Writing a blog post is very easy but creating a rankable high quality blog post is an art which you have to learn if you want to increase your blog authority. High quality content must be served to your blog audience if you want to make your blog popular in short time period.


You should put your own thoughts and make your blog content original and unique. Blog readers and even Google loves Meaningful and informative blog  content.

Well, there are some tricks which every popular blogger follows for creating good articles. In this post I'll be sharing my tip and what procedure do I follow for creating High quality and unique seo optimized blog posts.

Below I've listed down few steps which you must follow for writing extra-ordinary blog content. Suppose you've already chosen your blog niche by targeting your blog audience, Start reading the following steps for creating high quality blog content.

Best Tips for Creating High-Quality Blog Posts

1. Do Background Research

You can't simply pick one topic and get started with the writing work. In order to create high quality work, you must have sufficient knowledge on that particular topic. This is the point where it needs background research.

You can choose any of the following resources for doing background research for your upcoming articles.

This is one of the best and most popular website when it comes on getting basic knowledge and data analysis reports for a particular topic. But, all time Wikipedia won't work good. It sometimes shows old data and manipulated information. In such case you can go for other following resources.

I personally use this website resource in case I've to write an article which needs some reference from universities articles. I love to read research papers and other thesis written by experts.

You can take references and quotes from books under public domains for writing good blog posts. You can easily find lots of free Google books that can be easily edited, twisted and used for your blog posts.

Except these resource, you can use The internet archive for getting knowledge to create amazing content. Sometimes this resource can be a golden mine for many bloggers. You can also go for Google Public Data which is having few amazing resources relevant to your site niche.

2. Focus on Headlines

Many webmaster and bloggers only think for about 7 seconds before giving a headline to their blog post. No matter how interesting or informative your blog post is, No one going to open it if they don't found it worthy.

This means that you should provide a catchy and a meaningful title  or headline  to your blog post, So it can attract readers in one go. A common boring headline cannot attract readers even if you have interesting information inside.

In the same way, If your blog headlines promises too much but you have poorly written your content then in such case your blog readers will not going to trust your website ever again.

Now you know the importance of Blog Titles or Headlines.

Tip : If you cannot think for catchy blog titles then you should try Portent's Title Maker. Basically, this is a free title generator for giving amazing headlines which will surely help you in catching your readers attention. Give a Try to this Tool.

3. Well Structured Detailed Post.

Well, all type of data which you have collected while background research are very important. Unless it is processed into meaningful data it's for no use. Your readers cannot simply understand things  if you publish raw data on your blog post. Here's some tips which you should follow for taking your writing skills on the whole new level.

a. Always start with an introduction, positive statements, questions, or a fact.

By putting a positive statement or a fact will make your readers read till the ending. Fact helps in catching the attention of your blog readers. By asking a question you can increase your reader's curiosity and keep them stuck till the last. Introduction provides a brief knowledge and your readers will want to know more on that particular topic.

For Example : "So, How to dramatically increase website alexa ranking ? Are you updating your blog properly ? How to maximize your earnings using alexa ? Tips about improving website search engine presence.

As you've read above that I started with a question which increases the reader's curiosity and reader will definitely want to know how ?

b. Make it for everyone

In the above example you'll notice that I started with a question to my readers ( webmasters or bloggers ) on increasing alexa ranking. I've not mentioned the exact number. I would have written "Decrease your alexa rank under 1 lakh", then it would have been a fixed question. Many bloggers who are already having lower rank than 1 rank will not going to open my blog post and that's not right.

This way I made my blog post attractive to everyone.

4. Using Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are the most important element if you want organic traffic i.e, natural search engine traffic. However, it is quite difficult to rank for keywords less than 3 words. As there are lot more  popular website available which are already trying their hard to rank for that particular keyword.

But, if you take long tail keywords like "how to get started with blogging effectively" then for sure your difficulty level will get reduced to ten times.  

Tip : You should try to target readers who can be easily converted into loyal visitors.

This is one of the most beneficial point of long tail keywords. There are many tools available online for searching long tail keywords. I've used long tail pro recently for my blog post and quite satisfied by their services. This amazing tool will surely help you to get ranked well in search engine results pages.

Another benefit of using long tail keywords is they help you in making your blog posts unique and original. As many people do not search for long tail keywords that's why you can easily rank good for that particular keyword. I'll highly recommend you to use long tail keywords and that's how you can increase your blog traffic.

5. Using LSI keywords for Post Optimization

Well, those blog posts which are written naturally without any kind of seo optimization techniques are the most optimized content. Many of us try to put lots of keywords and meta tags in their blog post and eventually their blog posts turns to be spammy and google start hating them.

You might have heard about Google's hummingbird algorithm. It checks whether your page is relevant to your topic or not rather than just a term or a phrase. Though, it's a good news for those people who writes detailed articles, as they automatically stuffs many keywords compared to other sites with just few phrases.

The main goal of using LSI i.e, latent semantic indexing keywords for search engines is to rank those pages which offers value to the visitors.

Let's take an example, If you have a blog post on "Alexa Ranking" then you have to mention some terms like "Blog traffic", "Improving Alexa ranking tips", "Alexa site metrics" etc.

How to use LSI keywords effectively for your blog posts ?

1. You should use various anchor texts for internal link building.

2. Use Google Search Engine related terms.

3. Using Google Auto Predict feature to find out terms relevant to your phrase.

4. If you want more relevant and detailed phrases and terms then you should try to use "Lexical Database".

Recently I have written a detailed guide on "LSI Keywords", you must check it out.


6. Building Internal Links

Building Internal Links not only help you in increasing your blog pageviews but also add value to your article. You readers can easily find out more relevant blog content while reading articles.

I'll advice you to add atleast 2-3 relevant links in your each blog post.

Not only this, But you should keep updating your old blog content by adding more related links. By this way you can easily index your new blog posts and also keep your old articles alive.


7. On-page SEO Techniques

Well, a high-quality article should be completely devoted to your blog readers, but it's also equally important to make search engine ranking bots crawl and index them. On page seo techniques are very essential which helps in getting search engine bots what's you blog content is all about.

A high quality article is loved by search engines as they are properly seo optimized.

I'll advice you to add some relevant links from authority sites. In this way you can increase credibility and make your blog more trustworthy.

8. Well Structured Blog Content

You have surely noticed those index pages attached in front of every book. Do you know why ?

Well, the answer is  quite simply. This helps reader to understand page contents.

In the same way you should make your readers to properly understand things. You should try to give proper headlines to your paragraphs so that those readers who doesn't have too much time can also understand the point.

By using correct meaningful headlines and bullets you can give a proper structure to your blog articles. Your post sub-headings and bullet points helps to understand and to predict what's your content is all about.

9.  Call to Conclusion

A quality article should have conclusion at the last. In this way you can convey your message that what should your readers do after reading  completely.

For example : If you have written a review article then do give a product link at the last, so that your readers can check out the product. Similarly, If you have written inspiration article then saying your readers to build positive attitude inside, would surely be a good ending.

You have noticed that in this post, I'm saying you to take steps towards creating good high-quality blog article.

10. Writing Like an Expert

Your readers will only trust on you if you are expert in that particular topic. Writing like an expert will surely help you in making loyal readers for your blog.

Even you are not an expert, you have to appear as you are. Probably, no one likes those content which is poorly written ( Like a Newbie Blogger ). You should always try to divide your articles in concise and interesting paragraphs. In this way you can write a well-structured blog article.

At last, don't forget to read the complete article which you have written. This will help you in avoiding grammatical mistakes made in your blog post.

You should also check your content in plagiarism checker tools before publishing it on your blog. In this way if you have by chance copied any phrase then you can remove or modify it.

Must Visit : Top 4 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools for Perfect Writing


Believe me, It's really easy to create quality blog content. You need not to be any kind of expert. Your main goal should be providing time worthy content to your readers.

Also, make sure that your content is not over-optimized and safely presented to search engine bots.

So, is there any other trick which you follow for creating killer content  on your blog ? Do share your tricks, tips, suggestions or even you can ask your questions by leaving your comments down.

Hope, you liked this article. If yes, kindly share it on your online network... :)