LSI, this term might be new for many newbie bloggers. Keep reading this article and find out what it’s all about.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a part of the Google algorithm. It is little difficult to understand this term properly and using it as a part of SEO strategy for your blog sites. That’s the reason why I’m writing this post. This post will help you in understanding the concept properly and also tell how you can use LSI keyword tool for your site ranking.

You might know that what is a keyword? but before getting started, we should know that what does this term means? LSI keywords which are also known as semantic keywords are related to the main keywords. There are lots of search engines which use it for deciding the link between different web contents, Google is one of them. LSI helps Google in getting the meaning of the web content. No, that much but it also deals with web search relevancy. By including LSI keywords with the main keywords you can easily rank well over different search results.

Do you know that in earlier days search engines use exact search query for getting results and that’s the reason why most of them were unable to show accurate results? Now, search engines properly analyze the meaning of the query and show the most accurate content. 

Google carried out LSI to fight spammers who try to cheat search engines by using too much keyword stuffing.

LSI has the ability to show related words while dealing with a particular topic. When it comes to unrelated words under that topic then in such cases it considers content as spun. Not yet able to understand this term? Keep rolling…

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI is another term for similar words which are used by Google and other search engines. Have you ever thought that why search engines differentiate between similar words which have different meanings?

Suppose, there are various meanings of the term “PS” such as PlayStation, Photoshop, Photo Search etc. Google will then be showing you accurate results after the keywords which you have entered after “PS”. Let me say, I search “Ps image size”, now Google can easily come to know that I want content related to photoshop as I have used “image size” keyword after “PS”. Google will now be showing all the related content through photoshop and image size.

By this method, Google can easily figure out what basically user want to search online. This is a part of Google’s LSI algorithm.

How to Find LSI keywords?

Next question which arises is how can we find LSI keywords?

You now have a little idea about the LSI keywords. The related keywords for a particular topic are known as LSI keywords. You can find out many LSI keyword tools and Google search is one of the best keywords SEO research tools. You just need to know that how can you use Google search results for LSI keyword research.


You can find LSI keywords through Google keyword search result suggestions and also from the related searches done on that particular topic. These related keywords which are shown in search results are commonly known as Related LSI Keywords (rLSI). Adwords Keyword tool commonly known as Google Keyword Planner is an alternative method for searching LSI keywords.

How to Use LSI keywords for Better SEO?

Let us consider that you are writing on a Complete Guide to Recover Content from Google Panda Update. Here your main keyword is “Recover Content from Google Panda Update”. LSI keywords for this topic will be “Recover content from Google Panda effect”, “Rescue your website from Google Panda update etc”. 

After writing your post on the above topic, you must make sure that you include related keywords like SEO, Panda Update, Search Results, etc. But if you have included keywords like animal, attack, bears, etc. then Google will think that your post is all about how to recover from panda attack. So, avoid such keywords as well as keyword repetition.

Best LSI Keyword Generator Tools

EasyWPSEO and SEOPressor are the best LSI keyword tools which you can use for better SEO if you want to create a blog. These keyword generator tools not only provide LSI keyword search service but also offers features like On-Page SEO and multiple keyword analysis, Automatic linking, Social SEO, LSI recommendation and much more.

Find-LSI-keywords-and-Use-them-for-SEO  Find-LSI-keywords-and-Use-them-for-SEO

The best thing which I have liked about the above tools is it shows the “LSI keyword density” of your blog websites post. For taking full benefit of these tools you need to buy them but believe me, it will be totally worthy.

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Where to include LSI Keywords?

There are some basic rules for including LSI keywords and other long tail keywords in blog posts. You can include keywords in:-
  • Title Tag 
  • Permalinks 
  • Header tags 
  • Introduction 
  • Final/Ending paragraph 
But you should keep in mind that too much insertion of LSI keywords in your post can make it look Spammy. Google can easily figure out this and can punish you very easily. Google has now grown up what you think.

That’s it for this article. If you have liked this article then do comments below. If you are using any other special technique or using LSI keywords already for better search engine ranking then let us know…