We all try to get connected with each other using social networking sites so that we can easily increase our social network and start making good relationship with other people out there. There’s no doubt that this is a good practise but for social networking platforms like twitter, we make a bunch of people whom we follow but it happens sometime that those users doesn’t follow us back.

You better know that twitter only allows you to follow 2000 accounts more than the number of users who follow you and in this case having number of non followers is not a good sign at all.

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I would advise you to start unfollowing non-followers and removing inactive and fake twitter accounts from your following list. You should maintain this list properly and keep it up to date.

But is there any other way to unfollow these non-following twitter accounts ?

Yeah, Of course. In this article I’ll be showing you the top 8 best twitter tools which will be helping you doing this task more easily.

Why Should You Start Unfollowing Users on Twitter ?

Unfollowing non-followers is one of the most necessary thing, here are some points which will get you to know the reason behind this :-

1. You can easily start following new members by unfollowing those inactive and non-followers account. Remember there’s a limit that you can only follow 2000 accounts. This means if you are not removing those inactive or fake twitter accounts from your list, you are not using the most out of it.

2. Unfollowing people who keep on updating senseless tweets which are usually annoying most of the time can help you in getting lesser number and more valuable tweets.

3. By unfollowing people who are not related to your business niche, can help you in focusing on others users who can have opportunities for your business.

So, these were few reasons why we should unfollow accounts on twitter. Now getting back to the main topic. Here’s the list of few tools that can actually help you in unfollowing twitter accounts.

1. Tweetadder

tweet-adder-twitter-toolIt works similarly as Jetpack works for wordpress. Tweetadder has everything that would be required for marketing on twitter. I've personally used this tool and it delivers quite impressive features.

Tweetadder is just phenomenal when it comes to unfollow features. This tool has many filters for unfollowing accounts. Here's some more feature which you can use :-

1. Allows you to unfollow accounts which have not followed you back.

2. Unfollowing spam profiles or accounts having no profile picture.

3. Unfollow too active or inactive accounts.

4. Unfollowing accounts which communicates in different languages.

social-broIt is the best twitter tool which must be in you social media network toolbox. Instead of just unfollowing twitter accounts, it has quite good number of other features. Some of them are mentioned below :

1. SocialBro allows you to get your followers statistics.

2. It also helps you analysing your competitors strategies which keeps on changing time to time.

3. Helps in handling the team members which uses the same twitter account. You can easily track the activities of your team members added in that particular twitter account.

Because of the easy and powerful interface, it works quite good in unfollowing twitter accounts.   

You just have to login your twitter account on SocialBro. Then open dashboard and go to communities option given on the top toolbar. There you can find many filters and list of users who are not following you back.


unfollowers-twiiter-toolOne of the most straightforward tool to remove unfollowers. It features a clean and simple layout and allows you to show twitter accounts on the basis of following and non-following.

You can also use this tool for copying the influencers followers list for making your community grow.

unfortunately, you are only allowed to unfollow 100 account in a day if you select their free plan. This will surely be difficult for you, If you are having lot's of inactive and unfollowers accounts. But by using this tool daily you can maintain your followers list quite easily.

4. Tweepi

tweepi-twitter-toolThis tool can be very helpful if you want to make your profile engaged and clean. Tweepi is the popular tool which helped many users in unfollowing fake profiles or inactive accounts.

It works really fast when it comes on removing inactive accounts. User can easily try this tool for free.

But in case, you want more features then you have to buy a premium plan. Though, you can use their unfollow feature for free which is more than sufficient.

crowdfire-twitter-toolCrowdfire is a tool by Codigami Inc. which is also known and justunfollowers commonly. Like above listed tools, it also offers you many amazing features for managing twitter accounts.

You can easily keep your account clean and up to date by removing fake twitter accounts from the list. You can also download crowdfire app for android and iOS platforms and keep yourself connected.

This tool has a huge drawback i.e, it only allows you to unfollow 25 users a day which is very low and it could be time consuming when you have a huge list in your hand. You have to register a premium account for getting complete access.  

mangeflitter-twitter-unfollow-toolManageFlitter is one of the widely used tool. This tool has already been featured in many social media blogs such as buffer.  

This tool has an unique features which allows you to remove most active twitter account i.e, talkative people. With this feature you can easily concentrate on your niche and other important tweets.

Except this feature you can also look the total number of your twitter followers. Well, This feature isn't necessary but it’s quite cool.

ManageFlitter has an excellent interface and filters, you should give a try to this tool.

7. Friendorfollow

friend-or-follow-twitter-unfollow-toolNext we have,Friendorfollow. It has an easy layout and because of that user can easily start unfollow non-following twitter users. Not only for Twitter but it also offers you same kind of features for Instagram and Tumblr contacts too.

User can easily see which account has followed you back and which had not.

Friendorfollow also allows you to export the twitter users list through a .csv file so that you can use this list in future too.

untweeps-twitter-unfollow-toolAt last we have, Untweeps. Another great free twitter unfollow tool. This let you to unfollow fake or inactive twitter accounts. This tool is a good choice as it says, 100 active accounts are far better than those 1000 accounts who are not active or following you back.

Simply open this tool and login through your twitter account. Untweeps easily helps you to categorizing those users who are not active since a long time and you can then start unfollowing them.


You can easily remove the fake, inactive or non-following twitter accounts and make your profile look more professional. If you are having a long list of fake followers then it can put a bad impression and can appears to be a spam profile. I’ll recommend you to keep your profile updated, making it more authoritative. So, Start using these tools to quickly unfollow your twitter accounts that are not giving you their proper responses.

At last, Leave your comments below and let our readers know which tools you are using for this task. Also, give your feedbacks and ask your doubts by using the comment section down. If you have found this article useful then kindly share it with your social contacts... :)