Before getting started you firstly have to know what is a privacy policy ? Basically, Privacy Page shows a brief information about how blog is collecting any kind of information from their blog audience and other information related to ads shown.

Your blog Trustworthiness and credibility is shown by a privacy policy page. You might have heard about Google Adsense, Many other ads company look for your website privacy policy statement before getting your application fully approved.

How to Create Privacy Policy Page for Wordpress and Blogger Blogs ?

Therefore, if you are trying to get your application approved by Google Adsense or other similar ad networks then it is must to add a privacy policy page to your blog before you take any such actions.

In this tutorial, I'll be telling you how to create a privacy policy page for blogger and wordpress blogs.

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page for your Blog

Creating a privacy policy page for your blog is not as difficult as it seems. You can easily create your website privacy policy page if you have knowledge about it.
Many bloggers and webmasters don't know how to create a perfect privacy policy page for their websites. If you are among those people and don't have any knowledge how to create a privacy policy page for website then don't worry at all. There are many third-party free privacy policy generators available online which can help you to generate privacy policy for your website.

Below I'll be using one of those third-party online privacy policy generator offered by which uses privacy policy template for creating  your own privacy policy on website.

Carefully start following the below steps :-

Step 1 : Open SerpRank Privacy Policy Generator homepage.

Step 2 : There you'll be asked for your blog URL and Email id.

Step 3 : Now you have to insert your privacy policy information here. In case if you are serving any kind of ads on your website then select Yes, we use cookies.

How to Create Privacy Policy Page for Wordpress and Blogger Blogs ?

Step 4 : Next under Advertiser Information section, you have to select the ads program you are using to monetize your blog.

Step 5 : After Completely Filling the above form, click on Create my Privacy Policy.

By clicking on that button, You'll generate privacy policy for your website. Next, Copy all the information to a text file document on your computer.

But that's not all. Next it comes how to add the generated privacy policy to your website

How to Add Privacy Policy to Website page ?

Step 1 : If you are using wordpress blog then open your Blog Dashboard, click on pages and select add new. If you are a Google Blogger user then go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Pages option on the left sidebar.

Step 2 : Now you have to create a new blank page and add the privacy policy text that we have just generated. Give "Privacy Policy" as page title and click on "Publish".

That's it, You have finally added a new privacy policy page on your website.


Your website/blog trustworthiness among your site visitors will be improved after privacy policies for websites. Privacy Policy Page is one of the most essential element that you must have on your blog. Even Google Adsense ask for Privacy Policy Page before approving your application. So, What are you waiting for ? Go now and create your blog privacy policy page before applying to any ads network for monetizing your blog content.

Hope, you liked this tutorial. If you have any kind of doubts or want to give any suggestions then use the comment box down. I'll be glad responding to your valuable comments... :)