Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Abhishek Dharmik

10 + 1 Proven Tricks to Boost Your Alexa Ranking Drastically

If you are a blogger or an SEO specialist then you’ve surely an idea about Alexa ranking. Alexa page ranking is a metric which helps us know the quantity of traffic a particular website is getting. Having a good Alexa rank is surely a plus point for your site’s success. If your website is having a good Alexa ranking then you can easily attract more advertisers towards your blog.  Selling ads spaces and reaching out sponsored post will be so much easier than before if your Alexa rank is good. Not all, but sites with good Alexa rank also get more search engine attention.

10 + 1 Proven Tricks to Boost Your Alexa Ranking Drastically

Alexa Internet has assigned Alexa Page Rank as a site metric to measure the site’s popularity. In general, people think that blog popularity is the number one factor for improving your website ranking, but in actual it all varies on your data usage which is collected by Alexa toolbar.

If you’ve ever seen your Alexa ranking then you know that the greater the ranking, smaller the rank will be assigned to your site. Google’s Alexa ranking is 1 which is followed by Yahoo then facebook and youtube.

There are plenty of useful resources available online which guides you to improve your Alexa ranking, but most of them are just words. Here are top latest proven tricks which will surely help to boost your Alexa ranking without putting many efforts.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

Installing Alexa toolbar should be your first move in order to improve your site ranking. You might already know that Alexa rank is somewhere affected by all the data collected by Alexa toolbar. Every click from your website’s visitors is counted by Alexa toolbar.

If you are installing Alexa toolbar in your internet browser then you’ll contribute a little every time you visit your site.

2. Installing Alexa, again?

Yes, you should try to install Alexa toolbar on all the computers you’re in touch with. You can set your website as a default page for your internet browser. From this move, you’ll make sure to increase the chances for improving your website ranking.

3. Installing Alexa Widget

You might have seen many pro-bloggers who have installed Alexa widgets on their website and wonders why? Every time someone clicks on your site, it will likely to be counted as traffic by Alexa. So, your next step is to arrange and set up the Alexa widget on your blog.

4. Create Blog Posts On Alexa

Publishing blog posts on Alexa on your website will surely be a great move for improving your website ranking. Many SEO specialist and webmasters are likely to see these false claims on Alexa. If you’ve written good content on Alexa then chances are there that it might be republished or shared which will eventually drive more traffic to your website. As a result, improvement in your website rank.

5. Using Online Webmaster Forums

Next, you have to search for online forums where you think webmasters visit frequently. Posting your blog links on these website forums is actually a nice move for improving Alexa ranking. In general, webmasters use to have the Alexa toolbar installed on their devices. Visiting these types of online forums which allows you to promote your site is actually a clever move to make a successful site.

6. Promote, On Alexa

Marketing promotions campaigns to experience a good ranking should be your next move. Let others prefer your site on Alexa website. This point also has a little importance in order to achieve a good rank.

7. Creating Value For Webmasters

Creating valuable posts and niches which can attract a large group of webmasters can benefit you a lot. Focusing on niches like SEO, marketing, Tips and tricks, blogging, tools etc help you driving more webmasters to your blog.

8. Alexa Redirection

Another clever move is to use Alexa redirection technique. http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?www.bloggingbro.com. You simply have to replace www.bloggingbro.com with your site name. Using this URL in blog comments and online forums can help you a lot. This basically monitors unique IP addresses once a day.

9. Stay Active On Foreign Forums

You should try searching for online foreign forums which are relevant to your blog’s niche. Users on these kinds of forums often install Alexa toolbar. Digitalpoint forum is one of the well-known forums which attracts lots of foreign visitors all across the globe.

Try to stay active on these kinds of forums. Helping out other bloggers with your advice can end up getting loyal visitors for your site.

Using your blog’s URL as a signature helps you in creating a valuable backlink as well as increase your site’s popularity. Mentioning your best article as a signature is a good move for getting quality traffic.

10. Advertise Your Blog

If you are able to invest in your blog then you should try advertising your blog. Buying good pay-per-click ads to your blog can help you get some quality visitors to your blog.  

11. Using Relevant Content To Alexa

Linking to more Alexa relevant content as a part of your popular blog posts and using Alexa redirection for creating backlinks to other blog is another great strategy to boost up your site ranking.

So, That’s all with some best popular tricks to increase your website ranking. If you have any other suggestions or doubts then leave your valuable comments below in the comment section. At last, do share this post with your online network and help them boost their website’s Alexa rank.

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Abhishek Dharmik

Ubersuggest: Killer SEO Keyword Researcher by Neil Patel

Do you usually worry about Google penalties? Are you familiar with the term Keyword stuffing? If your answer is yes to both of the above questions then keep reading this article. Today’s article is all about new SEO strategy and how can you keep your blog safe from Google penalties.

If you’re blogging for a quite long time then you might know that many bloggers prefer using Yoast’s plugin to avoid Keyword Stuffing. In case you don’t know about this plugin, Yoast plugin helps you optimize your blog posts for better SEO.

Although, there are various ways by which Yoast monitor your blog content. One of the most famous factors is focused keyword analysis. Yoast analyses your blog post and check for focused keywords in your blog post and keep them under an acceptable number of times.

Well, in case you are thinking about how many keywords are accepted by Yoast then that depends on your words limit.


Today, I’ll be introducing a new killer SEO tool by Neil Patel named Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is an amazing way which allows Google bots to know what’s your post is all about without being penalized. This tool helps you suggesting keywords which will surely help to boost your blog’s ranking and to increase your online sales. Ubersuggest gives your LSI keywords suggestion for better google search ranking.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI is an abbreviation for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is very much similar to your focused keyword. Bloggers and SEO professionals use LSI keywords in order to tell Google search bots what’s your post is all about but do mind it that you don’t have to over-stuff keywords in your post.

If we jump into the history of LSI then it is a very old method, introduced around 20 years ago. The main purpose of introducing these LSI keywords is to strengthen blog posts and increase search engine visibility.

How you can easily find LSI Keywords?

Well, there are plenty of tools available online which are there to help you with this topic. LSI keywords can be easily found using many online resources and keyword research tools. One such tool is Ubersuggest which offers you amazing top ranking LSI keywords for your blog post.

What’s Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a free LSI keyword research tool. This is one of the best alternatives for Google keyword planner. However, Ubersuggest shows you keywords which are not offered by keyword planners. If you use both of these tools for keyword research then you can significantly improve your blog visibility over many search engines.

This free keyword researcher suggests you keywords based on real-users queries.

Now the real question, why should you get over this tool?

Why You Should Try Ubersuggest?

1. Ubersuggest provides you some additional keywords that aren’t suggested by the keyword planner. Using both keyword planner and Ubersuggest will boost your blog’s ranking drastically.

2. You can also find that Google trends are available in this tool as one of its parts. By having an idea about trends, you can easily select better keywords which have high search engine volume.

3. Ubersuggest have a word cloud which helps your visualizing your keywords easily.

4. You can easily copy and paste all the keywords into a spreadsheet for future use.

5. Ubersuggest provides you free of costs service.

6. There’s no language barrier. You can select what language you would like to get keyword searches.

7. It’s an awesome user-friendly tool.

8. It hardly takes a minute to show you results.

9. As discussed above, Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword research tool available for free offering you some amazing LSI keywords.

10. No limitations. This keyword researcher has no limitations which are seen in many other relevant tools.

How to use Ubersuggest?

Now let's see how to use this amazing keyword researcher tool for finding out the most valuable LSI keywords and phrases.

Step 1: Go to https://ubersuggest.io/


Step 2: Next, you have to decide what exactly you are looking for. You can choose different choices like Images, shopping, youtube or news. If you want to search keywords for your blog then simply keep your choice as Web.

Step 3: If I’d to search keywords for this post titled “Popular ways to monetize your Instagram account” then I’ll check for “Instagram monetizing”. In order to copy and paste suggested keywords, simply click the view as text option and you’ll be able to export all the keywords to a CSV file.

Step 4: If you wish to see your targeted keywords from a new perspective then simply click the word cloud option. You just have to combine these keywords and create your own targeted LSI keywords which you think can be beneficial for your search engine ranking.

Final Words

In all, I would like you to highly recommend this keywords research tool for better SEO. Ubersuggest can surely be a valuable tool for your blog. It’s really easy to find long tail keywords and LSI keywords using this amazing keyword suggestion tool. The best thing about this is its cost, absolutely nothing. That’s all with this article. If you’ve any type of doubt or want to suggest any opinion then you’re most welcome to leave your valuable comments below in the comment section.

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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Abhishek Dharmik

Latest 8+ Whatsapp Mods 2018 You must try at least once

If you’re on this webpage then that means that you must be a Whatsapp user. Whatsapp is one of the top rated and most efficient free messengers of all times. Many users use it to get simply connected to their friends and family. Well, let me tell you one fact. We’re all using the official version of WhatsApp in our daily routine. Although official Whatsapp version comes with many amazing features like video calls, images, voice calls, sending files and many more but do you know there’s something which can offer you more? If you want to change your WhatsApp looks and want to add-ons some extra features then you’ve landed on the right webpage. By simply downloading the unofficial Whatsapp mods you can easily get plenty of new features which are sometimes better than the real version itself.


If you’ll search online for WhatsApp mods then you can definitely find out many Whatsapp mods which comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. If we compare to the original Whatsapp then these mods offer you some good looking UI’s, good customizing features, various themes, and unlimited sending and receiving files without any restriction. Whatsapp mod helps you to easily change chat background color too. The best point of all is that you can easily send large files on your Whatsapp with extensions like pdf, rar, zip and more.

What basically is Whatsapp Mod APK?

If you haven’t understood yet then here’s it. You can easily find out a number of Whatsapp mods available online which has no harm in downloading and installing. A user simply has to download the latest Whatsapp mod and enjoy its extra features. Instead, I show you some top 10 unofficial Whatsapp mod APK downloads.

Top 10 Latest Best Whatsapp Mod APK Of All Times

1. GB Whatsapp APK

GB Whatsapp has millions of downloads all over the world. This amazing Whatsapp mod supports all android versions. When it comes to installation, installing GB Whatsapp is extremely simple and setup just requires 1-2 minutes time. You can get a number of great features like online status, blue tick, hiding, theming and many more. Users using this Whatsapp mod finds themselves one step ahead of those who are stuck with the official version.

The best thing about GB Whatsapp is that you don’t need to have a rooted device. If compared to all other WhatsApp mods available in the market this one is above all. Also, in case you don’t want to uninstall your official Whatsapp then you can also run GB WhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp version.

For all those people who want to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device then GB Whatsapp is the best option which you have got.

Unique features of GB Whatsapp offers two accounts manage, privacy options for both accounts, sending videos up to 30MB. If you use GB Whatsapp then you can easily send up to 50 images at once. You can set 35 characters for your group name and plenty more amazing features are available with this amazing Whatsapp Mod.

2. Whatsapp Plus APK

Whatsapp Plus APK is an updated version of the official WhatsApp with a number of extra features. Whatsapp Plus APK allows their users to customize it according to their own taste. The best feature about this Whatsapp Mod is that it hides names and date when you copy messages.

If compared to the official version then you’ll find that you are only allowed to send 16MB videos in one go but you can easily send 30MB video with Whatsapp Plus APK. The sent message can be easily recalled and last seen can be hidden too. You can easily customize themes MOD and other features. You can be allowed to use about 250 characters for a status update if using Whatsapp Plus APK. Online/last seen can easily be seen from the main screen itself.

3. YoWhatsapp APK

Next, YoWhatsapp, another enhanced WhatsApp version which comes with awesome updates for WhatsApp which you can enjoy. YoWhatsapp has some outstanding features for enhancing your WhatsApp experience. You can find out new bubbles and ticks, colors for contact name text and widget backgrounds. One big update for this Whatsapp mod is that you can find out latest android Oreo emojis. Crashing problems are resolved in the update by Yo themes.

4. Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk App

It wouldn’t be wrong it I would mention this WhatsApp mod as a rebirth of Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus Reborn is an advanced version for the official WhatsApp. The best combinations of features, themes, and no annoying apps. You can easily send 30MB photos and videos without any compression, isn’t great? Downloading and installing Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk App is like eating a piece of cake.

5. Whatsapp MA Apk

If there’s any other WhatsApp mod which should be counted after the amazing GB WhatsApp then here it is. Whatsapp MA Apk holds very similar features offered by GB WhatsApp. There are a couple of extra features and bugs resolved in this WhatsApp mod. You are allowed to send full image resolutions up to 50MB. Whatsapp MA Apk offers you 4 style themes, over 80 icons, updated texts, color texts and couple more features which enhance both the looks and performance of your WhatsApp.

6. Whatsapp Prime

Whatsapp Prime is the next enhanced version. In this amazing WhatsApp update, mod group links can be easily sent. This version is considered to be unique among all as it has plenty of new features which aren’t offered by Whatsapp GB. You have to remove the official WhatsApp version in order to install Whatsapp Prime. You can permanently mute any conversation using this WhatsApp mod. Lastly, you are allowed to send about 70MB of videos at once which was 16MB in the original WhatsApp application.

7. WAP Whatsapp Apk

Another great unofficial WhatsApp messenger which is available for free download for Android devices. This WhatsApp mod is considered to be the most reliable version among all. With its simple and secure messaging users love this WhatsApp version. Let me tell you that this was the very first messenger spread globally, all other mods available online are clones of this particular one.

8. Whatsapp Indigo App

Next amazing mod in the list is Whatsapp Indigo App. Whatsapp Indigo comes with good looks, simple and stable performance. The most amazing feature of this version is the changes made to emojis. Downloading and installing this WhatsApp mod can be done under just a few minutes.

9. Whatsapp MD Apk

This particular WhatsApp mod is more stylish and attractive compared to all other versions available online. Whatsapp MD apk is no doubt a free alternative to the official Whatsapp application. You can easily find out the latest smileys and emojis for better and a fresh experience. You can easily find many online sites offering Whatsapp MD Apk free download.

10. Whatsapp Gold Edition APK

If you want to experience the new Whatsapp then Whatsapp Gold Edition APK is one for you. This amazing WhatsApp mod holds some amazing features which are there to provide you a whole new experience to the way you use WhatsApp.

Some amazing features of this update are you can actually play the videos before completely downloading them, video calls, voice calls can be easily disabled. There are no restrictions for the number of photos and videos to be sent. Overall a good WhatsApp mod for all android users which can be downloaded for free.

Final Words

There are many reasons why one can use these amazing mod apks. Undoubtedly, these mods allows you to highly customize your app and chats and help you getting the perfect kind of look you want. I want to tell you that you should try one of these mods once. Comment down and let me know what’s the most amazing thing you like about the above list and which one is the best among all according to you. At last, if you like reading the above article then do share this article with your friends and online networks and help them get a totally new experience of using WhatsApp messenger.

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Abhishek Dharmik

Top 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO Specialists & Bloggers

When it comes to internet surfing and other likely stuff I always prefer Google Chrome. I’ve been using Chrome for past couple of years and it has undoubtedly given me excellent performance and smooth browsing experience. Google Chrome, a lightweight and quick browser is surely an excellent alternative to Firefox.

If you are a Google Chrome lover, then I’m pretty sure you’ll definitely be going to like today’s article. Today’s article is all about extensions which are very helpful for bloggers and SEO specialists out there. If you belong to any of the relevant fields then you can easily install these amazing chrome extensions and analyze SEO metrics for your site or any other site you wish.


These extensions can be very helpful when it comes to checking domain authority and other likely stuff. For example, when you are creating backlinks for your site you’ll be checking domain authority of a particular site from who you’re linking to. In such cases, these amazing SEO Google chrome extension came to be very useful. In this way, you’ll always be sure that you’re not linking to any bad site which doesn’t have a good DA score.

It’ll not be a lie if I tell you that Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers when it comes to fast and smooth performance. But when it comes to practical use, particularly in the SEO world, people find Firefox more SEO friendly than chrome. The reason is people find Firefox extensions much easier to install compared to Chrome.

But in reality, it isn’t it looks like. There are some amazing featured SEO extensions which are available for Google Chrome and can help you just like any other premium SEO tool.

So, without talking much, let’s move on to the list of the 5 best SEO plugins for chrome.

Super-SEO-Friendly Chrome Extensions for SEO Specialists:

1. Open SEO Stats

Open SEO stats is a very powerful and amazing SEO extension which gives you a detailed description of SEO metrics for any site. This SEO extension is always well-maintained and suggested by maSEOseo professionals.

You can easily get tons of useful SEO data from any page you like on the internet. You can easily monitor good data like social media stats, in-depth SEO data like a number of backlinks, domain authority and much more.

2. SEO Review Tools for Chrome

Next in the list, SEO Review Tools for Chrome. SEO Review Tools for Chrome a is really great plugin preferred by many SEO professions for analyzing site metrics. You can easily get many amazing SEO details like pages indexed, backlinks, traffic, ranking and other relevant data.

If you like to get an overview of site SEO data then this SEO extension is for you. This SEO extension for chrome provides you a brief look at site SEO data and gives you an overall SEO analysis.

Download it HERE

3. SeoQuake

If you are an SEO specialist then you might have an idea that SEMRUSH is one of the top leader the in SEO industry and no Chrome SEO add-ons list would have completed without SeoQuake being mentioned. This is another well-maintained addon which helps you inspect all important data of website’s seo.

SEOQuake a is a feature-full extension which allows you to configure it the way you want. You can use this amazing seo extension with or without SEMRUSH. However, if you are having a SEMRUSH account then it’ll help you fetching more useful data.

SEOQuake will easily help you with website’s SEO stats right from your search results. YOu can easily find on-page SEO, backlinks, social media stats and many more interesting website data.

If this SEO extension for Chrome would start showing social media stats for individual posts then no doubt this would be my favorite SEO extension of all time.

4. Shareaholic for Google Chrome

If you are an SEO lover then you can’t deny the importance of social media love in search engine ranking.

Shareaholic is not a direct SEO extension, but it works quite good for increasing one’s site ranking. With the help of this amazing Google Chrome extension, you can share all your posts and links at only a single click. In all, this is a quick way to reduce your workload and promotion time as well.

Being a blogger, it’s very essential that you share your valuable links on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc. If you’re seeking for a one-step solution then here you go. Shareaholic is made for you.

This extension offers you many amazing customizable features and you can also select 100+ bookmarking options for their list.

5. Majestic Chrome Extension

Finally, This is one of the favorite SEO extension of mine. Majestic SEO extension offers you many good features which help you improve your site’s SEO score by a single click. This is a great SEO plugin which is famous for checking backlinks. But let me tell you that Majestic Chrome Extension offers you a paid service for all your data analysis.

That’s all with this article. Hope, you’ve found your perfect SEO chrome extension which can help you analyse and collecting site data. Let me know in the below section which one of the above is your choice. In case, you have any doubts or questions or any other kind of feedback then let me know in the comments.

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Abhishek Dharmik

Hack Latest PUBG mobile update 2018 (PUBG Android hack using GameGuardian)

Well, as you already know that there are a couple of websites available online which promises you to deliver the hacked mobile game version of PUBG 2018, but many among those are just fake and doesn’t work. You can also search for cheating tools which helps you to hack the latest version of PUBG mobile, but does it works?  

PUBG android hacks 2018 is much more like a cheat which can help you getting aimbots, improves aiming, walls hack, instant kill and nearly all things which you are in need to kill your enemies even if you are not following a pro gaming strategy.

So, let’s get started with today’s article and know how you can easily hack PUBG latest android version and beat your enemies without putting many efforts.

How to hack PUBG Mobile Latest Update 2018 (Help of GameGuardian)

You might be aware of the fact that a few months ago PUBG mobile went live for all Android and iOS devices. This amazing addictive pubg mobile game was launched after a brief beta version launched in Canada and few other regions of the world. PUBG is no doubt a heavily popular game amongst all shooting games worldwide. This game has been developed as a collaboration between PUBG Corp and Tencent.

Do you know that Before PUBG mobile version, it was only available for PC? Yeah, PUBG was only available for PC, before it was introduced to android and iOS platforms. This amazing shooting online game received a massive amount of 5 stars rating by players. If you are a game lover then you should definitely try PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds once.

PUBG Android Gameplay

In this amazing shooting game, you can either play solo or in a team. You can have your own group of friends by inviting your friends and make them join your pubg battle team. Just keep one thing in mind you have to survive the battleground without being killed. The last player standing wins. Because of it’s amazing graphics and addictive gameplay, this game has received 5 star ratings.

PUBG has broken many records in just a few weeks after it’s release. Well, if you are here then chances are you have already installed this game and looking for some tricks and tips of PUBG which can help you winning the game. So, Here’s today I’m presenting you the PUBG hack script which can help you mastering the game more easily.

How can you hack PUBG android game easily?

Well, I would like to tell you that if you want to master this game then you need to work on your aiming skills and ability to detect enemies near you. Mastering these skills is not an easy task, so in such case, this PUBG Android mobile hack will be beneficial for you.

While researching about this topic, I found a couple of hacks but the one which impressed me the most was wallhack. PUBG wallhack is one of the most popular hack which allows you to see enemies behind the walls. Well, the same kind of feature can be downloaded in form of PUBG Mod APK. Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t work anymore. So? What’s the solution then…

To hack some of the in-game items of PUBG you need to use PUBG Mobile Script through GameGuardian. Now, if you don’t know much about GameGuardian then let me tell you. GameGuardian APK is one of the best game hacking app which can nearly hack all popular games and apps easily.

Now you’ll think that why GameGuardian for Hacking PUBG?

There’s no doubt that Game guardian is one of the best hacking tool available in the market for hacking popular games and apps. This app easily works on the rooted device.

Another reason to work with this tool is that this is the best app which got the ability to hack and execute scripts. Also, Game Guardian for Android comes with stealth mode which allows you to not get detected very easily.

How to Hack Game Guardian to Hack PUBG?

Keep following the below mentioned steps carefully to Hack PUBG Mobile version.

Step 1 : Firstly, you’ll have to root your android device. If you already have a rooted android device then you are good to go. In case you don’t have rooted android device then you can watch several online guides for rooting your android device.

Step 2 : Now, you have to download Game Guardian Apk which can be easily found online. After downloading the apk simply install it on your device.

Step 3 : Next, you need to open Game Guardian App and then minimize it. Now Open PUBG.

Step 4 : After opening PUBG android game, you need to again open Game Guardian and then press menu option and simply tap to Execute script.

Step 5 : Now for the next move, you have to locate the folder containing PUBG Mobile.lua script and then tap Execute. (Android < Obb < HACK PUBG MOBILE V0.6.1.lua)

Step 6 : The game will be loaded now then again open Game Guardian app and then select “New Bypass (perform this step after Tencent logo)”.

Step 7 : Now you have successfully loaded the script to the game. You can now select various hacks and play to get winner winner chicken dinner.

That’s all you have to do. Hope, you’ve liked this quick tutorial. Mention your valuable comments below in the comment section.
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