If you are posting seo friendly and unique content on your blog then undoubtedly you will surely achieve high ranking in search engine results for your blog soon.

I've met many newbie bloggers who think this thing very difficult, but let me tell you that writing seo friendly blogposts is easier than you think. You just need to pay attention on your blog posts where you can add keywords to optimize them properly for search engines.

But always remember optimizing blog posts doesn't mean to compromise with blog post quality. We should properly add keywords in a way that it looks natural for both blog visitors and search engines.

I'll be telling you best 6 locations where you can easily add keywords in blog posts.

Adding Keywords Effectively to Optimize Blog posts

Adding-Keywords-in-Blog Post-for-Seo

Before I get started with this article, I'll like to tell you that too much keyword stuffing in your blog content is not good for your blog. I'll advice you to keep about 5% keyword density to Effective SEO Optimization of Blog Content.
All the locations which I'll be talking about are the best and safest places to put your related keywords. If you actually want to rank high in search engine results then you should pay proper attention to all the following areas in your blog post:-

#1. Introduction and Conclusion Paragraph

Always remember to add your main keyword in introduction and conclusion paragraph of your post body. These two places are the best for adding your main keyword. Even search engines look to it and on this basis they provide you ranking for your blog post.

You can also add more similar keywords in between your content to make it more seo friendly.

Note : I'll advice you not to repeat same keywords. It's good to use multiple and related keywords in your blog content. By using multiple keywords you can increase your chances to appear high in search engine results and it also prevent your blog from keyword stuffing penalty. Therefore, by using multiple keywords in your blog content you can target more traffic for your blog.

#2. Image Optimization

All of us knows that images plays an important role in our blog posts. Images are usually used to explain topics easily. But do you know you can also optimize your blog posts through your blog images ?

You should always try to optimize blog images properly whenever you insert them in your post body. More effectively you optimize your images, more easily your posts will get optimized for search engines ranking. I've written a complete DIY guide on image optimization which will surely going to help you a lot.

Must Visit  : SEO Guide For Image Optimization

Images name, Alt tags and Title tags are the best places where you can insert your targeted keywords.

#3. Post Title

It is the best location where you should insert your keyword. You should know that we use attractive post title to get more blog audiences but with attractive post titles you should also add relevant keywords.

Catchy post titles helps in getting more blog readers both from search engines and social networking sites.

So, always remember to create catchy and meaningful post title to improve your search engine ranking.

#4. Post Permalink

Permalinks is actually your blog posts Url. It's the best location to insert targeted keywords.

Permalinks are created automatically on the basis of your post title. But you can customize permalink and can add relevant keywords there.

For modifying your permalink, open Post Editor > Permalink on the right sidebar and click on Custom Permalink. Now there you can insert your main keywords and then click on "Done" to save custom permalink.


Note : Always try to insert main keywords in permalinks, all other keywords should not be included.

#5. Post Labels

If you use your blog post labels smartly then it can be used for optimizing your blog posts instead of just categorizing blog content.

You should always try to use keyword rich labels. You can use your targeted keywords for your labels.

If you don't know about this seo technique before then don't worry you can simply rename and modify your website labels.

#6. Post Comments

Many webmasters and bloggers are not aware that they can also use their blog comments for adding quality keywords in blog posts.

Yeah ! Absolutely. Blog Comments play an important role and if used effectively then they can get your website rank higher in search engine results.

I'll advice you to add some keyword phrases in natural way that while reading it looks completely natural.

Note : You can add some long tail keywords instead of adding your main keyword again and again. This will gradually help you to improve your keyword ranking in search engine results.


So, These were the best places to how to optimize seo and add keywords in blogger blog posts. I've personally tested these methods and gained higher rank in search results. I've listed all the ways which I generally used to optimize blog posts on my blog.

Now it's your turn to tell how you add your keywords in blog posts for seo blog optimization ? You can use the comment box for putting your feedback or asking any type of doubts. At last, If you found this article helpful then kindly share it among your friends... :)