Thursday, 29 June 2017

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Quick Guide: Killer Ways to Create High-Quality Content That Earns Natural Links

Today, In this quick guide I will be telling you some best killer ways for writing quality content that can help you create some quality links on their own. You need not put any kind of efforts for linking your quality content. So, how it’s actually done? Continue reading this post and find it out.

Quick Guide: Killer Ways to Create High-Quality Content That Earns Natural Links

Creating quality content is not that easy, you have to give your time, efforts, attention, skills and most importantly you have to get your reader’s trust. I’m not saying that after reading this blog post you will immediately be writing like a professional, it takes time mastering it. But the strategies which I’ll be discussing here will surely be helping you a lot mastering your writing skills.

So, let’s get started!

The First Step - Define your Goal

Before you get started with the writing part you must define what message do you actually want to convey to your audience. When you invest your time and efforts defining your goal for your content, it gets a lot easier to stay on track and also save your editing too.

I will suggest you think for 2-3 days on your chosen topic and make key points. Making key points is an amazing content writing strategy which you should follow every time before writing your blog posts. It helps you get organized and this how you will never get out of your track.

Why do I Trust You?

The best point which you can follow for creating quality content is to make it trustworthy. People don’t read content which sounds them fake or untrustworthy. You can provide links for statistics, records, proof, quotes and always remember to stay away from egregious claims. By offering the more precise and to the point information you can easily gain your audience trust.

I’ll advise you before offering anything to your audience, try to use it yourself first. Giving your opinion and views on that particular product will surely help you gain a trustworthy environment to your content.

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Ohh Noooo… Why It’s here Again?

Offering the same content which is available on several sites makes it boring.

I know that it takes the time to create content which is unique, especially when you know that millions of blog posts are published daily. If you want to create content that helps you gain some natural links then you have to make sure that your content stands out of the crowd.

Here’s the tip.

Spend your time researching for your topic every day and if while collecting information for your topic if you find any other relevant post which catches your attention or you notice any kind of problem which can be faced by your readers then note it down. This how when you finish writing your current blog post, you will already have a second topic ready to write on.

If you want to earn links quickly then you have to pick up fresh topics which “Swims upstream” and can easily grab your reader’s attention.

Double-Check for Quality

It’s very hard to earn links for those content which are poorly written. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, People not actually like sharing poor quality content with their online networks and secondly, it lacks trust. Simple as that.

Therefore, make sure to double-check your content quality. Every time you create new content try to make it better than the previous one. If you don’t have good writing skills then you can take help of some online content editor tools. I personally use “Grammarly” and I have to say that this tool works great for me. The user can get both paid as well as free access to this tool.

Hiring a professional content editor is also a good thought. Do remember that you will get every single dollar which you spend writing your content in terms of quality readership.  

Create Catchy Headlines

80% of your website traffic depends on your post headlines. Your content headlines affect your website’s click-through rate, which helps your increasing your revenue. With this point in mind, it’s very important to create an attractive post headline which can easily grab your reader’s attention.

You must also take care that the headline contains relevant information and is also keyword-rich at the same time. You can consider adding numbers or action words like Killer Tips, Top 10, Most Searched etc in your blog posts headlines.

Write Reader-Focused Content

These days everyone wants to interact with brands which offer products just for them. If you really want to increase your readership then try to make your content more reader-centric.

This content writing strategy will make sure that you actually care about your readers. This, in turn, makes more readers willing to go through your blog posts and will gradually increase your website trust flow.

One-Click Share

If your readers find it easy to share, then automatically you will start getting more shares to your content. Adding social sharing widgets into your blog posts is one of the great ideas which can help you gain more social shares.

But do make sure that your content is worthy to share. Adding attractive and informative photos to your content helps you get your reader’s attention.

If you start following all the above-mentioned strategies carefully then you can surely achieve your desired goal.

Conclusion - Final Words

Though it seems very difficult to gain organic links for your written content. But in reality, it’s very easy. You just have to make sure that your written content offers value to your readers. When your content quality is good then automatically you will start getting more and more readers.

So, What are your views now? Will you be trying the above-mentioned points or are you already trying these points? Kindly, leave your valuable comments below in the comment section and let me know. Also, if you like reading this blog post then please share it with your online networks… :)

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Friday, 14 April 2017

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How to Protect Your Blog Content By Blocking Copy & Paste


This tutorial is very useful for all those bloggers who are really sick of plagiarists. If you are a Google Blogger and want to protect your content from being copied i.e, not letting anyone simply copy and pasting your content then this tutorial will surely be a great help for you.

Here’s a technique which will allow you to do this task within few seconds, all you have to do is simply adding some HTML codes in your blog template. If you will follow all the things correctly then you can easily protect your content from getting copied by other bloggers.

Although, there are other methods which one can follow for copying content, but this trick will surely make this task a lot harder for the content copier.

So, Let’s Get Started!

How To Protect Your Content From Being Copied?

1. Login to your Google Blogger account and go to Blogger Dashboard.  
2. Now in the left sidebar menu select Template > Edit HTML.
3. Next, you have to find the <head> tag in your Template editor.
4. After finding the <head> tag, simply paste the following code right below the line.
<script src='demo-to-prevent-copy-paste-on-blogger_files/googleapis.js'></script> <script type='text/javascript'> if (typeof document.onselectstart!="undefined" ) { document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false" ); } else { document.onmousedown=new Function ("return false" ); document.onmouseup=new Function ("return true" ); } </script>
5. Then click on Save template button and you are all done.

Congratulations! Now your blog content can never be copied by any content thief as long as this code continues to be there in your blog template.

In case if you want to disable this then all you have to do it to simply remove the above line of codes from your blog template.

Hope, you liked this short and easy tutorial. In case, you are using any other technique to protect your content from being copied then let us know in the comment section. Also, if you have any type of relevant questions or want to give your feedback then you are most welcome to leave your valuable comments down.... :)

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

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Top 6 Best Keywords Suggestion Tool To Increase Traffic


If you doing blogging since a long time then you all might know that SEO is one of the most significant factors behind every blog’s success. One should simply not ignore this factor. Keyword research and keyword stuffing is an important part of SEO which helps you getting more number of clicks i.e, readers for your blog.

If you want to get a good number of readers for your blog then proper keyword research is the must. It’s totally your responsibility to do the proper keyword research and add them into your content. There are various online websites and tools available which you can use for proper keyword research. You get both paid and free tools which help you finding the best match for your blog posts.

So, Today’s article is for Bloggers, SEO Experts and all other webmasters who want to write more search engine friendly content. The below listed best keyword research tools helps you doing this task without many worries.

There’s no doubt that there are hundreds of tools available for this task which you can download for free as well as by purchasing them. Following are the Top 6 Best Keyword research tool for your blog which will help you making your content more SEO friendly. I have mentioned both free as well as paid tools so that you can select the best one which fits for you.

Best Keyword Research Tool
To Increase Your Blog’s Readership

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular and a widely used tool by many SEO experts and webmasters. This tool is available for free. The best thing about this amazing keyword research tool is that you can get many options and features similar to other paid tools.

If you have recently come to know about SEO techniques or Keyword Research then this tool can be a perfect match for you. This tool is totally a beginner friendly keyword search tool. You can find various data and reports like average monthly searches, competition, Suggestion bid and much more.

There are different filters available to filter your reports. This is the best feature which makes this tool worth using.

Another Excellent Keyword Suggestion tools which helps you making your content more SEO friendly without doing much work. This tool is a premium tool but you can get 14 days free trial period. Many successful bloggers personally use this tool and also suggest their followers and fans use the same.

Similar to any other keyword Suggestion tool, SEMRush shows you various data which helps you picking up the best keywords for your blog content.

Long Tail Pro is a paid Keyword suggestion tools which have many powerful features for increasing your website’s search engine visibility. If you are looking for a good keyword research tool then you have to pay a little bit to get the best. Good things always not come for free.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Suggestion tool can easily track the most powerful keywords which you want to rank for in search engines without having many troubles.

KWFinder is personally one of my favorite keyword research tools which I suggest to my readers. It’s a powerful keyword search tool which helps to find long tail keywords phrases for your blog posts. If you are a beginner then I will strongly recommend you this tool.

This amazing keyword research tool shows you various searches and other related issues. It also shows you data reports like CPC, Search volume, Trends etc. You can also get the difficulty level for specific keywords. Not only that much but you can also get the details about the domains which is targeting that particular keyword like the number of backlinks, daily traffic etc.

Moz Keyword Explorer has a simple interface which makes analyzing different keywords very easy. This tools easily helps you getting thousands of other relevant keywords which you want to target.

You can get the number of search volume, keyword difficulty level, opportunity and potential etc. This keyword suggestion tool offers you many great features which help you increasing your search engine listings.

I love using Uber Suggest Keyword research tool. This tool has some great features which has made keyword research job much easier. Uber Suggest also has an extension for your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers named Keywords Everywhere.

You can easily find many long tail keyword phrases using this tool. You can get keyword search volume, competition, traffic, CPC etc. This tool works on the algorithm of Google Autosuggest. This means that this amazing keyword research tool will show you relevant keywords alphabetically after your main keyword which you want to rank for.

Final Words

If you want to be a great blogger then you have to use proper keywords in your blog content so that it can easily rank well in searches. Keyword research is a must follow step for all bloggers, SEO experts, and other webmasters which have an online business.

Hope, you enjoyed reading the above content. If yes then kindly share your feedback by leaving your valuable comments in the comment section down. Also, if you liked this most popular keyword research tools list then share it with your online network. Till then stay tuned and keep working hard… :)

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

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Remove Footer Credit From Blogger Template Without Redirecting


Google Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platform available for free. There are a huge number of websites which offer thousands of blogger templates. Most of them are free of costs and offer a wide range of features. Although, there’s one thing which every blogger is worried about, Footer credit links.

Premium templates don’t contain any footer credit but if you go for free blogger templates then you will going to find credits in the footer. You might have also tried to remove those footer credits but that simply doesn’t work. Even after making some changes in free blogger template coding, it remains the same. If you try to remove the whole footer credit then you will automatically be redirected to the other website.

Recently, One of my Facebook friends asked me for a help that he want to remove the footer credits. So, today in this blog post I’ll be sharing a simple trick which will going to help you in removing/Hiding the footer credit links easily from your blogger template and will also avoid redirecting to some other website.

So, Here’s how it’s done:-

Remove Footer Credit From
Blogger Template Without Redirecting

1. Firstly, Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
2. Next, Open Template > Edit HTML.
3. Now you need to find the footer credit code/footer links which you want to remove or hide. Press Ctrl + F for finding the credit links. Usually, you will find that code starting from Copyright or Designed by.
4. Next, you have to add the following code into that footer credit and save you template.

style=”visibility: hidden”


This will going to hide the footer credit links and will also avoid you redirecting to some other website links.

That’s all you are done!

Hope, You liked this quick blogging trick. Kindly share this trick with all your online network. In case you want to give your feedback then you are most welcome to leave your valuable comments in the comment section down. Till then stay tuned and keep blogging… ;)

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

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Best Ways to Get Quality Backlinks Naturally to Your Blog/Website


Are you looking forward to building some quality backlinks to your blog? What if I tell you that you can easily generate natural high-quality backlinks? If your answer is Yes! Then you have landed on the right web page. Here I will make you learn some unique ways by which you can effectively build backlinks to your site.

If you have been reading my blog then you already knows that to properly optimize your site ranking you have to build high-quality backlinks. Your website link will be shown at the top if your site will have high domain authority + good site ranking.

Numbers of high-quality backlinks are also one of the major factors behind your blog’s success. Thus, there’s no doubt that Link building plays a vital role in Google link positioning. You have heard it several times that people call content "The King of the site", If Content is the king of our site then link building is the queen.

Although, proper content optimization and on-page SEO look quite easy but when it comes to generating high-quality backlinks to your blog people find it a little bit difficult. But If you will have quality links attached to your site i.e, powerful backlinks for high authority sites then for sure it will enhance your site ranking in Google SERPs.

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There are many online SEO tools available which make this task a lot easier for you but this post is not about SEO tools. Here I'm talking about generating high-quality natural backlinks. So, what you have to do to get the natural backlinks?

Keep scrolling down and find the answer. Below, I'll be sharing best unique ways to get natural backlinks for free. Let's Start:-

1. Interviewing Pro-Blogger

Taking interviews of pro-blogger helps you making new blogging connections in your niche. Writing interview blog post of popular bloggers in your niche helps you building huge blog network and help you gaining some loyal readership.

So, how to write interview blog posts properly?

There are several ways to interview bloggers in your niche. Firstly, you have to prepare a list of questions that you want to ask. Take care that you don’t repeat the same type of questions again and again. You can either record audio or video while interviewing famous bloggers in your niche.

Ask questions, make notes and then frame those questions into a blog post properly.

I have seen that many bloggers who only writes text interviews and in this situation, if you will record an audio or video then this content will look a little bit unique to your readers and they will be sharing with their online network.

2. Always Give Credit to Youtube Videos

We all know that people respond better to human faces. Videos are nowadays going viral online and it seems that they are one of the best ways to share our thoughts + they are the great method to generate backlinks.

We all are familiar with the popular video hosting site, Youtube. There are thousands of videos which are hosted every day on Youtube. So, Youtube is the best way by which you can easily make your brand name. Offering good content to your targeted users is the key to success in online marketing world.

If your targeted users will find a video useful then they will have no problem sharing your content with their networks. And That’s how you get a Natural high-quality backlink.

3. Writing Quality In-depth Articles

This is another one of the best ways to get natural backlinks to your blog. Generating quality in-depth articles always offers a great value for readers and people love sharing them.

Creating detailed blog posts about products, instructions, tips & FAQ’s is a good strategy.

Bloggers have a good online network and they also like making new connections. Bloggers and other webmasters can mention and suggest products to their audience on various online platforms and networking sites.

4. Building Your Free Tool for Websites

These days everyone is willing to have more and number of quality backlinks to their site. Thus, building free tool for a website is a safe and a powerful way to get some good backlinks to your blog.

If you have good coding skills then you can turn it into something productive like developing an app or a tool for generating high-quality backlinks.

You can make a tool that just not only benefits the webmasters but also help their users. If your tool offers them a value then they will love sharing your tool. There are possibilities that they may review your tool and that would help you gaining high-quality backlinks.

Thus, In this way, you can easily gain backlinks to your site with the help your tool which you have developed.

5. Social Bookmarking Sites

You have heard it several times that social bookmarking sites plays a significant role in making a website successful. It is a very helpful SEO strategy.

If you want to gain some high-quality backlinks through these social bookmarking sites then it’s very important to use these social bookmarking platform in a proper way. Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking platforms which can help you driving some quality traffic to your site.

Not over yet! Your blog post ranking also improves in search engines if you submit your original post to these authorized social bookmarking sites. So, grab a chance and use this link building technique properly.

6. Get Help From Your Workplace

You can also take help of your colleagues in your workplace. If you have a team then share your ideas. Usually, these are peoples such as artists, photographers, comedians, programmer etc which can help you a lot. Sharing your experience with these people by mentioning your site in between your conversation can work out quite good. You never know how this method will be going to help you. If you have good connections in your workplace then ask them to share your content with their network. In this way, you can easily get more quality backlinks.

7. Use Google Alert

I don’t think that I have to mention that how powerful the Google is, but have you even imagined that Google Alert can help you benefiting your site? Yes! You can easily generate a good amount of backlinks using Google Alert.

All you need to do is to set daily alerts on Google Alerts for all your primary keywords and LSI Keywords which you are targeting. If anyone mentions your site then instantly Google Alerts will let you know.

You can then contact with those peoples who have mentioned your brand or website and then ask them for a backlink.

8. Using Online Forums & Blog Commenting

You should know that Blogging is all about exposure, and making good relations with other likely friends in your niche can work out quite good. If you will have a good network then it might happen that they introduce you to their audience.

Thus, if you want to increase your network then online blogging forums and blog commenting are the best way to hang out.

9. Building Email List

All of us knows the importance of Email list and how it provides value to our readers.

If you have not yet started creating your email list then you are losing the most of it. It’s something which you should start creating it right now.

You can create an email and link it with relevant blog content and directly email it to all your contacts. You might now be thinking that how this will be going to benefit your blog? Make this thing a daily practice and you will surely see some good results every soon. People will surely be going to repost your content and link it with other popular platforms, And that’s how you generate natural backlinks easily and that’s for free.

10. Infographics, Memes, &  Visuals

These days people like sharing infographics and Memes with their network. According to a recent study, it has been found that visual articles were shared more compared to those with only text.

Creating good infographics and memes relevant to your blog post always manage to do an excellent job. There are various online tools available for free which can help you creating infographics according to the way you want.

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Try to make it catchy, attracting, interesting and useful for your blog readers. Usually, infographics get more viral compared to blog posts with only text.

Infographics also help you to attract similar niche sites which like to add your infographics to their blog posts and giving your proper credits. Give a try to this method and trust me it will work like a charm for you.

11. Building Networks With Local Business

Local Business? Yes! Building network with local business also helps you gaining high-
quality backlinks to your site.

Contact your local business owners and offer them a team up. Write their product reviews, reports or think for some other creative solutions which can make you work together.

These days people like sharing such kind of blog posts and that’s how you generate a number of backlinks to your blog naturally. This method is worth trying.

Final Words - Conclusion 

That’s all with this blog post. Though there are many methods for generating backlinks but the above-listed method are the best and most effectively working methods to get quality backlinks naturally to your blog and that’s for free.

Backlinks have many advantages, it not just only improves your Google SERPs ranking but
also drives quality traffic to your blog.

If you have any type of questions relevant to this topic then do leave your comments below in the comment section down, I would love answering all your questions. At last, if you have found this article interesting then kindly share it with your blog network… :)

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