We all knows the importance our website readers. But how will you interact with your site visitors ? Well, There are many ways by which you get connected to them. Adding a contact me link to footer, navigation menu or in sidebars. But do you know what's the best choice is ?

Adding a contact me button is preferred most by many blogger out there. Your website readers can easily contact you with the help of this floating contact me button in blogger blog. If you'll be interacting with your blog readers then they gonna trust over your blog and will love it. But how to add contact me button to blogger blog ?

How to Add Floating Contact Me Button to Blogger blog

In order to add a floating contact me button to blogspot blog you need to simply paste the following code below <body> and that's all. Start follow the below steps and get started.

How to Add Floating Contact Me Button To blogger

Before getting started with this tutorial I would suggest you to take a backup of your blog. If you don't know how to take backup of your blog then click here.

Step 1 : Open your Blogger Dashboard and click on Design. Under that section go to Edit Html part.

Step 2 : Then after that click on Expand Widget Template of your blogspot blog.

Step 3 : Press Ctrl + F to find <body> tag.

Step 4 : Now just simply add the following code below <body> of your blogger template.

<a href='http://www.bloggingbro.com/p/contact.html' style='position: fixed; top: 40%; z-index: 4;'><img border="0" height="170" src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEikN_hGEpBDhVnyvUXcl4iQ_l_OvVIERcm0Digmu0xBj1K_EdjSrBro3Ir0lu39yvz0Z3zM-AslIZ13710eLLeKck09J4vt2MZgfdkmwugA32SK5y5MYNrjUKnDQ7XvyIR_fTJXaoc0d-w/s1600/floating-contact-me-button.jpg" width="40" /></a>


Next it comes to customization part. After adding the above code below <body> in your blog template, Replace "http://www.bloggingbro.com/p/contact.html" with your contact us page url.

That's all, you have added a floating contact us button in your blogger blog.

So, how was the tutorial. Kindly share if you liked it. Leave your comments below if you face any problem while adding this cool blogger widget.

Keep blogging and Stay connected... :)