It’s a lovely feeling when we completed writing our new blog article and it just needs a single click to make it online. But that’s all ? Do you think your work is finished after publishing the article ?

Absolutely not, Your real work starts from now onwards. It’s important that your article get noticed by as many people out there i.e, blog audiences. Otherwise there’s no need for putting your efforts and working hard for that particular blog post.


There are several things which must have to be done after publishing your new blog post. These things will help you increase your blog organic traffic and will also grow your blog’s trust flow. I’m mentioning Top 7 Must Things which should be done after publishing your new article over your blog, Have a look :-

1. Social Media Promotion

After publishing your blog article, this is the first thing which should be done. Doing social media promotion properly matter a lots. As you know Facebook is one of the most popular website for sharing blog post. Except Facebook there are lots more social media platforms which are there for content marketing but only few of them works good. You are already aware about Facebook, so leaving Facebook I’ll be counting two more social networks which are widely used by bloggers for their content promotion.

A. Google Plus+

This is one of the mostly used platform by many bloggers for sharing their valuable blog content. It’s slightly different from all other social networking platforms. Like Twitter, Google Plus+ has no character limit and you can even put multiple relevant links for your blog.

Joining Google Plus+ Communities is the  best way of targeting blog audiences. You should always try to join as many communities related to your site niche.

I’ll advice not to promote your blog links for few days in those communities. Rather than that you can help other newbie community members in their work. By this way you can create some loyal visitors to your site and no matter what you share, they will be responding to those feeds for sure.

After managing these things you can get started with promoting your blog post links up on communities in a proper way.

B. Twitter

Twitter, another popular social networking site which is maintaining the popularity from past few years. Unfortunately, Twitter has a character limit for their status i.e, “140 characters”. So, it’s very important to have concise and attractive blog post link at the same time.

In order to increase the character limit you can easily shorten your blog post link using google link shortener tool and  make your tweet more attractive. Next thing is using relevant #hashtags. You can check www.hashtags,org in case you don’t have any idea about popular hashtags relevant to your blog niche. This way you can gradually increase your chances for getting more retweets and blog popularity.

By properly responding to other relevant tweets you can increase your chances for getting more followers and making loyal readers to your blog.

2. Social Bookmarking

There are many people who doesn’t recommend social bookmarking any more and so as I. But still there are handful of quality sites which can help you in driving instant blog traffic. Personally I love and I use both of these sites regularly and it actually helps me a lot. Sometimes it exceeds 50 visits just after few hours of promotion. By selecting right category and giving attractive headlines you can make it too.

3. Responding to Comments

There are lots of companies who are using various software for building backlinks by putting comments on your blog post. That’s why many of us receives those spam comments on our blogs. If you fail to moderate your blog comments then for sure, you’ll be losing your loyal readers.

When your blog readers will scroll down through your article and see the long list of spam comments then they’ll not be putting any kinds of comments, even if they have questions. Instead of that your readers will close your blog and will feel good searching their doubts on google.

Next it comes, making proper reply to your readers. You should always be kind while responding to your reader’s comment. This way you can maintain good relationship with your blog audience and they’ll be more loyal to you.

4. Putting Comments On Other Blogs

You should find other relevant blogs to your blog niche and start making comments on their blog posts with your teaser link. You can even reply to other comments in case admin has not already replied. Also try to inform author that you have written a related blog post on that particular topic.

5. Submitting Links To Search Console

Many search engines automatically index your blog content depending on your Page rank within few days. But there's need to wait such long ? Why we should wait when we can personally let search engine crawling bots to know about our latest blog post and help them indexing soon. There are several tools available online for indexing latest blog content. I personally like using Google Webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool for submitting my blog posts links to search engines.

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6. Notifying Readers via Sending Newsletter

You should always use email marketing on your blog. This helps you in creating a list of email subscribers for your blog. In this way, whenever you update your blog with latest blog posts, your blog readers will automatically get an update. This will help you improving your blog authority as well as drive more traffic over your blog.

7. Using Forums

Last but not the least, You should always use various forums for building quality backlinks for your blog posts. Updating your signature link with latest blog post link is a good idea. I’ll advice to update your signature link every time whenever you update your blog with some new posts.


You should always try to help other newbie blogger in their work. By this way your blog will gain more popularity and you'll be able to make loyal blog readers. Also in order to get your article shared more by people, You also have to share their content. As we all know Sharing is Caring... :) 

That’s it with this article. So, do you liked this article ? Which one of the above point you liked the most ?

It’s now your turn to start implementing these points in real. If you are using any other way which can be beneficial for our blog readers then do leave your comments below. You can also send me feedbacks or suggestions using the comment section, I'll soon be responding to your valuable comments... :)