After you created a blog soon you start getting comments and feedback from your blog readers. Where Genuine comments can help you in making good relations with your blog readers while on the other hand spam comments can  completely ruin your blog. You must take some serious actions disable blogger spam comments on your blog posts or even on your blog pages.

Pages such as Contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, About us etc. where you don’t want your readers to make comments. In case your blog posts is popular and receives too many blog comments daily then it’s better to know how to remove blog comments from your blogspot blog.

Comments are one of the most important element for any blog. If your blog is getting comments and user feedback then you can say that people are loving your content which helps you to gain more blog popularity.

But these days you can see increase in spam comments, Visitors just put their blog’s link in order to get website backlinks. I’m quite sure that in case you are using CommentLuv Enabled blogs then you had faced spam comments on your blogs.

Other commenting systems like Disqus, Facebook, CommentLuv or Google Plus comments are also responsible for getting spam comments  on your blog .

So, In today’s article I’ll be showing you how to remove comments in blogger. If you want then you can even remove the comment box completely from your blogspot blog.

How to Enable or Disable comments in Blogger blog

Enable or Disable Comments on Blogger Blog

Before getting started with this quick blog tutorial let me first tell you that this trick will completely remove comment box from blogger blog and your blog readers will not be allowed to make any comments on your blog.

Carefully follow the below steps in order to enable or disable comments on blogs

Step 1 : Open your blogger dashboard and click on “Settings” on left sidebar.

Step 2 : After that click on “Posts and Comments”.

Step 3 : Now go to comment section down and make it “Hide” to comment location. Do the same as done in below screenshot

How to Enable or Disable comments in Blogger blog

Not just Hide, you can also select other following options under comment section.

Embedded : This option is by default in all blogger blogs. This will enable the blog post comment option.

Full Page : This option will take your blog readers to a particular page for leaving their comments.

Popup window : This option let your blog readers to make their comments in popup comment box window.

Hide : By selecting this option you’ll disable your blog comments box (already discussed above).

After selecting the option click on save settings.

Enable or Disable Comments for Blog Posts in Blogger

But what if you want your visitors to comments on any specific blog posts ?

Simply start following the below steps :-

Step 1 : Go to blogger dashboard and click on edit links below your blog posts.

Step 2 : In posts editor you’ll see post settings. There you'll find comment section, Click on "Options". Have a look to the below screenshot.

How to Enable or Disable comments in Blogger blog

Step 3 : Under this section you'll see many options to enable disable blog comment.

Allow : This option will let your readers to post a comment on a particular blog post.

Don't allow, show existing : After choosing this option your future comments will be blocked, but you can see comments which are already existing.

Don't allow, hide existing : Now user cannot put their comments, even existing comments will hide after selecting this option.

Once everything done, save settings.

Hope, you know understand how to enable comments on blogger.

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