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Latest Xiaomi Mi band 3 Release Date, Price, Features and News

Cheaper than all other premium looking smart bands + Packed with amazing features

You might know that the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has already out for sales for more than 17 days and the company has already sold more than a million devices all around the world. So, continue reading this article and find out more about this amazing fitness band and when it'll be available for sales in India.

Latest Xiaomi Mi band 3 Release Date, Price, Features and News

If you are looking for a cheap but efficient fitness band which can offer you some amazing features + a premium looking design then you can go with the latest Xiaomi Mi Band 3. This amazing Mi Band 3 will surely help you track your activities and will be a perfect tracker to place on your wrist. 

Well, The Mi Band 3 was launched alongside the Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone in May 2018. This new fitness band has only been officially launched for the Chinese market only but if you wish to buy this exclusive Mi Band 3 then you can get it from some other online markets too. 

All new Mi Band 3 is an upgrade to Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which is currently the best fitness band at affordable rates. You can get some amazing features in it such as fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, calories burnt and many more that too at super affordable rates. 

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Release Date & Pricing 

Xiaomi's CEO confirmed the fitness tracker in early 2018 and now you can officially buy it from Chinese Market. If you wish to buy this fitness tracker then you can buy it officially in China, and for some other places around the world, there are plenty of unofficial channels which are offering the service. 

While the Mi Band 3 hasn't launched yet for the UK Market but still if you want to get the basic version of the tracker then you can go for Chinese retailers like GearBest which are offering it around $30.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Design, Feels & Looks

If you have seen the Mi Band 2 then the upgraded version i.e, Mi Band 3 is a lot more similar to that. 

If we talk about the display and looks then I have to mention that the band has got some serious thin display and feels much like a premium smartwatch. 

The 0.78-inch OLED panel which comes with a resolution of 128 x 80 works quite amazing. The band just look and feels great when put on your wrist. 

The Strap is interchangeable and you can change it according to your mood or any occasion. All the straps which are available for the band are made up of the thermoplastic elastomer which is extremely comfortable and skin friendly. 

Xiaomi's Mi Band 3 comes has dimensions 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm and it is extremely light weighted which only weighs about 20g. 

Latest Xiaomi Mi band 3 color Varients in INDIA

Well, Currently there are three color straps available for this band which are graphite black, deep blue and hot orange. In case you didn't like any of those then you can go with other sellers in the market which are offering more variants. 

If you are worried about the waterproofing of this band then need not to worry much about it. The Mi Band 3 is waterproof up to 50 meters which means you can go swimming and take it while you are taking a shower too. 

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Battery Life and Specifications

All the tech that has been used by Xiaomi inside this fitness band has not been disclosed yet but hope that can do a pretty good job tracking all your progress accurately. 

If we talk about the connectivity then this fitness band comes with a Bluetooth 4.2 technology which works amazingly with android 4.4 and all other versions above that. If you are an iPhone user then you can also easily connect this mi Band 3 with your iOS 9 and versions above that. 

In case you want NFC in your band then you have to pay a little extra charge to get that additional feature. But I can't mention that how it'll be going to perform in other transactions outside China market. The company hasn't launched the NFC version for rest of the world yet. 

Mi Band 3 last long for around 20 days in a single charge as it comes with a battery 110mAh. Although if you are using all the features of this band then you'll be getting around 9-10 days of battery life. 

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness and Features

Mi Band 3 is an amazing affordable fitness tracker which comes with pretty good features installed in it. 

The band comes with a heart rate monitoring which easily keeps tracks for your whole day. You will also be getting a pedometer which helps you calculate the real-time stats on the screen of your traveling time. 

Xiaomi's Band 3 works extremely fine for running, swimming, walking, cycling and all other fitness exercises. Unfortunately, you'll not be getting a GPS tracker on it, so tracking your location if not possible in this band. 

Apart from fitness kinds of stuff, Band can also be used as a digital watch. Also whenever a new notification pop-up in your device then Band will be notifying you for that. You can also set up alarms and event reminders from the band itself. 

Xiaomi's has also mentioned that they are planning to launch more features for the new upgrade, so it is more likely to expect some good features very soon in the coming days. 

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Monday, 26 March 2018

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Best 10 Websites to Watch IPL Online 2018

IPL or the Indian Premier League is one of the largest celebrated and watched sport in India. Person of every age group likes to enjoy ipl. In India, Cricket is treated like a religion and adding it to Bollywood makes it a perfect combination for every cricket lover. BCCI founded the IPL in 2008 and since then it has been taking place every year in months of April and May.

Chennai Super Kings has proved to be the best and most successful team which has won twice. The one team which recently won the IPL was the Mumbai Indians.


So, If you are an IPL lover and loves watching online cricket then here are the top 10 best websites which help you to stream IPL online.

TOP 10 Websites to watch IPL Online

1. Hotstar

You simply have to log on to to catch the live cricket streaming online of all IPL cricket matches. Not only this but this online cricket streaming website offers you to watch IPL match highlights, interesting shots, and other IPL match updates. If you have missed the IPL match for some reason then you can easily watch the IPL match highlights and keep yourself up-to-date. The user gets a detailed and comprehensive outlook of every IPL match with the results.

2. Watchcriclive

You simply have to copy and paste this online cricket streaming website address to enjoy your favorite IPL matches online for free. This amazing IPL streaming site offers you a number of alternative streams to enjoy cricket matches. So, if you have to have a slow internet connection also you can enjoy IPL smoothly on this website. You will be getting updates about all upcoming matches on this site. This is one of the best online cricket streaming site available if you need to enjoy online IPL matches for free.

3. Crichd

www.crichd is another good online cricket streaming website which offers you to enjoy free live streaming of all ipl cricket matches. However, you have to get a good internet connection if you want to enjoy online cricket matches on this site as it only features Hd live cricket streams.

4. Iplt20

This is the official website. This website is no doubt the most reliable and amazing website for streaming IPL tournaments and all other relevant details. You can easily find all sorts of related information, pictures, cricket match highlights, and much more quality stuff. This website is a perfect option if you just need to enjoy the tournaments online without bothering about anything else.

5. Cricket-365

Next, we have if you want to peacefully watch ipl matches whenever they are aired. You can easily get all sorts of related information like match timings, scorecards, highlights, teams details etc on this website. This amazing online cricket streaming website is for all those cricket lovers who want to enjoy online cricket streaming throughout the year.

6. SonyLiv

Copy this online cricket streaming site address and paste it into your web browser to watch the live cricket matches of IPL. You can easily find all tournaments, team details, match information and other relevant details. Not only this but this amazing online cricket streaming website features all the necessary things like match highlights, replays, exclusive shots and ipl cricket scores online.

7. IPLindiatimes

Type in your web browser to stream live cricket matches for free. You can easily watch all the live IPL cricket matches that are aired on television. The user can easily find all sorts of related information about the IPL matches on this website. Match Highlights, previous match clips, results, and shots.  This amazing online cricket streaming site covers all the ipl match details and news for their visitors.

8. Youtube

You all can simply open your Youtube mobile application and watch live cricket matches for free. This amazing video uploading and the watching platform is a part of live streaming of IPL events online. You can easily search for channels made especially for IPL. You can also watch game-talks, interviews, cricket match commentary and all other relevant videos on this online platform.

9. Tvmazza

If you want to enjoy the live streaming of all the IPL matches aired on television then you should try visiting This amazing website allows you to watch live cricket matches without any kind of hassle. All important match details and match scores are on this website. This is a very good alternative to all the above-listed cricket streaming sites to watch live cricket matches for free.

10. Cricketabout

At last, is a website to view IPL matches live for free. You can easily get the match highlights after that particular IPL match is over. Cricket scores, team details, and upcoming updates can be easily seen on this site. If you want to enjoy IPL live streaming online without getting disturbed then this is the site where your requirements meet.

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Top Best Unique Things Followed by Successful Bloggers

These days, many people are trying their hands on to blogging. Many creative people and youngsters are getting started with their own blog. People are creating various blogs on different niches like a business blog, education blog, technology blog, health and lifestyle blog etc. So, if you want to do something different and stand out from the crowd to become a successful blogger then you should follow all the advice which I will be telling you in this article. Here, I have listed some of the most unique and amazing ways to create a successful blog and enhance your blog readership very quickly.


So, continue reading this article and find out that what are the things are done by almost all successful blogger.

Things which make Successful bloggers different from others.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Ask any successful blogger what’s the main thing which you should focus on for creating a successful blog then they will surely be going to advise you to better focus on quality instead of quantity.

All successful bloggers know the importance of creating quality content. This is the biggest reason why they easily create a nice relation with their blog readers. If your blog content is not engaging enough then no one will ever going to read it completely.

If you are creating content without doing proper research then it can put a negative impact on your reader’s mindset. Therefore, if you want to get loyal readers for your blog and become a successful blogger then you should try focusing on producing more quality content on your blog.

2. Always Have a Clear Goal

If you really want to become a successful blogger then you have to be very clear with your goal. Having a purpose or a vision behind managing your blog makes it a log easier in achieving your goals.

If you will have a clear goal then it can also help you getting some fresh ideas which can attract more number of blog audience. Without a clear goal, it is a very difficult task to achieve your desired goal.

So, before getting started with the blogging part, take your time thinking about your goal. This thing will also help you in updating your blog consistently.

3. Say Yes to “Hard Work”

If you are following my blog from a while then you have noticed that I always say that content is the king of your site. Website content is the main element which determines your blog success when it comes to blogging. Readers want quality content which helps them solving a problem. Coming up with fresh and interesting content ideas is a good practice for creating a good blog.

If you have to become a successful blogger then take your time doing proper research and coming up with some good attractive content ideas.

4. Increase Your Social Media Networks

There is no doubt that social media platforms are the best tool for increasing your blog readership. This is the reason why most of the bloggers are connected over popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on.

These social media networks not just only helps you to get blog audience but you can also get new content ideas for your blog posts.

5. Always Value Your Readers

For becoming a successful blogger you should value your blog readers. By this thing I mean to say get connected by your readers. You should try to answer your reader’s doubt and provide them solutions.

If you are getting negative feedback from your blog audience then you should also learn how to deal with those too. Try to sound in a bit professional tone. By following these things you can easily offer a good value to your readers.

6. Updating Old Content

Every successful blogger knows how to update their old blog content in order to drive more blog traffic. Well, there are a number of ways which you can follow for updating your old  blog post. Adding some new information, putting some more images, adding keywords and republishing it is a good practice to keep your blog alive.

Final Words

So, These were some of the most common and 100% legit things which are followed by every successful blogger in order to create a successful blog. Hope, you have liked reading the above tips. If you have any other tips which you want to share with us then kindly leave your comments below in the comment section. Also, do not forget to share this article with your social contacts and help them becoming a successful blogger too…:)

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Best & Most Popular WordPress Alternatives to Get Started with a Blog

If you are in this field for a while then you might have heard that WordPress is the best online platform which allows you to create good quality blogs with amazing blog support. There’s no doubt that WordPress has always on the top of this blogging game. Many online professional bloggers are running their blog on this famous online blogging platform. Webmasters and bloggers prefer working on this platform as it has got tons of new features and amazing functionalities that can increase your blog’s performance. But something having too many features can be a bit confusing for a blogger.

That’s the reason why I’m today writing this article. If you are from those people who want to focus on creating content rather than content marketing then I have got some good WordPress alternatives for you all which can easily help you create a good blog without putting many efforts.


So, Let’s get started with this list.

1. Wix

Let me tell you that Wix is one of the most popular and widely used website builder for creating many websites. Wix comes with many pre-designed templates which are both suitable for personal as well as business purpose. All the templates available here can be easily customizable by simply using the drag and drop option. However, you can easily create your first site using this platform for free of charges but in case if you want to get more features or better support then you have to upgrade your plan.

2. Squarespace

Just like Wix, Squarespace is another amazing website builder which can easily help you creating your sites with the help of simple drag and drop functions. This amazing online free website builder have already built website templates which are highly customizable.

Unfortunately, you have to have a certain amount to use this online website building platform. But you can test this platform by getting a free trial demo. Squarespace provides a very good support to their site users so that they can host their website smoothly. Because of this thing you can get enough time to focus on your content quality rather than getting worried about your site maintenance.

3. Weebly

Next, we have Weebly. This online website building platform is very friendly is you are just getting started with this business. Similar to Wix and Squarespace you can get an amazing online support no matter you are a techy guy or not. Weebly offers you a number of quality website tools for creating really good websites. You can also find some already configured themes and website templates which you can use for creating your first online website.

4. Medium

Medium is another good online blogging platform which you should definitely try. This online website building platform mainly focuses on blogging and on building its online community. Bloggers who want to use this free online blogging platform does not have to worry about themes and plugins instead try to create more quality content.

Medium has an amazing content editor which make the content creation part great. If you are searching online to create blog posts which appear to be professional then I will highly recommend you to try this option. Although, Medium online free blogging platform is not as robust as WordPress but yeah it’s perfect for getting a job done.

5. Ghost

This is one of the best online blogging platform for free which is fully focused on blogging. Because of its clean and simple interface, you can easily create your own blogging site within few minutes.

If you are not fond of having more features and distractions then this online blogging free platform can be a count for you.

6. Joomla

Joomla is as popular as WordPress when it comes to blogging. This amazing free online blogging platform has an excellent user support and also offers many well-made in-built features.

If I have to round-up then I would say that Joomla has everything which is offered by WordPress, even little bit more than that. Joomla is a great online blogging platform for free.

7. Drupal

Next, to Joomla we have Drupal. Drupal is another famous blogging platform. In fact, Drupal is older than both WordPress and Joomla. This is a great online blogging platform that has tons of quality data. You can easily host your website for free on this online blogging platform.

Because of its user-friendly design and powerful features, this is can be a good option for getting started with blogging. There are many large institutions which use Drupal.

8. Tumblr

Tumblr is a good option if you have to create a blog as a hobby. Tumblr is used mostly by youngsters and because of that, this is less professional. You need not to have any technical knowledge to setup things. Simply create and get started with the writing part.

This is much more than an online blogging platform as it is also a social networking platform which allows you to share your views and thoughts to different communities on this site.

9. Google Blogger

Finally, Blogger is here. I personally love this online free blogging platform. You simply need to create an online Google account and that’s all that you need. With the help of blogger, you simply have to worry about your site content and rest all technical details will be cared by them.

Although, Google Blogger is not that much famous as before still this is one of the best WordPress alternatives online.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that WordPress is an amazing online platform which can provide you with almost all things you need to create a good site but you should give a try to these famous WordPress alternatives too. This will help you explore some good features and become a better blogger. So, what do you think? Do you have any other famous online free blogging platform? If yes, then feel free to tell us by leaving your comments down in the comment section. Also, if you have enjoyed reading the above article then kindly share this article with your social contacts… :)

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Top Best Trending SEO techniques every blogger must follow in 2018

I’m blogging for a long time and I have seen lots of changes in SEO world in past few years. There’s no doubt that the past year was an important year for SEO. I have seen Google Maccabee update because of which a huge number of sites has been hit by Google which was using too many keywords in their content.

Top Best Trending SEO techniques

There’s no need to ask that in today’s world you are willing to see your content on the top of the searches. Everyone wants to rank their sites in Google. Well, let me tell you that Google takes around 200 factors for ranking a website in their search engine results. What are those factors? How to increase your searches chances? How to rank faster and better? Keep reading this article and find out all the answers to these questions.

In today’s article, I’ll be going to show to some of the best top trending SEO techniques which every one of us should follow if you want to see your site content in top results. So, let’s begin.

1. Creating Quality Content

You might have heard this line several times that content is the king of the website. No doubt this is the absolute truth but if the content is the king then SEO is the queen of a website.

Content always plays a very important role in the success of your site. If you are creating quality content and informative articles that have a potential of attracting more and more visitors to your site then you can easily survive in this long run. Those days are no more when one can easily rank their 500 words article on Google as simple as that.

Now, you have to produce in-depth articles and quality posts which offers information to your visitors. You should try to create at least 1000 words content targeting your blog audience for solving their problems. You should always try to make your articles focused on your visitors and create a trust with the help of your useful articles.

2. Speed up your website

It has been proved that people will simply be going to close your website and move on to other available options if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load. Also, website loading speed is also considered as one of the factors behind ranking a website on google search results.

Although, there are various tools available online which helps you to compress your website data you should also check for the following factors which are responsible for slowing up your site. Bad web hosting, usage of too many plugins and javascript are some major factors which can lead to a slow site. Well, among all of the factors selecting a bad hosting provider for a site is the main factor to slow down your site. In case you are using WordPress platform then I will highly recommend you to use a managed WordPress hosting provider as it will dramatically help you to speed your site by using all the server resources properly.

3. Mobile Friendly layout

If your site layout is not mobile friendly then you are losing the most traffic of your blog. It will surely be a doom for you if your blog is not optimized for mobile devices. In past few years there has been a rapid increase seen in mobile users and if you ignore this factor then you will lose a lot of visitors and customers.

You should also know that Google considered site responsiveness as one of the ranking factors. Therefore it is very important for you to optimize your blog for mobile devices. If you are a WordPress user then you should try Mythemeshop or Genesis Framework responsive WordPress themes for your blog.

4. Using Long Tail Keywords

If you are a blog owner and knows a little bit about SEO then you might know that keywords play an essential role in your site SEO. Keywords are one of the major ranking factors in search engines. If you want to rank above your competitor and better in search engines results then you should try focusing on long tail keywords.

Targeting for long tail keywords in your blog posts is an amazing strategy which can surely affect your blog in a good way. Long tail keywords also help you finding quality readers for your blog posts which can indirectly help you increase your site sales. If you are doing affiliate marketing then the long tail keyword is the must thing which you should implement on your blog.

5. Keep Updating your old blog posts

Updating your old blog posts is a very good SEO strategy to be followed. By updating your previously published articles you can engage and target more blog audience. Not only that but this practice will help you to refresh your blog content.

By updating old blog articles you can increase your site visitors and this practice is also appreciated by many search engines.

This is one of the best on-page SEO techniques which you should surely try.

6. Create Quality backlinks

If you want to get higher search engine ranking then you should try focusing on creating good quality backlinks. You cannot rank your content on search engines if you have poor backlinks or zero backlinks. I have seen many people who prefer creating backlinks with the help of various online tools. This will do nothing but will harm your site for sure.

Always try to focus on the quality of your backlinks. Getting backlinks from high authority sites which are relevant to your niche will benefit you for sure. If you are running a tech blog and if you are getting backlinks from a health care blog then it will not be that much good.

There are a number of ways by which you can easily get quality backlinks like blog commenting, guest posting, online forums and so on. It does not matter whether you have a nofollow or dofollow links, Google will count it as a backlink. But the main thing which is to be considered is the quality of your backlinks.

7. Social Media Presence

Creating a strong social media presence will help you get some good blog visitors and readers for your site. You can easily build a wide network of various social networking platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter etc. Social Media is a great platform and these days many big companies are focusing on social media marketing.

Social media networks help you to build your blog authority and generate trust among users. Sharing useful content on social media can also help you in getting quality backlinks for your site.

8. Switch your blog to HTTPS

You might know that Google has taken an initiative to create a safer web for users. By simply moving your site from HTTP to https will surely help you to boost your SEO score.

These days almost all web hosting companies are offering free SSL certificates to their users.

9. Improving your site voice search

Optimizing your website content for voice search is the best thing which you can do to make your site user-friendly. This is the best practice to improve your site navigation and popularity.

10. Creating Relevant videos

Creating relevant blogging videos can also be a plus point for you. If you are creating quality articles then videos will definitely be going to help you in making that content more informative and easy.

Videos also help you in getting connected to a large number of targeted audience.


As I have already said to you in starting that SEO matters a lot for a site. SEO helps you get a huge number of organic traffic to your blog without putting much effort in things like promotion.

Hope, you have liked this article. If you have any other SEO techniques then feel free to let us know by leaving your comments down in the comment section. Also kindly share this article with your social network and help other bloggers in creating a successful blog… :)

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