is an essential plugin which should be installed on your wordpress site. I'm recommending you this wordpress plugin as it already comes with lots of amazing features like social sharing, custom CSS, Socialize, Mobile theme, Shorten Links and many more.

Hope, you liked reading this article. So, which one do you prefer for your wordpress blog ? Leave your comments below by putting your feedback, suggestions or questions. I will soon be responding to your comments... :)