Want to dramatically improve your domain authority ? That's the reason why you have landed on this page. Every passionate blogger who starts his/her blogging career wants to increase their domain authority. All of you might already know that website ranking directly relates with your domain authority. Greater the domain authority, Higher your website ranking will be.

How-to-improve-domain-authority .pngWe all wants to see our website links appearing on the google’s 1st page results and that's possible through higher domain authority.

But, Increase domain authority (DA) is not a child’s play. You must have to put lots of efforts, hard work and most important have patience for increasing your domain authority. In search engine optimization, Domain authority is one of the most important factor by which helps you to come above your competitors. If you are having good domain authority then no doubt you will reserve a good rank in search engine result pages. You will start getting huge web traffic if your link appears in the 1st page. No one likes to search their queries on other pages.

There are many sites which easily rank well in Search engine results by having less content compared to yours. Can’t figure out how ? Are they using any kind of magic behind their good website ranking ? Off course, They are using magic termed as Domain Authority. Website with higher Domain Authority are always prioritised by Google and Other search engines.

By increasing your domain authority you can not only help your site in ranking well and in getting high traffic, But DA also helps you in attracting huge number of advertisers with many amazing offers, Reviews and guest posts. Having a good domain authority is like having a golden spoon in mouth.

But does your site have high domain authority ?

If your answer is No, Then don’t worry. Keep rolling down because I have listed some of the best ways which will going to help you out for sure in increasing your domain authority…

Today, In this DIY Guide I will be covering “How to Effectively Increase Domain Authority”. There are many ways available for increasing domain authority of a site. But I thought of sharing all the information about DA to my readers in this post.

Read this Guide Carefully and if you really want to increase your blog’s domain authority then start following the steps discussed below.

How to Effectively Improve Domain Authority

1. What is Domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is a site metrics designed to know how powerful your domain name is. It is also used for checking how well does a site ranks in search engine pages.

In other words, Domain Authority is a rating given to your domain similar to Alexa Rank or Google PR. It is developed by MOZ and is termed shortly as DA.

Domain Authority allows us to know how a site is ranking for a particular keyword in Google Results. It is the main factor by which you can make Google Trust over your website.

Website having 70+ Domain Authority can easily Rank at 1st Position in search results.

Now, the next question arrives is “How Domain Authority is Calculated” ?

2. How Domain Authority is Calculated ?

How Domain Authority is Calculated ? For increasing your Domain Authority there are many Major and Minor factors which plays their individual roles. Flow Metrics like Moz Trust, Domain age, Backlinks, Total links, Moz Rank, Domain Popularity, Website content etc. are some important factors which should be kept in mind for getting higher domain authority.

Factors Involved Behind DA

Root Domain Links

DA depends upon the number of Backlinks pointing towards your site Root Domain ( Ex: www.bloggingbro.com). Making thousands of backlinks from a single website will not going to work out. You need to Create high quality backlinks which have unique domains who points to your site root domain link.

Moz Rank

Moz Rank is a website metrics which shows how popular a link is. It depends upon the number of pages and it’s quality links connected to them. If you are having a decent number of quality backlinks then there will be no problem in scoring a good Moz Rank.

Moz Trust

It calculates your website link trust score. It is same as Moz Rank but it mainly focuses on Link’s Trust Score rather than it’s Popularity. Recently I have written a post in which I have explained briefly what does Trust Flow and Citation Flow acutally means and how you can increase your website’s Trust Flow. Click on the Link below and Go through the post which will surely be helping you in increasing your website’s trust score.

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Domain Age & Popularity

The next factor and the most important factor behind DA is your domain age and it’s popularity. Domain Age related directly to your domain popularity. Older will be your domain age, More popular it will be among your readers. How your site will perform or on what position your links will be shown on google, All depends upon your Domain Age and it's Popularity. Getting more shares, Likes and comments indicates popularity of your domain among your readers.

Amount of Web Content

You need to know how often you should publish content on your website in a day or a week. If you have recently started with your site then you need to write around 2-3 high quality articles daily and get it published over your site.

Publishing fresh and quality content daily helps you a lot to increase domain authority. Always remember quality of your content is the main reason why people will start liking and sharing your link among their contacts and networks.

There are many online tools available for writing quality and error free articles.

Grammarly is one such tool which can be used for writing error free content. People love to read grammatical free post but do remember not to include too much complicated words. Your content should be easy to understand, Error free and attractive at the same time.

Personally, I’ll suggest you to write guides like this “How to Effectively Improve Domain Authority”. By writing long and informative post you can easily attract good amount of internet traffic.

By writing long detailed posts you can dramatically decrease your blog’s bounce rate.

3. How to Increase Domain Authority ?

We have already discussed all about domain authority above. Domain age, Backlinks and quality content are the main factors for increasing domain authority. It’s not in your hands to increase your Domain age but you can put efforts in improving other factors which are responsible for DA at the same time.

Posting quality content will not only help you in getting readers to your site but will also help in building quality backlinks from other authorized sites.

Backlinks helps you in getting huge traffic, Good rank and DA. Search engine visibility also depends upon this factor. At the same time, Social Media Promotion is also important. You can’t ignore this thing simply. Social Networks plays a huge role in making any site popular among readers and plays a great role in increasing your DA.

Best Ways to Increase Domain Authority

1. Creating Quality Content
2. On-Page SEO
3. Having Clean Link Profile
4. Building Backlinks for Root Domain
5. Content Marketing
6. Strong Inter-Linking
7. Have Patience

1. Creating Quality Content

You all know that content is the king of your site. In order to increase domain authority of your site you must have to publish quality content. Posting great quality content plays a huge role in gaining higher DA.

There are many successful webmasters who says “Content is their website's backbone”. You can pick and analyse any popular website in your niche, They must be having quality content or ultimate guides which plays a huge role in their success. You can easily learn things from those guides. If you are having any internet marketing niche site then sites like backlinko.com, shoutmeloud.com, quicksprout.com etc. will be helpful. These are the most popular sites in internet marketing niche. If you will analyse their sites properly then you will find out that every other post is an ultimate guide.

People really love to link your website in their article, If you will publish quality content. You should try to come up with unique and detailed content.

But what if you are not good in creating quality content ?

You can simply ask your top influencers in your niche to share their thoughts on a particular topic and tell them that it’ll be an amazing guide nearly about 2000+ words. I’m quite sure that they won’t refuse your request. Everyone loves popularity and to be featured online.

Tools like Buzzsumo are there to find out what’s popular in your niche. I personally love using this tool for finding out content ideas for my blog.

But in case if you usually have a busy schedule and not able to update your site regularly then hiring a content writer will be a good option. Blogging is a business and in order to make it popular and making money online you need to firstly invest some money like other businesses.

So, Don’t be afraid of investing money onto your blog, If you will do it correctly then for sure you will end up making a successful blog soon.

2. On-Page SEO

Of course, On-page SEO plays important role in increasing domain authority. Optimizing Urls, Robots.txt, Meta tags, Search engine description, Adding keywords, Image optimization etc. are the things without which on-page seo won’t work out.

Recently I have written a complete seo guide on how to optimize your website images and rank well in search engine results. Do click on the link below and check it out.

In order to increase your domain authority, You need to work on overall seo factors of your site. Site navigation, Optimizing URL, Meta description and meta tags, Header tags, Alt tags, Keywords stuffing, Word limit, etc.

Make sure that your website must have a user friendly layout and design so that your readers can easily navigate through your site.

I have observed many bloggers who puts lots of ads onto their websites in order to make more money, But it results in losing their audiences. When they notice this, it’s get too late and they have to put lots of effort again to make it popular.

Before increasing domain authority, Start working out on your website’s seo to properly optimize your web content for different search engines.

3. Clean Link Profile

Having a clean link profile plays important role in making your site popular among readers. There are many profile which gets flagged as spammer label due to self promotion of their websites by various forums. Make sure to delete those profiles or to update those urls.

You should also check the quality of your incoming links by checking your webmaster tool. If you are having low quality backlinks then you should try to remove those links which will help you in increasing your Moz Trust Score.

You can also use Majestic SEO checker to check your website trust flow. If you are having trust score more than half of your citation score then you are going good. But, If it is not so then you might be on risk.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are equally important for making clean link profile.

In order to build safe links you can use your name or domain name like Blogging Bro, Bloggingbro, Bloggingbro.com or Abhishek Dharmik etc. Google will never going to harm your site if you do it naturally.  

4. Building Backlinks for Root Domain

Building Backlinks for Root Domain is another factor for increasing domain authority. You have to puts lots of efforts in making quality backlinks which point back to your root domain. You have to focus on creating good quality links for your root domain in order to get higher DA. If you are having too much links but they are from one particular site then it will not going to work. You have to build huge backlinks from unique domain names to increase domain authority.

There are many proven ways which are used to create high quality backlinks which points back to your root domain. Some of them are listed below :-

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most effective way of building backlinks and also in making good relationship with other influencers in your niche. Making good relations with people will help you to grow your network.

You can easily build backlinks for your root domain name by creating good content for other authorized sites. Creating 600 - 700 words content with proper keywords will work out quite well. But do remember too much keywords stuffic can harm your site domain authority.

You can search online for sites with dofollow backlinks in your niche.

Guest posting is an extremely good way by which you can increase domain authority, if done in a correct way.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

Being a webmaster you should be familiar with this term. Blog commenting is personally my favourite way to earn quality backlinks. Like Guest posting, Blog Commenting also helps in making good relations with top bloggers. By giving your suggestions, Asking doubts or even thanking them for their contents by commenting on their posts will help you in earning links. Everyone loves to get feedback for them readers. But there are some tips which you should follow while putting comments on other blogs. Recently, I have written an article on Top 100 Dofollow Commentluv backlinks which have high PR. Check it out.

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3. Social Bookmarking

This is the great way by which you can drive crazy traffic onto your website. Getting backlinks is directly proportional to the amount of traffic you are getting on your site. Social Bookmarking not only help you in promoting your content but also help you in making good relationships with other influencers.

Here are some of the best social bookmarking sites for submitting bookmarks :-

  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
  • Pinterest

4. Directory Submission

Many bloggers thinks that this method won’t work out these days. But it’s absolutely wrong. Many users are there who are still using directory sites for searching blogs and sites. Getting backlinks from directory sites like dmoz and alltop plays a very important role in doing SEO of your site.

You have to work quite hard for getting backlinks for these top directory submission sites.

Here are top best directory sites to be considered for directory submission :-

5. Taking Part in Forums

Taking part in forums is a great way for making connections with experts and professional bloggers in your niche. You need to look for forum into your niche for building backlinks. After finding a forum, Create a account and start participating in discussions. You can give your suggestions, Answering questions, Asking doubts in forum discussions.

You must read terms and conditions of a forum before putting any blog link. Every forum has it’s own rules and guidelines which have to be followed. Some forum allows links while some don’t.

Domain Authority can be easily increased through these forums as most of these forums have very high DA.

6. Infographics

Being a blogger or a webmaster you must be familiar with this word. Infographics are the good resource in order to get high quality backlinks. Wondering how ? There are some infographics sites which allows you for free submission.

Everyone loves using amazing, Beautiful and informative graphics onto their blog. You need to create creative infographics which can attract as many readers as possible.

Simply search for some high rank websites and offer them your infographics as a guest post. I’m quite sure they won’t be refusing it.

By this amazing method you can earn some good quality backlinks for your blog. This is one of the most unique and easy link building strategy which is followed by many bloggers.

These ways not only help you in creating links but also help you in making good relationship with other influencers in your niche. Cool, Isn’t

5. Content Marketing

Doing proper Content Marketing helps you to increase domain authority. More trust flow and increasing sales of your websites can be easily done by content marketing of your website. After creating high quality content you need to reach out many readers as possible.

Content Marketing

Social media networks are the great source which can be used for promotion of your website content. Everyone likes hanging on social networks. As a result Social Networks plays a significant role in creating a great impact in making your brand more popular.

For newbie bloggers, It’s not easy to create a network but by creating quality and creative content you can get it soon. Trust of your audiences can be easily achieved by proper content marketing.

If you have published any kind of interview post then send mails to all the experts out there and tell them to comment their views. Experts will be happy putting comments at your blog. If done correctly then number of shares and likes can also be increased.

All of us knows that how good social media networks are at killing time but we can’t simply ignore this platform.

Tools like Hootsuite can be used in order to save time. I personally use this amazing tool. This tool helps me a lot in sharing my web content in multiple groups by just one click.

Well, If this task done manually then it will be taking about 3 - 4 hours for doing promotion all around. Sometimes, It takes even longer.

That’s the reason I recommend you to use Hootsuite. You can easily manage all your social contacts and platforms with the help of this tool. Work which takes about 5 hours for doing promotion everywhere will be now taking couple of minutes. Isn’t amazing ?

But it doesn’t mean that you need not to open your social media profiles for promotion ever. You should try to make good relations with people to become more popular. People will love to share your content and like your thoughts if you have good relationship with other people.

6. Strong Inter-Linking

Connecting all your blog posts with each other properly helps your audiences out. Strong  Inter-Linking Blog posts helps to generate more pageviews. Your readers can get all information which is related to other posts available on your blog.

Inter-linking blog posts if done properly then you can drive your blog traffic from one article to another easily. Search Engines also feel it easy navigating to other related pages.

Here Strong Interlinking means correct positioning of your links. If you have described social marketing in the first paragraph but have inserted the relevant page link in the last then it will not going to work out.
Website with huge amount of content helps you in great interlinking posts and also helps you in driving traffic from one page to another page.

Points which must be kept in mind while inter linking blog posts :-

1. Using different variations of your anchor text.

Example : Anchor text variations like directory submission sites list, directory submission sites, directory submission site list, directory submission list, high pr directory submission list etc should be used.

Using same anchor text again and again will hard your domain authority for sure.

2. Proper Positioning of relevant articles.

3. Avoid too much interlinking within an article.

Putting many links in a single posts can be harmful for your website and can result in decrease of trust flow as well as DA.

7. Have Patience

How to Effectively Improve Domain Authority

If you correctly follow all the above points then your DA will surely going to rise. I have discussed above that domain is one of the important factor behind DA. I have seen many sites which have longer domain age and have high DA. But it doesn’t means that you should keep hands on hands and sit back. Domain age is a factor behind DA but it doesn’t means that it will  going increase automatically.

In case you are not having quality content, Proper SEO, Excessive interlinking, Not having clean link profile and other factors then you will be seeing decrease in your DA.

4. Amazing Tool for Checking Domain Authority

Keeping Patience will not going to work all alone. You have to track your progress time to time. Whether your Domain Authority is increasing or not, all have to be tracked properly. But How ?

If in case you are not seeing any changes in your domain authority then you might be doing the above mentioned ways in a wrong way. But how you going to watch rise for your DA ?

Tool for Checking Domain Authority 

There are some Amazing Tool for Checking Domain Authority available online. I have personally selected some of the best tools which will going to show you accurate results. Simply enter your site URL and get reports.

One of my favourite tool for checking domain authority and for other metrics. I use to love this tool. OSE is a very user-friendly tool. Simply enter your site URL and click Enter. Metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Backlinks and other social metrics will be reported to you.

Another good DA checker tool. By putting your Site URL and click on Check button, It shows accurate domain authority, Page authority, Root domain links, Total backlinks and other essential status.

3. MozBar

Next in the list we have, MozBar. It is one of my favourite toolbar. I’m sure that you will going to love this toolbar for checking site metrics. This toolbar allows you to check domain authority with just one click.

In case you want to check multiple site domain authority in a single turn then you should try using this tool. BulkDaChecker allows you to calculate about 200 Domain Authority in one turn. The best thing which I personally like about this tool is it allows you to download CSV files or metrics and other reports. This tool will surely going to save a lot of your time which you can use focusing on other factors.

At last we have SeoWeather. Another best Domain Authority checking tool. Unlike BulkDaChecker, This tool has no limits. You can check thousands or links in a single turn. It helps you in getting Domain Authority, Page Rank, Page Authority and IP addresses. Like above tool, It also offers you to download CSV files.

That’s all with this DIY guide on Domain Authority. If you find this guide helpful then kindly share with your friends and followers. In case you have any queries or suggestions then do comment below. I will be glad replying for your feedback.