Domain name is the main thing which reflects what your blog is all about to your readers.

Anyone can figure out what type of content you have on your blog site after hearing your domain name. I have seen many newbie bloggers who are buying domain like mad. New bloggers are registering domains for their blogs without even thinking for a second. They don’t even aware of some basic rules which should be always kept in mind while selection of domain name. I have listed down things to know before you buy a domain :-

Few days ago, Godaddy has an offer and people had gone mad and started booking domains without thinking anything. If you really want to make career in blogging or want to make money through your blog then you must remember some essential key points for buying a domain name. Following are the basic things to know before you buy a domain.

1.  Reflects your Blog niche

What’s your blog Niche ? The first thing which should be kept in mind while buying a domain is your blog niche. If you are having blogging niche related blog then keywords like blog, blogger, blogs, blogging must be there. If you are running a tech niche blog then geek, tech, technology, techie are some keyword suggestions you can include. No matter what’s your blog is about, you should always try to enter keywords related to your niche in you domain. With the help of this rule you can clearly tell your readers what type of content you usually post.

2. Avoid Using Numbers

Well, I think that using digits in your domain name is one of the most biggest mistakes. Whenever you will be promoting your blog in your friends circle or to any relative then you will surely face problems. You have to clearly specify them that there’s a digit. Here’s how.

Example : Blog4fun - Here you have to clearly tell them that 4 is a digit not a word.
3. Creativity

Your domain name should reflects creativity with clear explanation of what’s your blog is about. Take your time in thinking about a domain name. You can even use for getting some suggestions. You should select domain name which should be unique and creative at the same time.

4. Easy to Speak

Avoid using too long or complicated words in your domain. This can create big confusion. By selecting easy to speak domain name, One can easily remember it. Your readers should not face any problem while typing your blog address. In all go for an easy name which will avoid creating confusions.

5. Meaningful Domain

Always remember your domain should be meaningful. Meaningful domains are very easy to sell and also helps you to attract readers towards your blog. Prefer using synonyms of the words which you are looking for. Keep in mind you also have to make your domain looks creative.

Hope that these things you must know before selection of domain. If you have any questions or want to give any tip while buying a domain name then you are most welcome. Leave your comments and share your thoughts with our readers.