If you like writing your blog articles in Microsoft word then you might know that it has a in-built grammatical and spelling checking feature but is it the best what you got ?

It's not a good idea to only check your content in Microsoft word if you are working on something very important like creating blog  content, school essays, business mails etc.

It's better to have an another tool which can help you in creating your content, error  free and make it more worthy.


Though you can check your content spellings in Microsoft word, But what if I show you some of the best cool online content checking tools that will be not only checking spellings but also show you grammatical and punctuation errors.

So, Here's the List :-

Top 5 Best Content Checking Tools With Some Cool Additional Features

You can check many amazing things in your written content with the help of below-listed tools including proofreading, checking spellings, punctuation and grammatical mistakes, vocabulary, sentence structure, improving writing style and many more.

Let's move on to our first and most popular content checker tool :


Basically, Grammarly is an online tool used for enhancing written content.

By simply making a Grammarly account and installing browser extension for free, You can easily check for your content i.e, proofreading, no matter where you are writing your content.

You need not to worry about spelling mistakes any more while writing an email, Facebook status, Twitter tweet or any other relevant works, Grammarly will properly take cake of it.

Grammarly will help you to fix everything in your written content after installing it's free browser extension.

Well, user can get both free as well as paid Grammarly services. There are many additional features like Plagiarism checker, Microsoft Add-in etc if you go for premium account.

So, what are you waiting for ? Start using Grammarly and make yourself a better writer today.


Next in our list we have, White Smoke Content Checker Tool. This content checking tool is one of the best alternatives for Grammarly.

If you'll open their official site then you will find that it is a free grammar checking tool which offers many amazing features. With some great tools like grammar and punctuation checker, spelling checker, writing style checking tool, etc will actually helps you in making your content more valuable and interesting.


Ginger, another cool tool for your content checking task.

The team claims that they have no comparison when seen in terms of accuracy. Ginger easily corrects all your mistakes like phonetic mistakes, spelling mistakes, wrong words etc.

With a click, you can easily make your content free from all grammatical errors.


It's an amazing free online tool for online marketers, bloggers and webmasters.

If you daily writes number of articles for your website or blogs and want to check your written content for free then you should try using smallseotool. Unfortunately, they don't provide any extensions for browsers. This means you have to open their site every time whenever you want to check your content. You  have to simply copy and paste your content in their text editor for checking your written work.


At last, we have Spell Checker in our list.

This amazing tool says absolutely right that  there are lots of ways for checking spelling mistakes. Using dictionary, Searching words in Google, Using Microsoft word checking feature etc. But these all methods will surely be taking lots of your valuable time. So, why not give a try to this tool and let it check all your content in a single click ?

I'll advice you to give it a try, and let us know whether it worked fine for you or  not ?


There are number of quality tools, software and plugins available for checking your content properly, But I think that no matter which tool you choose, it should save your time.

It's senseless to use different tools for different tasks. I'll advice you to have a single tool that can easily do all possible work. According to me, Grammarly is the best what you have got. Can't figure out why ? Here are some more features you got in Grammarly :


1. Grammarly offers you Grammar checker, spelling checker, punctuation checker, enhances vocabulary, etc. So why go for different tools ? You can even get plagiarism checker if you register a premium account.

2. This tool allow you to proofread your written work using Microsoft word directly. Because of their Microsoft office Add-in you can do this task without opening your internet browser.

3. It allows you real time proofreading, as it provides extensions for browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Ins't amazing ? You just carry on with your writing work and Grammarly will keep pointing all your errors.

4. You can also copy and paste your work or can directly upload your document to their online tool interface.

5. Grammarly also offers you to download their desktop version.

6. It offers you both paid and free services. This means you can choose their plans depending on your needs.

That's it with this article. I've done my best in creating this top 5 spelling checker tools list. Now it's all your choice to select any one of those. If you are using any other tools which is working good for you, then kindly share that tool with us. If you want to ask any questions related to this topic or want to give your feedback then feel free to leave your comments down... :)