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Top 5 Mind-Blowing WordPress Plugins for Getting More Comments

If you are a content creator who runs a blog then you might know that getting valuable comments from your audience is a difficult task, But in order to grow your blog, you have to take this point seriously and work on it. More comments on your posts show your post engagements and audience reach.

Getting comments on your blog posts not only help you show your blog’s reach but also helps to improve your search engine ranking on Google. According to my experience, I have seen that blog’s which are getting more number of comments on their posts are usually secure better position compared to those who are not that active.

There are many options and tricks which you can learn and implement your blog to make it more popular among your audience. If you are a WordPress user then it will be a lot easier for you compared to those who are running their blog on other blogging platforms. You can easily search for many amazing WordPress plugins which can help you with this task. In fact, there are hundreds of good plugins which might make this a difficult task for you. 

So, In this article, I have gathered top 5 comment plugins for your WordPress blog which will surely be going to help you out. I have to say that all the plugins which are mentioned in this list will completely change your comments section forever.

So, Let’s begin.

Top 5 Best Comment Plugins For Your WordPress Blog in 2019

1. Thrive Comments

Thrive comments is an ultimate WordPress plugin launched to improve your comment section. This amazing WordPress comment plugin is launched by Thrive Themes. Many popular blogs use this comment plugin to get more attention from their audience. Thrive comments gives you a completely new look by changing the original comment section and enhancing the performance.

All your previous blog comments will be there as it even after installing this plugin to your WordPress blog. And if for some reason you want to take this plugin off via your blog then also comments will be there, they’ll not get deleted by themselves.

Here’re some great features offered by Thrive comments:-

  • You can Upvote as well as Downvote each comment you got on your blog. 
  • Enables Social Login for Comments.
  • Gamification badges for numbers of comments or upvotes.
  • You can set custom messages or Offers after the user leaves their valuable comments. 
  • Custom moderation Panel for controlling comments.
  • Comments Analytics.
And many other features which will help you boosting your social shares and promoting your blog posts. 

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2. No Self Pings

Another Great WordPress Plugin which is used by many bloggers to improve engagement for their comment section. No Self Pings is a simple yet powerful plugin which helps you in keeping your comment section clutter free.

Whenever you use a link within your blog, it will leave a pingback on the post which you have linked to, this action is by default.

If you are using good SEO tricks and want to link to your internal post then this plugin will help you interlinking.

The most amazing thing about this WordPress plugin is its link excluding feature. When you install this plugin on your site it allows you to exclude a particular domain. By default, it includes your own domain name and you can add domains as per your choice.

3. Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comments is very popular among WordPress bloggers. It is a module in the all-purpose jetpack plugin which simply replaces your default blog comment section with all new form that allows your audience to use their social login.

Your blog comment will not be affected at all, just a little improvement will be made to your comment section where the user will be leaving their views.

I personally like its social login feature which is extremely easy to use when compared to other social login plugins. Just a simple social login click and you are there to leave your valuable comments.

If you are willing to change the view for your comment section and include a social share plugin then this plugin is for you.

4. wpDiscuz

wpDiscuz offers many amazing features to their users of the Disqus comments platform. Many features and working of this plugin is similar to Thrive comments.

This plugin will replace your default comment section with a new one. Here are some amazing features offered by this comment plugin for their users:

  • Allows you to Vote your Comments
  • Easy Comment Sorting like New, Old, Most viewed. 
  • Multi-nested comments
  • Easy editing for anonymous comments
  • Subscriber to Newsletter

There are many other options offered by wpDiscuz. Suggested by many bloggers, I also recommend you to use this popular WordPress comment plugin once on your blog.

5. Thank Me Later

This WordPress comment plugin helps you to get connected with your commenters via email after leaving comments. Thank Me Later automatically sends an email after they’d left their comments on your blog post. You can even set a timeframe after which you are willing to contact your readers via email. 
Even you can create your own thank you email which you want to send to your commenters on your site. Overall it’s a very nice WordPress plugin to improve your blog’s reach by giving a personal touch to your blog’s audience. 

Final Words

All the above-mentioned WordPress comment plugins have great features and are quite reliable for your WordPress site, But I personally liked the Thrive Comment Plugin because of its wide range of features which is offered to the users. 

If you have any other suggestions which you want to share with our audience then you can leave your valuable comments in the comment section. At last, if you loved reading the above list then kindly share with your social connections and help to improve their reader’s engagement… :)

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

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Top 5 Myths You Must Know Before Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Let me give you a small fact, about 90% of the blogger community jumps into Affiliate marketing just for the sake of making huge money via their website/blog. And it’s totally ok to have that thing. Many young bloggers had made this field as their full-time business and are earning quite good. If done correctly, you can easily turn your blog into a money printing machine without even putting many efforts.

But when you about to get started with affiliate marketing you come across many myths and facts which you have to clear before actually getting started with the real business. But how to know what’s real and what’s not?

So, Today’s post is all about those myths about affiliate marketing that you need invalidate before you start with your affiliate marketing sales. All these myths can be very dangerous for your sales, so make sure you carefully read this article and remember the vital points.

Top 5 Worst Myths in Affiliate Marketing

1. It’s Super Easy to Get Started

Many newbie bloggers and webmasters think that getting started with affiliate marketing is just like a child’s play but is it so?

You should know that the figure is quite low (just about 5%) for those who actually make successful sales.

Just like blogging, you have to keep patience to make your first income. You simply have to accept the reality that it can either take a couple of weeks, months or even a whole year to make a little money out of it.

It’s a myth, many of us think that affiliate marketing is nothing but simply creating links via Amazon, ClickBank, JVZoo and you start making money out of it within a few days.

If you are from those people who think that simply sharing your links on social media sites and other similar platforms can help you make thousands of dollars every month than hold on for a moment.

See, you just need to have a proper strategy if you are really serious about this thing. You have to be very clear with what you are doing and whom you actually want to target? With this, you also have to put substantial efforts to make this thing work properly.

Trust me it takes more than you think to drive traffic to your website and make successful sales. For that, you have to monitor your audience and know what kinds of audience do you actually have to target.

Here are a few important tips which you need to put extra attention while working on your marketing strategy:

  1. If you want to get started with a real affiliate marketing website then you need to do a quite good research before actually implementing things. Planning & Proper Strategy with Dedication and Patience are key points which you must always remember. 
  2. Go for Niche Marketing i.e, you can easily make a good amount if you are focused on a particular niche. 
  3. You need to keep on creating good relevant content for your blog and decide whether it will be going to help your blog audience or not. 
  4. Have a clear idea about your targeted audience. 
  5. Observe your competitors working on a similar niche. 
  6. You have to search for a good affiliate program which can help you with your product sales. Selecting a good affiliate program is the most essential and vital point of all. 
  7. Keep a record of your plans and strategy and see which one is doing great and which simply fails. 
If seen then you will get to know that affiliate marketing is not that big deal as people portray it. With proper maintenance and efforts, you have to regularly update your site with fresh content.

If you really want to perform well in affiliate marketing then you need to learn several marketing skills online. Know what your customers are actually expecting from your side? Trust me, if you want to have a successful online business then you have to work hard for it, There are no shortcuts or hacks to get rich overnight.

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2. It’s a Shortcut for Getting Rich

As I have already told you in the above points that getting rich overnight is a myth. As thinking this as a shortcut to get overnight, is probably the biggest of all.

Let me tell you that affiliate marketing is not a shortcut for getting rich. Although, you can easily earn a good amount via this scheme it could take months and in some cases years.

All the experts which you see online have mastered the skills over many years like copywriting, Website optimization techniques, online marketing, and leadership qualities. They all have learned these skills which are now paying them good in a long run.

But before getting started you have to create good content online which will help you build an authority i.e, trust among users as a reputable brand name.

Don’t run, it’s a long journey. Affiliate marketing is all about building trust among your audience and promoting products. According to my observation, I have seen that it takes almost 2 years to understand how all things work in this field.

3. Must have a Website

To get started you must have a website or a blog.

That’s another myth.

In reality, having a website or a blog can affect your sales but it's not compulsory to have one. If you don’t have a website or a blog then also you can get your hands on to affiliate marketing.

People prefer to have a website because it helps them to build trust among their audience. Adding value to their business and easy communication with their audience are popular reasons to have your own website.

Note that it will take thousands of dollars setting your website, promoting your content and enhancing your website’s reach.

So, what’s then? If you have a clear idea about the following things then you can get started with affiliate marketing right now:

  1. Type of Business you want to step in. 
  2. Having Consistency 
  3. Targeting your Audience
Having a good reach on Facebook and Linkedin can help you a lot with your online sales. You can easily share your skills and content on these platforms.

Always remember, Offer value to your audience. Offering good deals and offers to your clients will help you get their trust very easily. Building an effective email list is your actual aim, not creating a website.

Using social networking sites and posting attractive content & images can help you attract a good audience.

4. Even without Learning, There’s a lot in Affiliate Marketing

I heard people saying that “You can easily make a lot of money even without learning how things actually work in affiliate marketing”. That’s another myth.

Getting started with anything, without learning always result in bad. If you don’t have any product selling skills then it’s probably impossible to earn even a penny via this business. Although, there are some techniques which you have to master before you step in into this business, if seen then it’s all easy.

Here are some points which you should master:

  1. What kinds of programs usually get successful? 
  2. How to reach most of your audience without spamming? 
  3. How to develop trust among your audience? 
  4. How to know your audience interest? 
  5. How to find new products which are popular among your customers?

5. Automate Affiliate Marketing Completely

It's a truth that affiliate marketing takes a quite good effort and dedication is setting things up.

Although it is possible to create a fully automated affiliate marketing process but it will end up creating an unreliable audience and can also lead to an unprofessional relationship.

There are many methods which can help you to almost automate your marketing scheme like:

  1. Using social media tools which can help in promoting your post over various platforms.
  2. Using automated email workflow for analyzing your audience engagement. 
  3. And the tool for promoting your affiliate product too. 
But let me warn you, it’s not suggested to use automation at every step. This can lead to a bad relationship. Even professionals and affiliate marketing experts invest their time creating working for their online marketing.

Final Words

Affiliate Marketing is all about marketing skills and how good is your relationship with your customers. If you succeed to master a few vital skills then you will definitely be earning a good amount even when you are sleeping.

So, beware of all the myths online about affiliate marketing. Before starting anything take your own time understanding the market and how it all works. So, what’s next? Go try it on your own.

Hope, you liked reading this article. If yes, kindly share this article with your online network and friends and help them clearing these top myths related to affiliate marketing world… :)

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

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A Fun Comparison Between Blogging & Girlfriend [Infographic]

This is a fun infographic which compares an aspirant blogger and a girlfriend. Although there are many benefits of having a Girlfriend which one can't ignore. But if you choose to start a blog over chasing for any random girl you like then you can achieve more than your thoughts. 

It's always better to work on your dreams and skills instead of searching for a hot girlfriend. 

This infographic also motivated you for blogging by telling you some of the most popular and effective benefits of blogging which can affect your life and life goals. 

Obviously, I'm not against making a girlfriend but I've simply created this infographic for all those people and bloggers who have lost their motivation for blogging and also for those aspirants who are looking to start their own blog. 

Hope, you'll enjoy going through this infographic. If you like it, Kindly share and keep connected for more fun... :) 

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Monday, 29 October 2018

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Quick Guide To Come Up With Trending Topics: Generate insane traffic for your blog in 2019

You must be here because you want to know how can you easily generate insane traffic for your blog in the coming year, right? If so, then keep reading this article and find out the absolute trick which can surely help you improve your rate of visitors on your blog.

In this article, I want to stay focused on the topic in terms of niche blogging. Well, If you have got some experience in the past then you might know very well that niche blogging allows you to drive the high audience to your site in a short period of time.

If you choose to get started with niche blogging then you have already crossed the halfway. And by knowing proper tricks and techniques you can easily cover the major part just like that.

I see many people struggling for the right niche after making their mind for getting started to blogging.

Quick Guide To Come Up With Trending Topics: Generate insane traffic for your blog in 2019

What if I tell you that choosing the right topic for blogging is not as difficult as it looks like? It’s of course not a rocket science kind of deal. If you are a tech genius then get started with technology blog, If you like fashion then fashion blog will be good, a programmer can get started with blog relevant to codes and related material. In short, your blog niche should be the very thing you like your own. Isn’t simple.

Next thing, finding good topics to create content. If you’re from those people who find it really hard to come up with some good trendy topics then this article can surely help you with this case.

How to come up with good topics
 for your blog in 2019?

1. Take help of SEMrush

Using SEMrush to find trending topics which can help you get good traffic to your blog is surely a great strategy. I must tell you that finding topics for a niche blog and an authority blog is two completely different things which you should always remember. 

Quick Guide To Come Up With Trending Topics: Generate insane traffic for your blog in 2019

With the help of SEMrush, you can easily find those high ranking keywords and topics which can help your blog improving its ranking in case you have an authority blog. But if you are working on a niche blog then you have to search for those topics which can help you with the following things:

1. High traffic generating topics (Trending topics)
2. Topics which can help you make money

In other words, Focus on those topics which can help you attract visitors to your blog and at the same time help you generating a good revenue. 

Searching for such good topics is a difficult thing, right? 

NO… Not at all.

If you have access to this premium SEMrush SEO tool then it can be a lot simple for you. SEMrush is not like any other SEO tool, but it has got some excellent features which will amaze you for sure.

If you are looking for one tool which can help you with online traffic + website sales at the same time then you should surely take SEMrush into consideration.

Here are a few things which are offered by SEMrush:

1. Site Audit Tool
2. Keyword Ranking
3. Backlink Checker
4. Competitive analysis
5. Keyword analysis
6. Keyword Research Tool

Now, if you are wondering that what things you can do with this tool alone then here are few of its features:-

1. Helps by searching for Long tail keywords by providing you with a wide range of suggestions. 
2. Keyword analysis metrics like Volume, Competition, CPC etc.
3. Search volume for the individual keyword.
4. Accurate data compared to other tools available in the market.
5. Allows you to export keyword lists to a CSV file for further analysis.
6. SERP analysis like positioning, backlinks and more.

SEMrush not just only helps you by providing extensive reports but also provides some highly profitable keywords for your blog by giving you access to things such as volume, keywords positioning, CPC, competition and other necessary results.

You can easily create a report of all the good keywords which are doing well in SERP. Keyword volume helps to figure out a particular keyword which has a good number of searches per month. By CPC you can use those high ranking keywords which can help you generate more revenue out of your blog. When it comes to competition, you have to decide whether to take that in your content or not based on difficulty level.

Although, this is a premium tool they do offer you a 30-days trial period which will help you make it sure that you are investing your hard earned money in the right resource.

Note - If you want to create a really good article then you have to use both Google Trends and SEMrush one by one for searching profitable keywords and topics in your niche. Google Trends will help you getting the trending topics all across the world while SEMrush will ensure you that you are selecting the right keywords for your topic.
SEMrush is also beneficial at those point of life when you feel exhausted for new topics. There’s the point in blogging when you feel like all topics are covered and you are out of the latest ideas to keep your blog running. This is the time when this tool comes handy. This amazing premium tool helps you exploring some good relevant ideas and phrases related to your blog’s niche with their search volume and competition.

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Analyzing your competitor's websites for getting good results

This is another good reason where SEMrush can help you. With the help of this amazing tool, you can easily analyze your competitor's websites for searching new topics relevant to your niche and to find out exact keywords which they are using to rank over search engine results.

2. Using Quora for Help

Quora, Probably the coolest place for finding new topics. Quora can help you searching for latest trendy blog topics related to your niche without struggling much.

I’m recommending you to start surfing website like Quora because there are millions of users who are asking their doubts every minute. Answering those questions will not only help you find new inspiration for your blog topics but also helps you drive more traffic to your blog.

So, Why I suggested Quora 
over other similar sites?

According to Quora’s content license, you can reuse your content no matter how many times you want and that’s the best part about it. Yes, you read that right. You can simply copy and paste the exact material with a source link in your answer field.

Quick Extensive Ideas For Your Blog’s Niche

Well, it doesn’t actually matter what blog niche you are working on. Whether it is a marketing blog or a fitness health blog. These ideas work well for almost every kind of blog niches.

1. Running Contests or Giveaways asking for trending topics to be covered. This will not only help you brainstorm new ideas but also helps you get some serious attending by your readers.

2. Reviewing top trending products can help you get organic traffic via popular search engines.

3. In-depth Guides takes a lot of your time but believe me they are the best content if you are looking blogging as a long run. By creating this kind of content you can easily target more keywords which will eventually help you increase your blog’s online presence.

4. Creating Infographics. People just simply love this kind of amazing content online. Many blog readers want to see amazing infographics which offer than a great piece of information.

5. Covering controversial topics on a blog can also help you leverage your blog readers. 

All the above ideas which I’ve discussed above till now are the best but if you are still struggling for trending topics for your blog in 2019 then here are a few more suggestions.

1. Go with Evergreen Topics

Many new technologies are introduced to the market every other day and creating a whole dedicated blog for these technologies doesn’t feel quite right. Writing a single blog post or even a series of a blog post can surely work out well for your tech blog. 

See, every other week technology chances, new improvements, and updates are made to increase their efficiency so writing a blog post and keeping them updated will be a good decision instead of creating a whole dedicated blog for that particular technology.

2. Make it for all

Yeah, I know that niche blogging grows more rapidly compared to a random topic related blogs. As those blogs are completely dedicated to a topic and people can find relevant material while if you choose to go with other option then case might be a little bit different.

You’ve to target a group of audience for your blog. You can’t expect a normal audience to go through cloud computing or big data content. You have to analyze your blog audience very carefully, target a specific age group and then create content which can be easily understood by them. Always choose a topic that your readers want to hear.

See, creating a blog isn’t a big deal, maintaining it properly is where most people lack. After creating a blog you will not be scared or struggling for topics for a few initial months, but as time goes, you start facing problems searching for good topics which can help your blog’s growth.

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3. Setting Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an amazing tool which is offered by Google. This free tool helps you by sending email alerts to your inbox based on your keyword selections. This mail will include necessary data and reports based on those keyword queries which are searched worldwide.

Setting Google Alerts

4. Joining Discussion Forums

As I’ve already mentioned it above that discussion forums are the best platform which can help you brainstorm ideas. These online forums are one of the best places which help you figure out what’s trending and on what topics people are struggling normally?

5. Conducting survey

You might have seen that these days many bloggers prefer to ask for new topics from their fellow readers. Conducting similar surveys is the best strategy which can help you getting direct views from your readers. 

That’s all with this quick guide. Hope, you’ve learned some good tips and tricks to generate amazing ideas for your blog. If you have any suggestions or doubts then kindly leave your valuable comments below in the comment section. Lastly, if possible please share this guide with your social networks and help other bloggers setting their blog. Keep Reading, Stay Connected… :)

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Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Any Niche, Increase DA in a Week!

Every experienced blogger knows this fact that backlinks are meant to be the backbone of your blog. In order to receive high organic traffic your blog must have a good number of backlinks, But is it advisable to buy backlinks for your blog?

Disclaimer: As per Google Policies, Buying backlinks is prohibited.

Famous bloggers believe that one should never buy backlinks. But all of us knows that its a backbreaking task for any beginner level blogger or webmaster to get a good number of backlinks in a short period of time. Although, this can be an easy task if you know the right track to follow this path.

No blogger can refuse to have good backlinks for their blogs. So, what are the actual steps you need to follow to get quality backlinks for your blog?

Today, In this article, I’ll be telling you some good resources which can help you buy backlinks for your niche. All the websites which I’ll be mentioning down will be going to provide you a good number of backlinks to boost your blog’s performance. 

Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for Any Niche, Increase DA in a Week!

Why Backlinks? 

Before, getting started you must know the answer to this question.

Backlinks play a vital role in this world of internet. I’ve heard bloggers saying that backlinks are only made to get good search engine ranking and getting good traffic, but it isn’t the complete truth.

Backlinks can offer you more than that. Although, it is the truth that backlinks are made to drive good traffic and getting good search engine score there are other positive points you should know for building quality backlinks.
More Number of backlinks helps you creating a brand name. By getting good backlinks from popular blogs you can increase your branding authority in the online world. Not just that, but good relationships can also be made at the professional level.

Best Reliable Websites for Buying Backlinks

Below are some good trustworthy websites which can help you buying quality backlinks for your blog and help you in increasing your blog’s performance. 

1. Links Management 

If you have a limited budget and want to have a good number of quality backlinks to your blog then this is the website you need. You can easily select to have website backlinks from PR1 to PR8 as per your need. 

They are known as one of the most trustworthy sources to get permanent backlinks. In case you have a doubt about their services then you can search for their case studies online. They mention the fact that links are manually inserted by them. 

The best thing which I like about this website is that they offer you an additional bonus of $50. The bonus will automatically be credited to your account once you have done $100 
business with them. 

2. Black Hat Links 

In case you want to buy bulk backlinks then this website can a good choice. You simply cannot use this website for getting a backlink or two. You will be getting about 50-200 quality do-follow backlinks if you choose to get started with them. 

One thing which I like about them is their schedule. Backlink building starts a week before so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it. Also, they offer you a very promising service. They make it clear that you’ll start getting expected results in an hour without waiting for much for days. 

3. Buy High-Quality Backlinks

This website is famous for offering a good reliable service to all of their clients. Buy High-Quality Backlinks assures to take your blog’s search engine score to a whole next level by offering you to get PR1 - PR5 backlinks. 

It not just only helps you with backlinks but also guides you with best link building strategies to strengthen up your blog’s overall score. 

4. PostLinks

PostLinks helps you receiving an innumerable number of high-quality backlinks right from good publishers and reliable sources. This website is no scam. Your blog will only get genuine high-quality backlinks without any cheating. All the backlinks and content will be 100% authentic without any spam involved. 

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the widely used marketplaces to buy backlinks for your blog at just $5. But let me warn you, many sellers use automated tools who building backlinks which can result in serious harm. So, beware while selecting a seller. Check for their ratings and reviews before you proceed any further. 

6. Backlinks.com

Another widely used website by many online marketers and professionals. You can easily get backlinks paying through your credit card/debit card/Paypal. Not only this but if you want to make money out of your blog then this site allows you to sell backlinks and make a good amount from this site. Overall, it is a reliable site with a good rating.

7. The Five Dollar Links 

If you are searching for only high-quality links to buy then you should surely consider this website. Backlinks offered here are best of all and are of top trending niche topics which are loved to be indexed by search engine bots. 

This website helps you achieve good search engine ranking. They also provide your site stats including traffic details which helps you in enhancing your site’s performance. 

8. BacklinksRocket 

BacklinksRocket sells you quality backlinks which increase your search engine score. This site also offers some additional advantages like good social media score, Alexa ranking, and organic traffic. 

It’s not just about buying backlinks when it comes to this site. Your SEO requirements will also be fulfilled if you choose to go with this option. There are plenty of good packages which you can buy as per your need.

After finishing the task, you will be provided with a complete report for ensuring that you have invested in the right place. You’ll also get few government site links which is the best way to get good ranking. 

9. AuthorityBacklinks 

Recommended by many professional webmasters and specialists if you are searching for a premium marketplace for purchasing and selling backlinks. You can easily manage your sales with its extremely easy to use control panel. 

With the help of this website, you can maximize your earning by publishing text ads on your website as a publisher. Your site should have a minimum score as per their requirement and then you are free to monetize each and every page on your website. 

If your website is often index by Google bots then you can easily get a head start monetizing your blog’s content. 

10. LinkWheel.Pro

Lastly, I present you LinkWheel. Pro. If you are searching for EDU backlinks to boost your site’s performance then definitely mind considering this website. With the help of quality links offered by this website, you can easily increase your blog’s SEO score. 

But before getting started and making any kind of purchase, do have a look on their offered package carefully. After that, you can simply start buying more backlinks from this site and increase your search engine score. 


So, These were the top 10 best reliable and premium websites where you can buy quality links for your site. You should do proper research before making any kind of purchase.
Buying poor links can make a serious harm to your domain authority and disavowing those links is quite a tedious task which everyone wants to avoid.

That’s all with this article. Hope, you have found the answer to your question now. In case you have any other suggestions then feel free to leave your comments below in the comment box. At last, I want you to kindly share this article all across your network and share this valuable list with your fellow blogger community.

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