After purchasing your custom domain name, next it comes to redirect it with your blogspot blog. Many people find it as a difficult part in starting. But I guarantee you that after reading this post carefully till the end you can easily add a custom domain name with blogger blog in future without any kind of help.

How to Easily Setup Godaddy Domain Name on Blogspot Blog

I have divided this tutorial into two parts, And in order to perform it right make sure to follow it in the same order as mentioned below. I have also attached screen shots in necessary steps which will help you in better understanding.

How to Map Godaddy Domain Name with Blogspot Blog

Below I have listed all the things which you will be needing before getting started with this tutorial.

1. Registered godaddy Domain Name.
2. Blogger/blogspot blog.

Steps for Mapping Godaddy Domain Name with Blogspot Blog

1. Firstly, log on to your blogger's profile and open settings menu. Make sure you are under basic settings.

2. Click on "Add a Custom Domain" shown on right hand side.

3. There you need to put your custom domain name including www.

Example : Suppose you have registered domain name then you need to put and click on save button. There you will get an error message. That error will say that they are not able to verify your domain name.

4. Carefully Copy down Cnames values from the error and click on "Settings Instructions" from the error screen.

5. Next you will land on the page showing you 4 Ip addresses. Carefully copy down all those IP addresses as we will be using that further in this tutorial.

6. Now log in to your account. There you will find menus such as Domain, Email, Website Builder etc. There you need to expand the domain menu and simply click on launch button next to our registered domain name which you want to add to your blogger or blogspot blog.

7. Now you will land on to the domain detail page. There you have to click on the "DNS Zone File" and press the Enter button located at the top.

8. Under the "A(Host)" tab click on "Quick add" button and type "@" under the host field and paste the first IP addresses from those which you have copied earlier under PointsTo field. Repeat the same procedure for remaining 3 IP address. If by chance you find any IP address already in that field, simply remove it :)

How to Easily Setup Godaddy Domain Name on Blogspot Blog

9. Next you have to click on "Quick add" button which you will find under "CName(Alias)". Here you have to enter those details which you have copied earlier from blogger (*That Error Message Details).

Example : Under Host field you have to put www and under points to field you have to enter Simply repeat this procedure for next values and press "SaveZoneFile" button when you are all done.

10.All done ! on GoDaddy, We have completed the Godaddy part. Now again go back to your blogger dashboard.

11. Again Click on the Save button. You have now successfully redirected your custom domain name here.

12. At Last, Click on the "edit" button right next to your domain name and check the box under it. This will be redirecting your naked domain name to your main custom domain name i.e, If someone search for then it will automatically get redirected to

Now you have all done, Process of setting up custom domain name from Godaddy with blogger is Completed.

FAQ's GoDaddy and Blogspot Blog Issues and Errors

Question : I had entered up IP address on Godaddy first and then afterwards I saved web address on blogspot blog. Now it's showing an error message with Cname details. How to solve this problem ?

Answer : If you face such type of issue while mapping your godaddy domain name then you need to reset all your domain name details to default, Disconnect your domain name from your blogspot blog and then wait for 1 day for getting everything reset. Now start the procedure from the very first step again.

Question : I have followed every step carefully but why it's not working ?

Answer : You just have to keep some patience. In some cases it takes little longer for the redirection and you have to wait till it's get completed.

Question : Those 4 IP Address which I have found under the Settings instruction are always same for all blogspot blogs ?

Answer : Yes, all those IP addresses will be same for all the blogs which are hosted under blogspot platform.

Question : My domain will get redirected without entering www infront of my custom domain name ?

Answer : Carefully read the Step nine and follow same as it is, i'm pretty sure this issue will be fixed easily.