Trust flow and citation flow might be new terms for most of the you, Isn’t ?

I was also not aware about these terms. I was also like what the heck that means ? Before knowing about trust and flow metrics, I also can’t able distinguish between Trust flow and citation flow. I don’t even know that these two terms are one of the biggest factor for improving website ranking.


While writing this blog post, I have searched many times for understanding this term properly and getting differences between Trust flow vs citation flow.

I have personally seen many webmaster who keep asking for “how to increase trust flow” for their website or blog.

Today, In this article I will be discussing all about Trust flow, Citation flow and how it can be beneficial for a site.

It was not that easy for me to understand these terms like all other seo techniques and seo services.

However, I understood these terms and after doing all required research I’m writing this article to help all newbie bloggers/webmasters who wants to understand the flow metrics and how to improve alexa ranking through these flow metrics.

Before getting started with the article, Firstly, we need to know about the actual meaning of these terms.

What is Trust Flow ?

Trust Flow metrics are designed to decide how trustworthy the web link is. On the basis on quality backlinks which are pointing towards the site, we came to know about how trustworthy the website is.

Trust flow will automatically increase if your site is having authorized and quality backlinks.

Do you know the trust flow of every links is comparatively less than the citation flow ? But Why is it so ?

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A website may have large number of backlinks but it’s not sure that all of them are quality backlinks and can be trusted.

Your site will automatically gets low-quality backlinks no matters how strictly you focus on making quality backlinks. By various directories and other online resources your site will automatically get poor backlinks.

In other words, There’s less chance of getting high quality backlinks for your site with no poor quality backlinks at all. That’s the reason why trust flow cannot be higher that citation flow in most cases. I researching I’ve found that your site organic traffic is directly proportional to the trust flow of your site domain.

Google Ranking will be automatically boosted if a site has high number of quality backlinks which results high trust flow.  

If your site has high quality trust flow than it is quite obvious that you are having quality content on your site.

If there are large number of backlinks which carries the trust flow, then it shows that you are getting decent amount of organic traffic on your site.

I have mentioned “Citation Flow” several times while discussing about Trust Flow. So, What that means ?

What is Citation Flow ?

Citation flow is a metric which predicts how influential your site link might be. It means that how capable your site is on putting an impact on your readers or those who are searching queries related to your niche.

Citation flow works by considering the number of backlinks pointing to the site. It doesn’t bother whether you are having quality or poor backlinks. If there are high number of backlinks, then more influential the link will be and greater will be your citation flow metrics.

All Trust Flow factors will be same for Citation Flow but not all Citation Flow factors will be same for Trust Flow.

Citation flow will gradually increase with the increase in trust flow. It's not compulsory that trust flow and citation flow increases equally.

If you have backlink of a site with high citation flow, then it will automatically help you in boosting your citation flow of with few backlinks.

You must remember that if your site will have high citation flow but less trust flow than it will be putting a negative impact on your site.
Need of Flow Metrics

You all know about the extinction of Google PageRanks. That's the reason why these secondary metrics for sites matters a lot. Metrics such as Domain authority, Citation flow, Trust flow score are one of the major factors responsible for ranking websites in Google search results.

Moz and MajesticSEO are sites which have great ranking and also used in determining the site authority as trust flow checker. There are no tricks or cheat by which you can fool or increase your metrics flow, Like Google PageRank.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow updates regularly which implies that they are more accurate.

It has become a lot more easier for Google to rank a site on the basis of trust flow, citation flow and other flow metrics.

Trust Flow vs Citation Flow

For determining the overall trust of the site both trust flow and citation flow metrics are equally important.

If Citation flow of a site is 40 and 20 is the trust flow then the ratio will be 2:1 or 0.5. 0.9 is the ratio which is most commonly seen. Though, Google has 98:99 which is an exceptional case.


Average trust flow of a site or a blog should be around 0.50. Many authorized and trustworthy websites have higher trust ratio.

If your site is having a greater amount of citation flow then it is clear that your site has high amount of low quality backlinks.

Authorized websites have high number of quality backlinks among thousands of links pointing to their sites.

How can you measure Flow Metrics ?

MajesticSEO is one of the most popular online seo tool which can be used as trust flow and citation flow checker. You just have to enter the site URL and hit search. Majestic trust flow checker will then show you number of backlinks of that particular site along other flow metrics data.

You can easily use this trust flow checker tool without even signing up to this site. But not all features, In case you have to access more features then you need to register an account on this site.

Another Option is of Installing MajesticSEO extension for Chrome and Firefox. By installing the extensions on your internet browser you can easily look for flow metrics of any site you want.

In case you have to do comparison between sites or want to look up flow metrics for multiple url at the same time then you can use Bulk Backlink Checker Tool.

Raven SEO Tools is another alternative for MajesticSEO for calculating the metrics flow data.

Advantages Of using MajesticSEO tool :-

1. Easily identifies top influencers in your niche.
2. Can help you in identifying the real problem for penguin penalty.
3. Quality backlinks analysis.
4. It prevents you building same backlinks for your site again and again.

Not all, This amazing online flow metric calculating tool also helps you in finding some great content related to your niche.
How to Increase Trust Flow of a Site ?

1. If you want to boost your website ranking then increasing trust flow metrics for your site should be your main aim. To make your site trustworthy you should have high trust flow. Increasing citation flow for site is pointless. As you all know that quality wins over quantity.

2. It's Good to have 1 authorized backlink instead of having 1000 low quality backlinks for your site.

3. You should submit guest post to authorized sites which will help you in building some good quality backlinks. Although guest posting should be kept minimum at first, If you have recently created a blog/site.

4. Always remember that you should always try to build backlinks related to your site niche. 

5. Interlinking blog posts boosts your site flow metrics greatly and also increases trust flow as well as citation flow for your blog.

6. Backlinks with .Gov and .Edu domain name are the most trustworthy websites to your blog site.

7. Citation flow is also carried out by No-Follow links but not affects your site trust flow at all.


Google is now considering more and more flow metrics for website after extinction of Google PageRanks. This indicates that how can you increase website ranking by improving other flow metrics.

Building up quality backlinks is another factor for improving website ranking. Quality backlinks not only helps you in increasing your website ranking but also increases your domain authority.

Improving other metrics flow for site is a great way to show google for ranking your site or blogs higher in SERPs.

There’s no doubt that MajesticSEO is a great tool to check trust flow and citation flow. With the help of this online seo tool you can also measure the trust flow of your site over different search engines.  

Hope, You liked reading this article. At last, kindly share this article. If you have any type of suggestions or questions then you can leave your comments.