It is very difficult for a newbie blogger to chase for a lower alexa rank. Some bloggers use special seo techniques for achieving rank below 1,00,000. But many other blogger can’t able to do so.

So, how to boost Alexa rank rapidly ? Is there any secret or trick on how to improve alexa ranking ? By which any new bloggers can easily increase alexa rank quickly.

Free ways to Dramatically Boost Alexa Ranking

Regarding SEO, Content and Ranking there are many questions which arrives in your mind while you create a blog or a website.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best tips which will be very beneficial for you to improve your alexa ranking rapidly.

But, Before getting started with these tips do you actually know what is Alexa Ranking ?

What is ALexa Rank ?

According to alexa, Your website rank is an estimate of how popular your website is relative to all other sites.

Alexa, a web information company which ranks your website on many factors such as backlinks, seo, traffic and many more.

Note : You should always try to get your website rank below 1 lacs or 10 thousand.

How Alexa Works ?

Do you know that was founded in 1996 and they started collecting data through a toolbar.

There are many bloggers who doesn’t think that it gives accurate web ranking but according to me it is the best metric for doing comparison among two sites.

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Alexa Ranking Beneficial for SEO ?

There are many SEO specialist who suggest not considering alexa rank when doing seo for your site.

When you applies any SEO tactics on your website for improving its rank then your alexa rank changes positively. This means that you have applied the best SEO techniques on your website.

Alexa metrics depends on your blog traffic and by applying various seo services on our blog we get exposed to the huge number of audience over internet.

Now the next question which arrives is that there are many other metrics like Domain Authority, Page Rank available on internet then why I’m focusing on boosting Alexa rank ?

The answer is quite simple. Many advertisers who want to post their ads on your website will look your alexa rank. That’s why it is very important to get lower alexa rank for each and every webmaster who wants to earn money online through advertisements.

How to Improve Alexa Rank ?

Now you know what is Alexa rank and if you want to how to increase Alexa rank quickly then keep rolling down.

Here are some of the best tips which you should follow if you want lower alexa rank.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

With the help of Alexa toolbar you get your website alexa rank through your hits made to alexa servers. It also hit for alexa for providing your site data whenever you open your site.

With the help of Alexa Toolbar you can dramatically boost your alexa ranking if you are at 30 -  40 lacs.

How to Install Alexa Toolbar ?

It is very easy to install alexa toolbar. Just follow below steps carefully : -

1. Go to Alexa Toolbar Page from your favourite browser.
2. Next, click on install alexa extension on your browser.
3. All done, Alexa Toolbar extension will now be installed in your web browser.

2. Install Alexa Widget

By Installing Alexa Widget on your site your can increase your site ranking. But that’s not easy, the problem is all the websites are not generated by you and every internet user do not install alexa toolbar and many other readers visit your website through their mobile devices.

Their no doubt that alexa is smart to track our websites but what if we help them to track hits on our website ?

And that’s why using Alexa widget on site is the best option. Alexa rank checker works in a similar way like alexa toolbar. Every hit on your website will dramatically change your alexa ranking.

How to install Alexa Widget on your website ?

You just need to open your website layout and add below code in your website.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''/>

Now replace website_address from your website address.

If you are a wordpress user then you can use wordpress alexa plugin on your blog.

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3. Write Unique Content

If you really want to get your alexa rank below 1 lacs then this is a must tip for you.

Writing contents on your website helps you to increase traffic to your blog but by writing unique content helps you to build good relation with your website readers and it also helps you gaining huge blog traffic.

Search Engines really loves unique and new content. Many popular search engines gives priority to fresh and unique contents.

In the beginning itself, I have told you that Alexa rank is directly related to your website traffic.

Whenever you write some unique articles google provide you first spot on their page for related queries.

Many people look for search engine first page and if your article in listed on the first page then it will help you in driving a lot of traffic to your website which will gradually increase your website alexa rank.

4. Write content daily

Updating your blog frequently actually helps you to increase your blog ranking quickly. There's no one who loves dead blogs. So, by updating your blog regularly you get a good amount of traffic.

Tip : You should write 1-2 articles daily or atleast 3 articles in a week. Then see how fast your website ranking will increase.

5. Share your content

Free ways to Dramatically Boost Alexa Ranking

You should always share your posts on social media networks. Almost every internet user is connected to social media sites. There are many newbie bloggers who only depends upon Facebook and Twitter for driving traffic towards their website.

You should try to share your content to all social media networks available online. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the most popular networks where you can promote your website. Also, share your contents over StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit.

Try to write attractive lines for sharing your web content over social media platforms.


There's no doubt that all the above tips which I have listed helps you in getting good website ranking but there are many other methods which also contributes to boost your alexa rank.

If you are using any other methods which can help us in boosting alexa ranking then kindly share them with us in comments.

At last if you are having any other types of suggestions regarding the above article then do leave your comment below.