Earlier, I have already discussed how to increase your blog ranking with alexa and make your blog successful. So, today I’ve decided to write a post about how to create niche website with alexa.

How to Create Most Profitable Niche Site with Alexa

What I’ve to do to Create Profitable Niche Website?

Basically, there are three steps which should be done first. They are :-

1. Search for site info on Alexa.com and find long tail keywords ranking for that site.

2. Do proper keyword analysis for the long tail keywords you have found.

3. Start creating related niche site.

So, In order to make you understand these points properly, I’ll be discussing these points in detail.

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Search for Site info on Alexa.com and Find Long Tail Keywords

This points means getting sites related to the niche which you are searching for long tail keyword phrases through alexa.
I mean that if you are planning to create a tech niche blog then you should search for technology blogs so that you target their long tail keywords which are ranking good on alexa.

I’ll recommend you the following sites if you want to search for sites related to your niche.

2. Dmoz

Suppose, I have to create a blog on “live cricket streaming sites”. Now what I’ll do is to search sites on “live cricket streaming” from those directories.

Here I have taken one site as an example. I’ll be showing you how you can do the same for your site effectively.

After finding a site i.e, www.bloggingandtechnology.com which is related to the “blogging and technology” niche. I’ll be then quickly open alexa.com and search for this site info.


A page will be loaded and I’ll be then clicking on the site URL.

By this step, Alexa will directly take me to the main analytic page of this site where I can find it’s long tail keywords.

In order to look for long tail keywords of this particular site, I’ll scroll down to Top Keywords from Search engines (as shown in the below image).


Above is the list of top long tail keywords which are sending most of the traffic to www.bloggingandtechnology.com. These keyword phrases are profitable niches to create a niche website.

These are the long tail keywords phrases(from the above screenshot) :-

1. Live cricket streaming sites
2. Cricket live streaming websites
3. Cricket live streaming sites
4. Watch cricket online free
5. Live streaming sites

Now, I’ve a list of some not so common long tail key phrases on the niche that I want to get started with. Next it comes to check the keyword which can be profitable and easy to rank for your niche site.

Do Proper Keyword Analysis for the Long Tail Keywords you have Found

The best thing about long tail keywords is that they don’t have much competition and can be easily ranked.

Normally, I do keyword analysis to each ot the keyword so I can select the best out of those for a niche site.

Example : I’m here taking “cricket live streaming websites” long tail keyword.

For Proper keyword analysis and for knowing whether this keyword is competitive or not, I’ll search it on Google search engine for seeing that which sites are ranking on the top positions for this particular keyword phrase.

Have a look to the below screenshot showing various sites ranking for this keyword.

As we now have an idea about which sites are ranking on the top positions for “cricket live streaming websites”, You have to now check why their posts are ranking well on google search engine for that key phrase.

However, For site ranking on SERPS, Google uses some important metrics likes backlinks, page ranking, sites authority etc., then it’ll be quite tough to find out that how many backlinks do these sites have for their posts.

But don’t worry there are many popular tools available online which can be used for checking backlinks for the site posts. I personally use www.opensiteexplorer.com and www.ahrefs..com in order to check number of links pointing back on their website posts.

With the help of these backlinks checker tools I’ll be checking backlinks of first 4 positioning sites. I’m checking the top 4 positions because I believe that these positions are most important spots if you want to outrank your website and acquire 1st position.  


Here’s an example :-

Firstly, Open Google Search  Engine and search for “cricket live streaming websites”. To analyse the first four positions I’ll open them in different tabs. Then copy and paste the site Url’s and check their backlinks by online keyword checking tool.

By the results, I have found that these sites are ranking at top position as a result of their site authority hosting it.

With this example I wanted show you that getting the top position for specific keyword phrase doesn’t take too hard if you have good amount of backlinks for your blog posts.

Start Creating Related Niche Website

For getting started with a related niche site, Firstly find an exact match domain name. Domain name like “cricketlivestreaming” will be a good choice.
Suppose, I’ve bought this domain name.

Next thing is to create site backlinks from the related niche sites and adding enough content to it.

If you’ll make all these things correctly, soon be your niche site will be on top ranked position in no time for that particular keyword.

After ranking your site in the first position in Google Search Engine Result, You can have some affiliate programs on your site to promote those software programs. By this you can start with your site earning for long run.

Following are some of the best affiliate programs you can use after creating your niche site :-

2. Ebay
4. Plimus
5. JVZoo

Once you created your niche site you can use any of these products affiliate companies in order to make money from your site.


Alexa, cannot not be ignored for searching for long tail keywords. When you find your niche sites make sure to do proper keyword analysis on that particular long tail keyword before you get started with creating your most profitable niche site.

So, Which type of keywords you’ll be targeting for your niche site ? Do you find this tutorial easy or not ? Do leave your comments below and let’s discuss.

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