I’ve already discussed how to create a blog using blogger in my previous blogging lessons. Here in this blogging lesson I’ll be teaching you how to adjust basic settings in blogger after you have create a new blog.

Basic Blogger Settings Should Be Made Within Few Minutes

For newbie bloggers adjusting new blog settings, how to setup a blog, what changes should be made and many other type of confusing questions arrives when they get started with their first blog on Google Blogger. .  

In this quick blogging tutorial I’ll be showing you how to setup your blog title, blog description, meta description and other basic settings which should be made within few minutes after creating a blog.

Carefully follow the step by step guide to adjust blogger settings

Step 1 : Blogger Dashboard

1. Firstly, You have to login into your Blogger.com using your Google account.
2. Open your Blogger Dashboard and click on Settings options on the left sidebar.
3. Now you will be shown the following tabs under settings option :-

  • Basic
  • Post, Comments and Sharing
  • Email
  • Language and Formatting
  • Search Preferences

2. Basic Blogger Settings


1. Go to your basic blogger setting and change blog title, also add short description of your blog as shown in the above screenshot.

2. Privacy settings is there for blogs to get indexed in Google Search Engine. Change both the options to “Yes” under privacy settings tab and make it visible to search engines.

3. In Blog Address enter blog address you wish. Your blog will be redirected whenever you enter your blog address in the url tab.

Step 3 : Posts, Comments and Sharing


Under this section in show at most option you have to choose how many blog posts will be displayed on your main blog page. Simply set the number of blog posts you want to display on your main blog homepage.

2. Under comment section select the comment location to embedded. Select Registered User under who can comment section, So that you get comments only from registered users. Change Comment moderation to always and provide your email id to get you want to get notified whenever you get any new comments on your blog. Let other options under this section to be unchanged.

Step 4 : Language and Formatting


1. Here you have to choose your blogger dashboard language and language in which you want to see the translation.

2. Set your Time zone, date and other necessary settings under Formatting section.

Step 5 : Search Description


1. Whenever your blog appears on google search engine results, Meta data will be shown as your blog description under the blog's link.

2. Search description should be same as your blog description which you have entered in the basic blog settings.

Crawler and Indexing, Error and Redirection settings will be explaining in my future blogging lessons, keep connected.

That's it with this lesson, all the basic blog settings discussed above are enough to be made after creating a new blog. If you have any doubts or suggestions then feel free to contact me by leaving your comments down.

Happy Blogging... :)