Previously, I've demonstrated you how to create a blog on blogspot. In this article I'll be showing you How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster tool.

One of the most common problem we face when we create a blog is how to submit a website to google ? or how to list the site in search engine results ?

How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster tool

There are many newbie bloggers who thinks that for appearing in search engines you have to pay them. Let me tell you that this is not true at all, you can easily make your site appear on google search results for free. But for that you need to tell Google about your blog and let them crawl and index your blog content.

If you have recently started with your blogging career then you should be aware about Google Webmaster Tools. This is an amazing tool which is offered by Google for all webmasters out there. In order to get your blog or website indexed by Google you should use this tool. Not only this but your blog's crawling rate will also be improved as you start using google webmaster submit tool.

But before getting started with this tutorial we must know what sitemap is ? and why do we submit sitemap to search engines ?

What is Sitemap ?

All your blog URLs are contained inside a XML file, which is known as Sitemap. This xml blogger sitemap file helps search engines to crawl all your blog's URLs. In other words, Sitemap is a complete index of your blog which allows search engines to get to your blog.

If you submit blog to google or other search engines you allows search engine bots to crawl and index your website urls.

If you are running a normal website then you have to submit sitemap to search engines every time to webmaster tools but if you have a wordpress blog then you don't need submit xml sitemap to google after updating it. There are wordpress plugins available which automatically submit url to google index whenever you update your blog. You don't have to resubmit your sitemap every time after updating your blog.

You now have an idea what is a sitemap, let's get back to this tutorial.

You must get a decent amount of organic traffic to your blog if your want to make your site successful. Here, organic traffic means readers for your site through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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How to Submit Website to Google ?

To submit a sitemap of a website or blog you just have to verify your blog ownership to Google Webmaster tool and that's it. Webmaster submit is one of the most important seo technique which must be followed. This helps google to get through your blog and blog posts.

Your sitemap helps to index your blog whenever you update it with new posts. I'll be showing you how to add blogger sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Carefully follow the below steps to know how to submit site to google Webmaster tools.

Step 1 : Go to Google Webmaster Tools and Sign in.

Step 2 : Now you need to select the blog for which you want to add sitemap.

Step 3 : On the left side bar you will see an option "Crawl", Under that section select "Sitemap" button as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster tool

Step 4 : There will be a button "Add/Test Sitemap" on the top right corner of the page, Click on that.

How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster tool

Step 5 : After you've clicked on that button a small pop-up box will be shown as following.

Step 6 : Now add the sitemap code for your blogspot blog which is mentioned below :-

step 7 : Then press " Submit Sitemap" Button and simply refresh the current page.

How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster tool

That's how submit a site to google, you have successfully submitted your blog sitemap to Google.

Note : I want to inform you that the above code will be only working till 500 blog posts. You have to add another sitemap if you reached till the maximum limit. You've to follow the same steps but this site use the following code.


We have submitted XML sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. This sitemap is used by search engines for crawling and indexing blog posts more easily. If you want a sitemap for your blog readers then you better add HTML sitemap. HTML sitemaps are used over blogs so that our blog readers can easily find all blog posts at one particular page. Your blog readers can easily get the content which they want to read.

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So, What I want you to Do ?

This was a step by step reference guide on how to add blogger sitemap in Google Webmaster tools. If you have liked this article then kindly share it with your online networks. In case you want to give your feedback, suggestion or want to discuss any queries then feel free to comment below, I'll be responding to your comments soon as possible.

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