Namecheap vs Godaddy - Who's the best ?

Recently, one of my friends had asked me about purchasing the domain name, but he was confused between Namecheap or Godaddy.

So, I thought of writing a comparison between Namecheap vs Godaddy as I've tried both of them.

Millions of customers trust Namecheap as well as Godaddy globally. There are many great features, services and other popular things which are common in both of these domain registrars. So, on what basis you will be going to decide that which one will be the best for your website and will take care of your website properly?

Without Introducing much, let's move on to this domain registrar comparison.

Since a long time I've been using both of these services and the results are quite amazing. Based on pricing, features, customer support and other things I'll be writing an in-depth comparison of Namecheap vs Godaddy. Along with this comparison, I'll also be sharing my personal experience about these service providers.

Below I've specifically compared the services between Namecheap and Godaddy which will help you to take the best decision.

I'll recommend you to go with Godaddy if you want to buy a domain for short time period i.e, one year because there are many coupons available for the first year which will help you to get your domain name in cheap rates.

But in case you want to buy a domain name for more than one year then Namecheap will be a good choice. I'll suggest you go with Namecheap for buying a domain name for more than one year along with that you should also buy a domain privacy for your website. You need not to worry about Renewal rates and customer support on Namecheap. Keep rolling down and find out why?

Namecheap vs Godaddy: Detailed comparison

On the basis of following aspects, I'll be talking about the pros and cons of Namecheap and Godaddy which will help you to take a good decision for your website in future.

Brief Description of Namecheap and Godaddy
Namecheap was started in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall whereas on the other hand Godaddy was founded in the year 1996. Godaddy claims to have over 62+ million domain names while Namecheap has around 5+ million domains.

But, that's not all. I never get easily impressed by figures. My main focus is on quality and customer support which is provided by these service providers. Many webmasters start agreeing that Godaddy is a big disappointment for many clients. Is it so? let's find out.


Now it comes to Pricing. Undoubtedly pricing is the first thing which comes in mind before purchasing a domain name for a website.

Both Namecheap and Godaddy offers cheap domain rates for your website. The user can easily get their domain names in affordable rates from both of these domain registrars.

As I've already said above that Godaddy is best for a short time period. Godaddy offers amazing discounts when you purchase your first website domain name but soon you will get shocked when the renewal date comes. Renewal will cost much more than what you thought.

You might have seen that Godaddy offers a domain name only for $0.99/yr but when it comes to renewal you will be asked to pay $15/yr plus you have to pay additional $9/year for domain privacy.

But if you choose to go with Namecheap then you have to pay about $10.86/year for your first domain name with which you get free domain privacy. Renewal costs are just about $10.89/yr which is comparatively less to Godaddy. In case you want to buy Domain privacy then you have to pay around $2.88 to Namecheap.

Clearly, we have our winner. Namecheap wins the competition when it comes to pricing. Godaddy seems much cheaper than any other domain name service provider but when it comes to domain renewal, it sucks.

Registration Price

If you choose to buy domains at Namecheap then it'll cost about $10.69/yr + free domain privacy (Costs about $2.88) While you have to pay $11.99/yr + $9/yr domain privacy, Isn't expensive. If we compared the renewal rates then Namecheap offers really low rates than Godaddy.

Except for these things Namecheap also offers you SSLs at really low prices when compared to Godaddy rates. You have to pay somewhat around $69.99 on Godaddy whereas you can get your own comodo SSL just at $9.99/year on Namecheap.

In all, Namecheap is More affordable when it comes to long-term registrations.

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Customers Support
You need proper guidance when it comes to buying a hosting plan or a domain name. Every newbie has the right to ask for proper guidance.

When it comes to these service providers, both of them offers experienced customers support team. You'll get 24/7 free customers service. Godaddy doesn't offer you to have instant live chat facility whereas Namecheap doesn't provide assistance phone call service.

I've to say that Namecheap Live chat service is really good. They quickly respond to your queries and help you in getting answers on time.

You can get live support on Godaddy at a fixed time from Monday to Friday. It takes at least 10 minutes to get connected to the live agent.

On the other hand, Namecheap support is very impressive. I'd never wait for more than a minute to get contacted to the live support. You don't have to wait for specific days as they provide you 24/7 free service.

I don't think that I need to tell who's the winner when it comes to customer's support. Not only me but there are many webmasters who have complained about Godaddy's customer support.


Both Namecheap and Godaddy have fast searching tools which help in finding the domain really quick.

Here are the screenshots of both of these service providers:-

The interface is the most important feature which should be easy to use. Namecheap has an easy to use interface which works extremely smooth without any kind of lag. Whereas, Godaddy has a little bit confusing interface which can be difficult to use for a newbie.


Many companies use great tactics and offer for getting more customers. Because of the up-sells many big businesses have number of clients.

Here, Godaddy is a most popular site which is known for providing great offers to new members. Godaddy doesn't ever fail in putting an impression on their new clients. New members get easily impressed by these offers and buy their domain name. But in case if you are a newbie then Godaddy can make you pay for some unwanted things like which are not necessary for a newbie right now.

I'll advise you to buy hosting from other company than your domain registrar. By this way, you can easily separate both of these hosting and domain companies. Many webmasters do the same for their website.

Anyways, Just remember to uncheck all sorts of unnecessary services which will be added to your bill during checkout. 

But Namecheap or Goddady are not such cases. Both of them provides professional, clean and easy to use interface and checkout process. You'll not get trapped in buying anything unnecessary from these service providers.

Quick Comparison

Conclusion: who's the winner?

On the basis of all the points which we have discussed above, Namecheap is the clear winner.

There's no doubt that Namecheap provides an excellent service to their customers with proper customer support. You can easily contact Namecheap experts whenever you got stuck somewhere or have any questions about their services.

But that's not case with Godaddy, You have to wait to get your queries solved.

You might be thinking that Namecheap has fewer customers but you should know that it has not bad reputation and provides amazing service to their all time favourite clients.

According to my view, Godaddy still need some work on their pricing and customer support.

So, how's the comparison ? Which service provider will you choose ? Leave your comments below and feel free to discuss any questions or suggestions. I’ll be responding to your comments as soon as possible… :)