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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Redesigning a Site

If you are bored with your existing website design and planning to do a quick makeover then this article can help you redesign your site. There are few things which you have to take into consideration before you actually start redesigning your site.

Below I have mentioned top 5 most vital things of all which will help you with designing phase of a site. You should carefully implement all these points in order to create a stunning website design.


However, all these points are not mandatory to follow, by following just a few of them will make your site more compatible and interesting for your audience.

So, Let’s get started.

1. Collect All Your Audience Report

This is the foremost thing which you have to act on before taking any kind of move. Collecting all your website audience data and insights i.e, who are visiting your site more often and what they are accessing help you figure out what exactly does your audience expect from your site.

If in case, you are a beginner and don’t have much information about how to collect data via your site then prefer using some online tools. Tools like CrazyEgg and HotJar are top notch in order to gather important user-data and other relevant information from your site. These tools are more likely to offer you the following services:

1. With the help of heat maps, these tools monitors click behavior from the other side of the screen. It helps in knowing from where are you getting more number of clicks on your site.

2. Heat maps also help you to find out how far down your audience are scrolling through your site. In other words, It monitors scroll behavior of your audience.

3. And the most important of all, Google Analytics. This tool helps you reporting your visitor source, bounce rate and spend time on your site.

Tip: I would advise you to run your site report campaign for at least 6-8 weeks so that you can get more accurate data.

Believe me, you can actually be able to redesign your site effectively if you have these necessary data reports with you. Based on the assumptions and report data you can get a rough idea what your site audience are more likely to visit on your site.

2. Make A List Of All Your Design Issues & Their Solutions

With the help of your website reports which you have collected via analytics and similar tools, you can make a list of all your website design issues. Listing down all your design issues with their proper solutions can help you create an overall effective design. Taking personal feedback by your audience is another good way to fix website design issues.

Below I have listed some most popular design issues which are commonly found on a website:-

1. Broken-links, Dead links or non-interactive elements present on your website page.

2. Not able to reach your conversion goal via scrolling.

3. High bounce rate; No inter-linking between different website pages.

4. Web pages not optimized properly for your website audience.

5. A high number of Drop-off pages available on your website.

6. Improper SEO, Indexing and keyword optimization.

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3. Make A Wishlist Of New Website Goals

Next, you now have to consider new possibilities for your website. Take your time to figure out new website goals. Also, don’t forget to include design issues which we have discussed in the above point.

Making a wishlist of all new website goals and implementing them during the website redesign phase helps you in achieving your desired goals. You’ll never be going to forget any kind of important point which you want to include when you are up to the redesigning process.

This point is the most important of all. You have to check whether all your new website goals match with your website design or not. With the help of this approach, you can avoid adding unnecessary elements to your new website template.

4. Imagine Yourself As First Time Visitor

After getting an overview and enough understanding of your site audience by analyzing your website data, you now have to move to the next step. Creating an audience journey map is the next step which you should focus on.

Imagining yourself as first time visitor helps you creating new website pages, designing elements, placement and structure and interactive elements using inter-linking through various web pages.

If you carefully follow this point then you’ll end up with a good audience journey map. 
As a result, you'll have a finish website look and a reduced bounce rate for your website, resulting in an optimized site design.

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5. Whom To Hire?

Well, If you’re not a website designer/developer and doesn’t have enough coding knowledge then you can hire someone to do your job. Hiring a professional website designer is always been a good idea.

Searching for a good website designer is another critical step which must be done with proper care. The designer should be capable of understanding your views and ideas and implement the exact way you want it to.

You should search for a designer which helps you giving good optimizing advice for your site. Goals, structure, proposal, processes all must be very clear to your designer.

Note: Remember you can’t have a perfect design as there are no specific set of rules defined for how a perfect website should look like. Instead, try to build a design which can be improved as per your future website goals without any kind of additional problems.

So, What are you waiting for? Go for it, Create a stunning website design.

That’s all with this article. If you have any kind of suggestions or want to give your valuable feedback then you can leave them in the comment section below. I would be glad to make a reply to your comments... :) 

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Saturday, 8 December 2018

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How to Create Big Brand Name with Not So Big Investment?

If you are running an online business then I’m quite sure that you have met many people who think that money just follows your pocket that too without putting many efforts. They might think that running an online business is not that difficult and making cash out of any online business is extremely easy.

But, Is it?

Well, if you are an online marketer with a good online business then you are already enjoying your life, going to the pub, trying different cuisines, traveling, vacations, party, and do whatever things you like to do. But Are you really living a life like this even though you have a good online business?

The truth can be sometimes different, which isn’t expected at all.

If you are reading this post after looking at the post headline then I’m quite sure that you aren’t running a big business. It’s a small business and you want to make it large.

Everyone wants to have a big brand name with a huge market. This will help you live your dream life in the exact way you have planned. Paying bills and salaries won’t be an issue if you are able to grow your online market reach. 

It is also possible that many of you might have tried some unique and interesting way to leverage your online sales, but they didn’t work out well for you. Those results were not satisfying enough to stick to that very path.

Many ways which are available online for increasing your online market reach will tell you to invest in your business. Investing a good amount on your business will end up delivering great results.

But, are you capable of investing a good amount on your business right now?

The harsh truth is, No. If you have that much money then you would have gone for better products, tools, teams, offices or whatever you are dealing with.

If this is not then you have landed on the right page, keep reading this article and find out how can you make your small online business into a big brand name with not that big investment.

So, let’s start.

Things are not as bad as they look like. You can create a brand name even without investing a huge money on promoting your business. Here in this article, I’ve mentioned several tips which are highly recommended by marketing experts in order to grow your online business.

1. Sales Funnel to Automate Sales

If you are dealing with sales and marketing then creating a sales funnel is highly recommended. You have to create such a system which can automate your processes and income. That’s the job which is done via sales funnel.

Sales funnel helps you automating all your processes. There are many online resources and guides available on how to create an effective sales funnel to automate your sales. Read and try to implement those techniques and I promise you that you’ll definitely get good returns out of it.

Note - Remember to customize your sales funnel according to your business. It should be totally customizable as per your business needs.

2. Keeping a Proper Record

Keeping all your customer's data properly is a kind of challenge when you are dealing with a large group. Whenever you need to find any particular transaction it becomes a tedious task if you aren’t maintaining a good customers record system. I have seen people wasting their valuable time searching for required results in their database.

So, What’s the solution?

Using an effective customer management system for managing all your records can easily eliminate such issues. It’s your choice to select a perfect management system as your requirements. Many people prefer using the cloud because of the fact that it’s not expensive and offers a wide range of CMSs. Large business owners use this method for keeping their data organized.

3. Learn From Your Competitors

Next advice is to observe and learn from your competitors. Get to know things what your competitors are up to? What they are doing for their business promotion? Learn from the mistakes which are made by your fellow competitors.

If you really have to upgrade your business then ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you know all about your competitor’s method? 
  • What marketing strategy do they often prefer for their business? 
  • What are the drawback and benefits of their method? 
  • How & from where do they get their clients? 
  • And how can you make your business offer more than your competitors? 
If you have an answer to all the above questions then you are good to go. But if you don’t know a single answer then you have to do some real work from now. Admit the fact that you are not that great in your business yet. So, what are you waiting for?, Go and research on all the above questions and start working and implementing things immediately?

Although this method is little time-consuming but don’t give up, it's totally worth it.

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4. Implement a Customer Loyalty Program

Till now all the tips are mainly related in order to grow your business, But we also have to think for our customers. Here’s a tip.

The method is termed as a customer loyalty program. Using this method will take your business by at least 20% hike.

But do you know what’s actually customer loyalty program is?

Well, it’s not a rocket science. Developing a good program and informing all your customers about it is an easy task. There are many customers loyalty program available online. Have you checked them out? Go check out those programs and select one as suitable and start customizing it as per your need.

Note: Remember that these loyalty programs are mainly created to reach out to new customers. But don’t forget to take care of your old clients too.

5. Seeking New Opportunities

Do you have any idea about new techniques and strategies? Are you seeking new opportunities for your business? Try to analyze those methods and get to know which of those can get you extra money and strengthen your business network. Check whether your competitors are adopting the same strategies as you or working on other methods?

Working with new methods is always been a good marketing strategy. There’s a saying “Always go with the trend”. But in order to make it your own, you have to put your own taste into it. Make it unique, Create or add something which gives extra value to it.

If you’ll follow all the above-mentioned tips carefully for your small business then I’m quite sure that you’ll be going to see an improvement soon. Following all the above tips will not only help you grow your business but can also lead you to become the king of the market.

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Final Words

Sounds Great, Isn’t? I know that running an online or offline business isn’t that easy as it looks like. But in order to create a successful brand, you have to grow your business network. Prepare your business to face big challenges. With proper efforts, time and a little money you can easily achieve your desired business goals.

That’s all with this article. Hope, You’ve enjoyed reading the above tips. If you have any kind of suggestions or want to leave your valuable feedback then you can leave your valuable comments below in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your online network and help them grow… :)
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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

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Beware! Avoid These SEO Mistakes in 2019

The online marketing industry has been evolved so much since the last couple of years. Everything we know which is printed on papers, magazines, flexes, the pamphlet has now moved online. I’m sure you have seen online banner ads on websites, that’s similar to bulletin boards. Not just that just many affiliate marketers are earning great by referring people via their websites.

If you want to establish a successful business and want to make more money than ever before then you can’t simply depend on the offline market. Circulating pamphlets and handling brochure won’t work that great in today’s scenario. You must have to work on creating an online marketing program which can offer you a good return.

But, Isn’t that costly?

Just you have to invest your time, you don’t actually have to spend your hard earned money promoting your online business or products.

If you are been in this industry then you might already know that SEO is like a queen to your website’s content. SEO’s is the fuel which you need to keep your site going. Since it helps web search engines to list your website on top, you can’t ignore this factor. If your website appears on the top 5 results then you’ll definitely make some serious cash out of that link.

I have seen many improvements and strategies which one should be aware of when working on their sites. SEO techniques have evolved a lot in past 7-8 years.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the biggest SEO mistakes which one should totally avoid in order to create a brand name.

So, Let’s begin.

1. Not Considering Mobile Users

You should never do that. I insist.

Avoiding mobile users can result badly for your blog. You should be aware of the fact that mobile users are increasing exponentially by each passing day and all those websites which are not mobile-friendly can get affected out of this.

I’m extremely sorry to say that but you can’t make your website rank better if you have poorly optimized your blog. Website ranking has decreased dramatically for all those who got failed to optimize this point.

That’s the reason why all the latest plugins and website templates started supporting mobile devices too. You’ll notice that after the latest update, all websites are now offering responsive layout design to provide better reading experience. All website developers and bloggers invest their time making their website fully optimized for PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Therefore, If you don’t pay enough efforts in making your site responsive to your website visitors then you will definitely lose a lot of good opportunities.

I would suggest you make your site responsive right now. Start paying attention to mobile users more than you have for desktop users. Putting highly responsive templates and plugins can help you achieve your desired marketing goals. You’ll definitely see a rise in your online sales if you follow the above suggestions.

Not just that, Making your site mobile-friendly is an important factor for website SEO. You can improve your website ranking by creating a proper mobile-friendly website.

2. Creating More Backlinks; Avoiding Link Quality

When I started with my blogging career I noticed that people back then pay a lot more attention to creating backlinks to their blog. Bloggers back then just wanted to make more and more backlinks. Instead of focusing on link quality, they were counting on quantity. No matter what’s the source, they were creating backlinks in every possible way.

But after the recent updates, Search engine bots started figuring out the difference between good back poor backlinks. These bots are even capable of finding out relevant and irrelevant backlinks for a particular site.

Pro Bloggers knows the fact that creating one quality backlink is equivalent to hundred links which don’t add any value of a blog.

Also, be careful while creating backlinks to your blog. Always aim for similar niche websites. If search engine bots found that there’s any irrelevant backlink then they’ll immediately lower your website ranking on SERP.

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Google and other popular search engines have been evolved significantly and applied many updates for pointing out spam backlinks.

I would like to suggest you that if your blog has crappy links then kindly remove them all immediately. No one wants to get penalized by Google. Removing that penalty out of your blog is not an easy job.

Therefore, Start focusing on link quality than just quantity. Leaving comments on other popular sites, Guest posting, creating cool infographics are some most popular ways which you can have to come up with a quality backlink.

3. Using Effective Keywords Researching Tools

If you know even a little about SEO then you might have an idea about keyword stuffing strategy. Putting popular keywords with less competition is one of the most important things which content writers do to list their content high on SERP.

If you want to get more organic traffic to your website then you should start considering this factor. Making article rich with popular keywords helps you to get your content on the first page which will definitely give you good returns in the future.

But, how to know what to put? 

Searching good keywords for your niche is a thing which comes with experience. A mastering keyword search will help you to get know which types of keywords do the job for your blog.

Always keep this point in your mind when you are creating content for your blog. If you want to improve your website ranking and want to see your blog posts on first search engine result page then you must work on improving this skill.

Using effective keywords searching tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahref, Google related searches and Google Trends can make that job easy for you. So, better start working on keyword researching and get ready to see shocking outcomes.

4. Poor Website Layout & Design

Simply creating good content for your site is just now enough these days. If you want search engine bots to properly crawl and index your website content then you have to work on your website design.

Website design is one of the most crucial things when it comes to on-page SEO. That’s the reason you should choose a correct website template and structure all your website content properly. In that way, you can allow search engine bots to go deep down your website.

Also, don’t forget to submit your sitemap to search engine console whenever you update your site. Submitting sitemap manually ensure you to index your website content on time.

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5. Come Up with Latest & Trending Topics

Many newbie bloggers when starting with their blogging career they simply pick old content from various sources. I recommend you to not to do that.

You should always aim for creating new latest trending topics which can help your readers. Don’t focus on creating quantity, rather focus on quality.

Updating your site regularly with fresh content helps you to improve your website ranking as well as increase your online sales. Google will definitely make your site appear on top results if you follow this SEO tip.

6. Using Long Tail Keywords

If you are following my blog for a long time then you know how using long tail keywords can affect your blog posts. New bloggers and content writers know the fact of using long-tail keywords and are aware of its benefits.

If you are targeting your website content for small keyword competition then you might fail to rank on SERP. There are many reasons why one must target long-tail keywords for their website.

In short, if you choose to target your content for a long-tail keyword then you’ll be facing very little or medium competition by other content creators online. Therefore, ranking for such a keyword becomes easy which automatically leads you to get good reader response.

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7. Social Media Promotion

Choosing not to promote your sites or blog posts on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest etc can be a huge mistake. You have to admit the real power of social networking sites. Social media platforms have a huge potential which can deliver you great website traffic.

You’ll definitely see a hike in your website traffic and online sales if you run a website promotion campaign on these social media websites. Promoting your product properly is as important as creating it.

If you’ll get new visitors for your website then you can improve your website ranking quickly. So, underestimating these social media platforms can be a huge mistake in order to grow your online market and network.

Believe it or not, there’s every type of market available online on these social media websites. Promoting your website content on the right platform in the right group of people can deliver you good returns.

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So, These were some of the most common website SEO mistakes which you should avoid in 2019. Taking proper care over these mistakes can help you achieve your desired goals quickly. You will never face any kind of failure if you take proper SEO actions for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Start from now on, work on these mistakes and try to overcome these issues. I know that learning all the techniques in a single day isn’t possible but you won’t be taking longer if you start practicing these techniques from now onwards.

That’s all with this article. If you liked reading the above article then kindly share it with your online network. Also, if you have any kind of suggestions or want to give your valuable feedback after reading the article then you can leave your valuable comments down in the comment section… :)
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Friday, 30 November 2018

Abhishek Dharmik

How To Turn Your Site More Engaging On SERP? { Ultimate Trick }

Well, if I have to say it in short then it can all happen with well organized and good optimized content on your site. Enriching your article with keywords for better SEO is what helps you get more website clicks. But you have to remember another thing, that’s website ranking. Your website ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc helps you getting more attention to increase your readership.

Well, In this blog post I’ll not be telling about how to optimize your blog posts for better SEO or any other content marketing strategy.

Then, What’s now? 


In today’s article, I’ll be discussing a few essential tricks which every beginner blogger should know in order to improve their blog’s listings on SERP. I’ll also be telling you the secret that how can you make your blog more compelling so that it stands out from the crowd and helps you attracting more potential readers to your blog.

I know that being a beginner blogger you might not know about SERP listing. Don’t worry, continue reading this article and get to know more about it.

SERP i.e, Search Engine Result Pages is actually all the results which appear on the search engine pages when you search for a particular query. Based on various algorithms and keyword techniques Google and other popular search engines show you appropriate results.

Here’s an example: 

Search Engine Page Result 

There’s another term which is commonly used for search engine listings by bloggers and webmasters called snippets. Whenever a user hit a query on Search Engines, this is the very first thing which they see before actually entering your site.

If I had to break it down in parts then SERP consists of the following things:

1. Meta Title.
2. Website Address/Post Address.
3. Publishing/Updated Date.
4. Meta Description.

If you are still reading this article then you are probably from those guys who like giving their best for blog posts and maintaining your site. Whatever be your objective is, each of you wanted to get more and more audience to open your website, isn’t?

We all want to surpass our competition by getting more loyal readership for our blog.

So, After finishing the article and enriching it with popular keywords you need to add couple more things to make it work. You have to make sure that the meta-title which you add to your blog posts stands out uniquely and can easily grab your reader’s attention. Not just only the meta title but you also have to work on your meta description to make it more compelling.

But how?

Continue scrolling and know how to make your website content more compelling in SERP?

1. Get an Attractive Headline (working on meta-title)

Creating a good Meta-title is the primary thing which you should focus on. No matter what SEO strategy or plugins you are using for making your blogs more SEO friendly, working on creating a good post headline is what actually helps you to get more readers.

Putting your primary targeted keyword or a phrase is always been a good idea.

With that, you should also make sure that your title is: 

1. The title should look interesting + attractive. (putting effective, massive, compelling, mind-blowing and similar types of words can help you do that.)

2. Keep it short + effective. (You should be able to describe your content in limited words and that too in an effective way.)

3. Don’t go off-track. (Always stick to relevant information)

Now, You might think this as a little challenging task. Here’s a tip for you.

Firstly, you need to search for those blog posts which are already doing great on SERP. No matter what keyword that particular post is targeting, just look. Search that page on SERP and analyze other results which you see on the same page result.

Now, consider all other meta titles of your competitors and then find a way to use that information as yours.

Like I told, use effective and attention-grabbing words to create a good meta title for your blog posts.

Yeah, There’s another thing which you have to keep in mind while working on the title.

Always avoid putting too many characters for your post headline.

Short headlines seem more conveying and relevant in many cases. Readers usually click on those links which they find it shorter and up to the point.

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2. Adding Effective Meta-Description

Now the next thing which you need to work on is your meta description for your blog post.

The meta description is the second thing which user notices after reading the headline. This is what helps the user to get a rough idea what’s post is all about.

If you fail to convey your post information via your meta description then it can result badly for your entire blog.

Always remember the following points when you’re working on your meta-description:

1. Make it short, relevant, and effective.

2. Try to use call-to-action words.

3. Don’t reveal all things at once.

I know that many of you’ll be facing a real trouble creating a good meta description. When you have to fit all your relevant blog posts elements + make it sound interesting at the same time, it becomes quite a challenging task.

Well, basically you have to tell people why they should visit your site. Tease them by creating a suspense in your post description. That’s the real secret.

That’s all that you need to know to come up with a good SEO friendly meta description.

Final Words

Whenever you finish the writing part, always work on the above points which we discussed in this blog posts. With the help of all the above-mentioned tricks and tips, you’ll end up creating a nice compelling article for your readers. These are the same tricks which are used by pro bloggers.

So, What are you waiting for? Go, create a good content for your blog and start using this strategy to make your blog posts sound more interesting. If you’ve any suggestions or want to give your valuable feedback then you are most welcome to share your views using the below comment section. At last, If you liked this article then kindly share this article with your online network… :)

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Monday, 26 November 2018

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Create An Attractive Website In An Hour, Literally! - SITE123 Review

If you are an entrepreneur and want to get started with an online business then creating a website is the very first thing which you should focus on. Creating an attractive and powerful website is a nice way to generate online income and increase your revenue easily. Websites also help you to empower your online network in many ways.

Even if you are running an offline business then creating a website can help you. Global or even local sellers can start working on their website to create a popular brand name. These days people prefer searching items online rather than going out in search for an actual offline market.

Websites not just only help in enhancing your sales but it severs many other purposes which can’t be easily accomplished without a website.

A user can easily send their valuable feedback when they’re putting their online orders. Even you can update your clients about the new arrival of stocks via your website. Various offers and discounts are even delivered to the users instantly using your website’s newsletter.

But Creating a good website is that easy?

Creating a Website can be a tedious task for all those people who don’t have proper coding knowledge. Those who don’t actually know how to create a stunning website generally hire a web designer to work on their website.

But that will cost you hundreds of dollars, isn’t?

What if I told you that you can easily create your own website for your business that for free, not even costing you a penny.

There’s a website named SITE123, which can help you create an attractive website that for free within hours. This website builder is perfect for creating a music website, education sites, fashion website, artistic sites, lawyers, photographers or even personal website.


To use this website builder you need not to know any kind of programming languages. Without even having a proper backend knowledge you can easily build a nice website using SITE123 website builder. This website builder is not just an ordinary website builder, it’s a lot more than that. Continue reading this article and find it what are those amazing features offered by SITE123.

Using SITE123 - How To Create a Website?

As I have already mentioned it above that you need not to have any kind of coding knowledge or to hire a website designer. You can now easily create your own website with just a few clicks within hours.

SITE123 website builder offers you a smooth interface which will offer you some pre-designed website templates. If I have to say it in short then 1,2,3 and you are done! it’s that simple.

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Start following the below-mentioned steps in order to create your own website.

Step 1: Go to the SITE123 Official website and click the Start button. After clicking that start button you’ll be redirected to the page which will be your first step of building a site and your own account.

Step 2: Now, you have to select a category for your website. Here you have to be careful while picking a suitable category for your website. Select whether your site is a Business, Online store, blog, photography, food, event, music, technology or other.


After selecting the right category you will be shown with website templates to get started with your editing part. Choose your website template, design, theme and customize other settings as per your requirements.

Step 3: Think about a good website name because this is what the next step is all about. Type a good website name so that your audience can easily reach and identify your site when searched online.


Step 4: As you enter your website name, you’ll have to then signup your account. By providing your email address, name, and other online network addresses you can easily pass this signup step.

Step 4: After signing yourself, SITE123 will build a website in the very next moment and you’ll see a dashboard where you can make necessary changes.

I have to mention that it actually creates a beautiful and powerful website based on your inputs. You literally don’t have to do any kind of coding work. All the customization options are available right in your left side screen bar. You can change the background, name of your site, fonts, color, design, credit, etc.

Do you know SITE123 has a wide range of layouts for your website? For just customizing your website homepage you’ll be offered with about 20 different layouts, Isn’t great.

Step 5: After finishing with your homepage, next you have to add several other website pages like About, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact, etc. Simply click on the pages option available in the left sidebar and you are ready to create your website pages.


There’s no limit of creating website pages. Create or delete as many pages you want.

Each page can be customized in a different style, text material, background, border, color theme etc.

Step 6: After creating all pages and selecting layouts, it’s now time to design those pages. You now have to select font styles, creating header menu options, footer options, social images, and other details.

As per your need put all links, edit options and even create content for your website so that you can easily attract your audience.

Step 7: Next, you have to set up basic website details. Changing details for a website like a language, SEO, website type, plugins, etc are done in this step.


Step 8: Finally, this is the last one. After customizing all your website pages and finalizing the site’s layout you are ready to connect your site with a domain name. Your domain name will be a website address which will help a user to find your site online. You have to get a good domain name. If in case you haven’t got a good domain name then you can register one at

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Just about 30 minutes and your site is ready!

Guys, creating a website will not be a tedious task anymore. SITE123 has made it an easy task for all of us.

But, Why SITE123?

Benefits of Choosing SITE123 as Website Building Platform

Well, I have personally used this website building platform and found it quite interesting. All the benefits and features which I have observed as listed down briefly.
  1. Easy & Simple Website Interface. Requires no coding skills at all. 
  2. Large range of templates and layouts.
  3. Full & Easy customization.
  4. User & platform friendly website designs. Highly responsive. 
  5. Good support team. 
  6. Offers even more stunning features when continued with a premium account. 
  7. Great Plugins management. 
  8. Good SEO for search engine visibility.

You can create your website absolutely free of cost. But in case you are looking for extra features to create a more powerful website then you can choose to buy a premium account at just $9.80 a month.



No doubt, SITE123 is an amazing website builder available online which helps you to create a good website without any coding knowledge. Even absolute beginners can create their own website easily. With the help of a wide range of layouts and designs, you are given freedom to customize your website the exact way you want. Even if you feel like you are stuck somewhere, you can call for the support team. Support will be provided by SITE123 immediately.

That’s all with this article. So, you enjoyed reading it? Leave your valuable comments below in case you want to ask anything or have any kind of suggestions. At last, if you liked reading this article then kindly share with your online network and friends and help them create a good website within hours… :)

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