Similar to Plague, Plagiarism is one such ethical issue which must be avoided by bloggers. Basically, Plagiarism means copywriting i.e, taking someone else's content without giving them proper credits.

Google really hates plagiarism. If it is found that you have copied someone else’s content then some serious actions may be taken.

The main problem is plagiarism can also be done without your knowledge. It means if you have not copied any content then also you can be found guilty. So, What should be done in such cases?


Well, There are many free online plagiarism checker tools which make sure that your content is not copied.

Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tools 2016

This is one of the best plagiarism checker tool available online for content writers, teachers and students. Grammarly plagiarism checker comes with many amazing features such as punctuation correcting, Checking Grammar and proofreading which can be used by students for writing their essays.


It is the best online tool available for students which helps them in creating error free and unique content. If you are a student and have to write an essay for your midterm examinations then this tool will help you in doing some serious work.

Grammarly offers its grammar checking and proofreading feature for free but you have to pay a few bucks in order to use plagiarism detection feature. Believe me, If you are looking for any plagiarism checking tool online for writing unique and error free content then investing in this tool will be totally worthy.

In case you don’t want to invest money in this tool then also you can check your grammatical errors in your content for free.


Plagiarism Checker is an online tool which is offered by In order to check your content, you just have to copy and paste your content and click on “Check for Plagiarism” Button. If any phrase or statement in your content turns to red then it means that it is already right there online and you need to change it.


You can use this Plagiarism Scanner online similarly as the above tool. User can get both free and paid services for checking their website content.

copyscape-online-plagiarism-detection is one of the largely used online tools for checking website content. You just need to enter your post URL and check for plagiarism. It is not like the above tools, Copyscape just checks for content available on the web.

5. Free Plagiarism Checker

Last but not least, we have Free Plagiarism Checker Tool. You can use free online plagiarism checker on This tool supports both English and Spanish Language. Unregistered users are allowed to check their content 5 times a month. In order to use this free plagiarism checker unlimited times, you have to register your account. Just copy and paste your written content in a text editor and click " Check this Text" button, it will check all online databases and will highlight your plagiarism content.


All the above-mentioned Plagiarism Checker tools are available for free but in case you are searching for premium service then I’ll highly recommend you to go with Grammarly. This tools will surely make your work a lot easier. Currently, I’m using this tools for my web contents and I’m quite sure, you’ll like it too.

So, Do you know any other free Plagiarism checker tool that is not mentioned in the above list? Leave your valuable comments below and share it with us. At last, If you have found this article interesting then kindly share it with your online networks… :)