Well, Google Blogger Doesn't allows you directly to change your login account. But, there's a way by which you can change your login email address. Updating your Primary login account become necessary sometimes for your blogspot blog.

How to Change Login Email Address in Blogger ?

Wondering why ? There are many reasons which forces you to change your blogger sign in account. I've listed few reasons mentioned below.

Reasons to Change Primary Email Address of Blogger Account

1. Many newbie bloggers select random email address to create a blog but later on realises that they should change it so that it looks more professional. In this condition they search methods to change primary email address linked with their blog.

2. In case you have more than one blog with different email addresses then in such condition you may face problem in managing your blogs properly. You can change login id of your blog so that it becomes easier to manage your blogs from a single blog dashboard.

3. If you have an adsense account on your email id and want to link your blog with that then this you can use this method.

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How to Change Blogger Login Email Address

I've already mentioned it above that there's no direct way by which you can change your primary login details. However, Changing Blogger Login account is quite easy task, you just have to follow the below steps and that's it :-

Step 1 : Login to Blogger from the same account that you wish to change.

Step 2 : Suppose, I already created an account that I want to link through my Current Google Blogger Account. In case you does not have any new account yet then go and create it first.

Step 3 : Open your Blogger Dashboard and Click on settings. Under settings tab select Basics.


Step 4 : Scroll down to Permission section where you will find blog authors.

Step 5 : Then simply click on add Author button and send an invitation to your another email address you wish to connect.

Step 6 : Now Open your new account. You'll find an author invitation which you have just send, Accept it.

Step 7 : Again Login to Google Blogger from your primary email account. Go back to permission section, You'll now see your new email address as new author. You just have to simply change the role from author to admin for your new login account.


That's all. Now you can login to Google Blogger Dashboard from your new account. If you wish then you can remove your old email account linked with your blog from the same permission section where you have added this account.


You've successfully added the new login account in your old blog. I'll advice you not to change your blogger login email address again and again. I'm saying so because all your emails and contacts associated with old login id will be gone. Your blog readers will find themselves completely new to your new email address. But sometimes because of several reasons, it's good to change your primary email address. In that case you can follow these steps for managing new blog admin.

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